Halloween Horror Nights 4 review

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Canyon of the Cursed scare zone - Big Bad Joe 2

It’s here. The full review of Halloween Horror Nights 4 at Universal Studios Singapore. Uncover the Minister of Evil‘s top-secret plans to transform the park into a realm of terror, with all-new scare zones, haunted houses and stage show!

Dejiki.com presents THE FULL EVENT COVERAGE of Universal Studios Singapore's HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 4

[ Cover Photo: Big Bad Joe, the Sheriff, at Canyon of the Cursed ]

The Halloween Horror Nights 4 Review by Dejiki

This is a review of Universal Studios Singapore’s 2014 Halloween Horror Nights programme and attractions, such as the haunted houses and scare zones. Opinions and reports on the guest experience (wait times, happenings, crowds, etc) will be in the HHN4 Event Report. In-depth tours of scare zones, haunted houses and the new stage show will be published in the HHN4 Special Features series.

These articles will be published separately throughout HHN4 season. Check back often!

Review based on the experience from Media Preview Night. Guest experience during event nights will vary due to crowd conditions and creative adjustments by the park.

Special Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa for inviting Dejiki.com to the HHN4 Media Preview.

★ Rating System

Rating uses three categories on a 5-star scale: The Story concept – how compelling and engaging the narrative is. Presentation is a combined score the production values for theming, including props, special effects and scare actors’ costuming and make-up. Scare Factor rates how scary each zone or house was, including scare actors’ performance.
If the attraction is incredible and amazing, it would be awarded with bonus blood-red stars – a mark of expectations exceeded.

Note: Score adjustment with actual event night ratings

After attending HHN4 during the opening weekend, it is obvious that the scare factor for all attractions have been toned down due to crowd conditions and slowdowns in haunted houses. In view of that, the current scores are updated.
Refer to HHN4 Event Report for more event night updates.

Review: HHN4 Scare Zones


〜 A new age of evil beckons 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - DEMONCRACY scare zone - The city burns while demons run

Demons run amok in Demoncracy, crawling out of ruins of the city, including the pieces of Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty’s torch, lit with a demonic blaze, is now a beacon welcoming the new era of evil. With total dominance over the city, demons and monsters terrorize the last surviving humans… and park guests.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - DEMONCRACY scare zone - The devil beckons

New York zone is always home to the most elaborate scare zones, and clearly the park has bigger plans each year. Alas, while the atmosphere is immersive and the scare actors look incredible with their costume and make-up, this area does not bring the chaos it promised. Compared to past attempts, Demoncracy seems too inviting.

The Exorcism show at Demoncracy extend the story for this zone and you should make plans to watch it. Be at the New York Library about 10 minutes before show times for a good viewing spot.

Visit a new world ruled by demons at our DEMONCRACY special feature.

Story: ★★★★☆
Presentation: ★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★☆


〜 Your darkest fears, on the attack 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Bogeyman scare zone - the entrance

The park has built a scare zone to relive childhood memories. The horrifying ones, specifically. Bogeyman uses seemingly pedestrian sights to conjure an intense and scary environment. Split into several sections, this scare zone has a couple of “mini zones” to tell the story of the Bogeyman. Yes, you’ll actually meet him.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Bogeyman scare zone - Creepy doll

The scare zone begins with a walk through an open wardrobe (remember those hanging clothes?) into a world drenched in blue mist. The first people you meet are crying for help to seek their loved ones. Newspaper clippings and photos on missing persons are scattered around, but the sights soon turn morbid. As guests walk deeper into the Bogeyman’s living nightmare, they will find the people who went missing… and discover why they never returned.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Bogeyman scare zone - nightmare in the closets 3

With tight pathways, traps and tricks at every corner, I would classify Bogeyman as a Haunted House. Either way, it excels with its unsettling atmosphere and many jump scare opportunities. This, I believe, is the most terrifying scare zone in Universal Studios Singapore’s HHN history.

The final design of Bogeyman no longer makes it a free-roaming scare zone. Guests will need to wait in line at the Lights, Camera, Action! queue for their turn to experience this scare zone. The area will run with one way traffic and exit towards Sci-Fi City.

