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Welcome to The Index

Yes, finally has one!

One of the most asked features for my site is a better way of navigating around entries. I admit that before making this index, my site was quite a mess – how do you readers ever find an entry posted a while ago? I have my WordPress Admin panel.

So FINALLY… I can give you this. An index of everything I have to offer here.

Halloween Horror Nights

Coverage on Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights


Art and Cultural stuff. Events. Museums. Shows. Concept stores.


Reviews and photos of anything technological or gadget-logical.


For the entries that don’t seem to fit anywhere… yet.


A compilation of entries with nice photos.

Theme Parks

This category is all about the exhilarating attractions available in Singapore. Most of the entries concentrate on Universal Studios Singapore, but occasionally other must-see venues, local or overseas, are also featured here.

Disney Parks

I love all the Disney Parks I’ve been to and definitely want to document my adventures. Of course, I’m always looking forward to the next trip!

Universal Studios Singapore – Monthly Park Updates

As I visit the park very often with friends, I’ve decided to write a monthly feature on the new sightings or anything notable happening at the park.

Overviews and Guides

This section provides general park information as well as useful tips for an enjoyable day at the park. This new section is a work in progress!


The focus of this section is to provide detailed coverage on the events and attractions around the world.
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Other entries also listed in Theme Parks category

A jumble post of everything else theme park related, which may include some entries listed above.


Trip logs and photos from my occasional trips out of the sunny Singapore island.

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