Enter the Bogeyman‘s realm of nightmares in our special photo tour.

Story: ★★★★★
Presentation: ★★★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★★★★ (Gulp. Good luck.)

Canyon of the Cursed

〜 Wage war in the wild west 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Canyon of the Cursed scare zone - Entrance Arch

The Canyon is where two factions battle over cursed gold. An ancient Nevuro chieftain conjured spirit warriors to thwart fools seeking quick riches. Relentless treasure hunters, ignoring warnings of the chieftain, have turned undead by the curse. They now roam the streets for fresh victims.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Canyon of the Cursed scare zone - Deranged woman

After two years of a carnival-style experience, the Ancient Egypt stretch is now more in line with the rest of the park. There are no safe areas – only more scare actors hiding in the misty canyon. With elaborate costumes and ample opportunities to see scare actors interact, it feels as if this cursed canyon followed the concept of last year’s Attack of the Vampires. Even the area music, which was very effective, sounds a bit familiar.

Get caught in a conflict between the Spirit Warriors and Cowboys in our photo tour of the Canyon.

Story: ★★★★☆
Presentation: ★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★☆

Scary Tales

〜 Once… upon a time. 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Scary Tales scare zone - Rapunzel's Page

The Scribes of Scare have rewritten classic fairy tales, now with more plot twists and bloodshed. In the Forest of Disenchantment, characters of fairy tales are now trapped in their bad endings.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Scary Tales scare zone - Rapunzel's madness

Rapunzel – losing her mind at her tower. Her long golden hair is everywhere but on her head.

The layout of Scary Tales is clearer than the Forbidden Forest last year, so you shouldn’t be lost here (though not being able to easily find the way out was the whole point last year). Each rewritten fairy tale has a specific scene in the forest, so it is easy to navigate around the forests to witness the characters’ grim fates. The fun doesn’t stop at those scenes, as there are roaming ghouls and orcs at the woods. Tread carefully.

Story: ★★★★★
Presentation: ★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★★

Review: HHN4 Special Stage Show

Jack’s Nightmare Circus

〜 Not just a little show of horrors 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jack's Nightmare Circus - Jack and the cast

Jack, the killer clown, is an iconic character from Halloween Horror Nights in the US. This year, he brought his Nightmare Circus to Universal Studios Singapore, with hopes of finding new stars for his show. Accompanied with his crew, Jack holds auditions for three hopeful acts, but ends up killing them all.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jack's Nightmare Circus - Duo Skaters from Italy 4

The show combines an aerial rope act, skating stunts and a crrrrazy (really, crazy) barrage of extreme stunts with dance and acrobatics. It’s very entertaining, albeit a little mature. Jack is rude and blunt, and his vampy gang of misfits will either amuse or (mildly) disgust some audiences. Some of the stunts are definitely not for the squeamish! Then again, HHN is an event for adults and is not suitable for children.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jack's Nightmare Circus - The Animal / The Great Gordo Gamsby, an extreme stunt specialist / Extreme juggling 3

Gordy Gamsby, holder of several Guinness World Records for outrageously extreme stunts, stars as The Animal.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how Jack’s Nightmare Circus turned out. It’s a shame this show has a limited run and will only be here during HHN4.

This show is performed during HHN4 at 8:15PM, 10:00PM, 11:45PM and 1:15AM. Note: The park may adjust its show times without prior notice. Please check the board at the park for performance times for the night.

Check out a photo report of Jack’s Nightmare Circus here!

Story: ★★★★★
Presentation: ★★★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★★

Review: HHN4 Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses are enclosed scare experiences filled with special effects. In order to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, walkthrough photos will be posted in HHN4 Special Feature articles for each Haunted House.

Jack’s 3-Dementia

〜 Welcome! Welcome to Jack’s Funhouse! 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jack's 3-Dementia 3D haunted house - The Superadrianme Team
Selfie moment for the SuperAdrianMe gang.

Step into Jack the Clown’s Funhouse of Horrors! More famously known as Singapore’s First 3-D Haunted House, killer clowns rule in Jack’s 3-Dementia. The Chromadepth 3D glasses are given out at this attraction combines special effects to disguise scare actors and create more surprising scares.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jack's 3-Dementia 3D haunted house - Nightmare wonderland

The psychedelic artwork jumps from all surfaces, making it is disorienting experience. Watch for that infamous spinning tunnel!

For the 3D effects to work, this haunted house is quite brightly lit. Even then, there might be a few jump scares as there are numerous “traps” hidden in the scenes. The makciks have survived it, so can you!

Step into Jack’s 3-Dementia, a crazy world of killer clowns, in our special photo tour!

Story: ★★★★☆
Presentation: ★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★☆☆


〜 Mayday Mayday! 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - DEMONCRACY scare zone - Injured recruit

We’ve definitely heard of demonic sergeant majors (those “standby universe” stories), but at MATI CAMP, a true demon has full control. Under the new command, the soldiers have turned insane, and the other staff have taken the deep dive into madness.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - DEMONCRACY scare zone - The Sergeant Major, corrupted

The maze-like camp complex is full of gory sights and sounds, but the story for MATI CAMP is like a complex puzzle, with its scenes like pieces of a nightmare. The narrative does not seem to be in sequential order. Is the Sergeant Major really evil after all?

With surprises coming from almost every direction, MATI CAMP is a truly harrowing experience. Warning: Graphic scenes and water effects galore!

Check out our haunted house photo tour, where we visited the deranged MATI CAMP.

Story: ★★★★★
Presentation: ★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★★★★

The L.A.B

〜 Laboratory of Alien Breeding: Now recruiting new test subjects 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - The L.A.B Laboratory of Alien Breeding - The hall 2

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - The L.A.B Laboratory of Alien Breeding - Specimens 2

The Laboratory of Alien Breeding is a secret lab where aliens conduct experiments on humans. Accidentally or not, a door was left open for hapless guests to venture in and emerge with a new body… or head, if they so desire. While walking through its chambers, it’s easy to draw comparison to Sci-Fi shows, because it feels as if you stepped into some alien space ship. There are many operation theaters, labs and strange hallways to be discovered here. There is even a cave where the Alien eggs hatch.

The creative team promised that this haunted house will be weird, and it really is. All sorts of reptilian mutants to be met here, including a pair having a brawl.

The Laboratory of Alien Breeding is now recruiting new test subjects. Enroll today!

Story: ★★★★☆
Presentation: ★★★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★★

Jing’s Revenge

〜 Bullies be warned 〜

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jing's Revenge haunted house - walkthrough / ping pong competition

Every year, Universal Studios Singapore has an Asian-themed haunted house (2011: Vengeance of the Matriarch; 2012: Death Alley; 2013: Songs of Death). Jing’s Revenge takes place in a Chinese Secondary School.

This Haunted House is about Jing, a girl who committed suicide at Hua Sin Secondary School. Ten years later, she returned to haunt and made sure everyone at school met their cruel fates.

Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Jing's Revenge haunted house - Jing hiding under the stairs

Despite how harmless a haunted school might sound (compared to killer clowns and a military camp of the dead), Jing is not back for fun and games, let alone classes. The atmosphere is one of loneliness and sadness in the beginning, which eventually takes a dire turn to a violent bloodbath.

It’s incredible how the creative team managed to tell the story of Jing in a matter of minutes, and there is so much detail to see in almost every scene. If only they had more space (I think this is the smallest haunted house this year), the rooms and corridors are very narrow.. so prepare for close encounters with graphic violence.

Discover a cruel tale haunting the school at the Jing’s Revenge photo tour feature.

Story: ★★★★★
Presentation: ★★★★★
Scare Factor: ★★★★★

Short update snippets of the happenings at the park

Night #1 (03/10)
– The park is packed for a Friday night! Thankfully wait times are still below an hour for all haunted houses.
– After the Opening Scaremony, both pathways are open. There is no delayed opening of New York.

Night #2 (04/10)
– The Opening Scaremony had some changes. The reporters and protesters would stand with the guests at the front, making the video feed feel more immersive.
– There seems to be some changes for The Exorcism street show at Demoncracy, where the projections sync up with the aerial performers.
– Wheel tires have been added to the street of Demoncracy. Watch where you step!

Night #3 (05/10)
– Seems like many people are working the far end of the park first, similar to what I wrote in my Survival Guide!
– Unfortunately it seems like tonight’s park ops crew for MATI CAMP were not prepared. The queue switchbacks were all setup wrongly.
– All haunted houses were overwhelmed at around 8:30PM. Many slowdowns were encountered as the park crew is letting large groups into the haunted houses.
– The L.A.B had the longest wait time of all 4 houses today.
– More pyrotechnics have been added for The Exorcism street show.

HHN4: What do you think?

Universal Studios Singapore has not gone down the path licensing intellectual property from popular films, TV shows for its scare zones and haunted houses. Although we have Jack the Clown this year, the rest of attractions are mostly original concepts. So, what do you think about this year’s haunted houses and scare zones? Are you particularly excited to visit any of them? Let us know by posting a comment!

If you’ve attended HHN4, feel free to post your thoughts too!

Dejiki.com presents THE FULL EVENT COVERAGE of Universal Studios Singapore's HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 4

Halloween Horror Nights 4 SURVIVAL GUIDE

Killer Tips and Tricks! Is it possible to visit all four Haunted Houses without using Express Passes? Maybe. Get more information about that in our 2014 Survival Guide!

Halloween Horror Nights 4 – The Full Event Coverage

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Are you brave enough..?

It’s time to make the decision to attend Halloween Horror Nights 4. Get all the event and ticketing information you need at the 2014 Guide to Halloween Attractions in Singapore here!

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20 Responses to Halloween Horror Nights 4 review

  1. Zezima October 2, 2014 at 8:54 am #

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Just a question, how did you get all these photos and these information before HHN4 has even started?

    Also, from what I read:

    “The atmosphere is one loneliness and sadness in the beginning, which switches into a violent bloodbath towards the end.”

    “So prepare for close encounters with graphic violence.”

    After reading this part, I don’t think I want to come to HHN4 anymore. Sounds like “M18” event for me cause I don’t like gore violence!

    Seems like I rather stick to the park operations during the day! 😀 HHN4 may not be suitable for me. 🙁

    • Kansas October 3, 2014 at 1:56 am #

      Did you miss the part about the invitation that the author is thanking them for???

      Allow me to remind you:

      “Special Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa for inviting Dejiki.com to the HHN4 Media Preview.”

    • Dejiki October 3, 2014 at 8:37 am #

      Hi Zezima,

      This event is definitely not the faint of heart! The park has pulled out all the stops to make it as terrifying as possible.

  2. Lex October 2, 2014 at 9:36 pm #

    Good Read 🙂
    very informative…
    was also wondering how u manage to get those shot.. and how u took them? i plan on going to take some pic and enjoy the place… mind sharing wad setting u use to get those shot? so i can also learn? thx 🙂

  3. Nic October 2, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

    Hey Dejiki!
    Great review! What order of the haunted houses (and the show) would you recommend in order for us to visit all with the least wait? Do you think starting with the ones at the far end (L.A.B) would be better? Thanks!

  4. Davis October 3, 2014 at 8:30 am #

    Hi Dejiki,

    I love your blog and your reviews on these events. In previous years, you would always post up on some form of order to visit the haunted house. I will be going this Sunday and will be waiting for your reply since the event starts today where the real crowd will show up.

    Btw, the show only has three timeslots and it’s the first time that we are having a real HALLOWEEN show. Monster Rock don’t count. Would you consider that a huge priority over the haunted houses?


    • Dejiki October 3, 2014 at 8:47 am #

      Hi Davis,

      It’s always hard to predict how the crowds will move and which haunted house will have the longest queue. The park will keep making adjustments to optimise their haunted houses throughout October, so the “best order” to visit might be different each night. Even then, do check back for the 2014 Survival Guide (which should be out on Saturday) for some shortcuts and simple tips to make HHN4 enjoyable!

  5. Bill October 3, 2014 at 2:32 pm #

    It’s great to see they’ve finally added a full new show to get some people off the street! The 4D house is a great idea too. I would agree, it might be too brightly lit for a scare house. Looks great though! Since you mention it, the only negative I notice is that the lighting for most of the zones and houses doesn’t seem as moody or interesting this year. Also, some of the costumes and makeups aren’t so detailed. Maybe it was too scary before… or budget cuts. Nothing could compare to “Adrift” last year or “Insanitarium” the year before. People will talk about those two houses for years to come. Something to consider when you make your ratings. Still an awesome event this year though! Amazing that it’s all brand new every year!! Thanks for all the great updates.

  6. Liam October 4, 2014 at 11:27 pm #

    The haunted houses seem shorter this year, but I liked that. It gave me the feel of going to a buffet, where I got to experience as many stories and tales quickly, before the experience turned torturous. I also like the variety and styles available. It has been hard picking a favorite this year because each house has their draw factors, and I love it. I definitely think overall, HHN4 has been better than its predecessors.

  7. WeeKiat October 7, 2014 at 6:01 pm #

    Great review once again! The tips and strategies sure did help!

    Managed to finish everything comfortably (All Maze + Boogyman by 11pm) even though I had a delay start, we even had the time to redo Mati Camp!

    Could even manage a ride on Transformer, Mummy (Single Rider!) and canopy flyer too.

    Caught the 12.15 am show for Jack’s Nightmare Circus and was off by 12.45. Was pretty sure I could have squeezed in another haunted house toward the end if I wanted to.

    Overall, it was a positive experience.

    It was great that they brought in the special halloween show and the 3D haunted house. For me, they were the highlight of the night. Might be me but I thought the scarezone and haunted house experiences was getting a little stale so the show and the 3D house really did keep the experience fresh.

    I would love to see them bringing in maybe one IP maze next year.

    Was not too impressed by the other 3 haunted house this year though. The details were there but the event is sadly getting less ‘intimate’. While sending a group of 10 people in at the same time really did help with the waiting time, I though the experience in the house itself diminished. I thought the best experience I had was still the first HHN, where you could enter in groups of 3 or 4.

    Can’t suggest or think of any ways to improve this situation though so I guess that experience would be a thing of the past.

  8. Justin October 8, 2014 at 5:47 pm #

    Would we be allowed to go inside the haunted house at the same time with friends? Cos I’m only 14 and will be going with my frens for the first time… N im kinda worried that it’ll be damn scary… so… will friends be allowed to the haunted with you?

    Thanks Guys

    • Dejiki October 8, 2014 at 7:01 pm #

      Hi Justin,

      Definitely, you can visit the Haunted Houses with your friends. In fact the park crew will usually let in guests in groups of 8-10 at a time, so there’ll always be someone in front and behind you. Be brave, and enjoy! 🙂

  9. Marcus October 14, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    Heading there on Halloween night (31st October) for my 3rd year! And managed to score RIP tour tickets as well, so that will be another experience (and will probably finish well before previous years with time to go back for more)… Update at the end of the month!

  10. Loren October 19, 2014 at 7:59 pm #

    It was great! Who was the female caucasian dj playing at sci fi?

  11. DJ October 21, 2014 at 7:06 am #

    I was just there this weekend and the haunted house operations were terrible. They were sending in groups of 25+ at a time so you were just crammed in with a bunch of other people, completely losing the immersion. They more or less were running a constant stream of people through. It’s definitely efficient if your goal is to push as many people through as possible but makes it not nearly as enjoyable.

  12. Jean October 25, 2014 at 10:43 pm #

    Wow! How did you manage to get such awesome pictures? Was it for an exclusive media event?

  13. jermaine October 30, 2014 at 8:17 pm #

    hi how do i know if the tickets i bought are used? cause i bought my tickets on carousell and im a little worried so since youve already entered i thougjt you’ll know how the tickets are like after its used. thank you so much!!! 🙂

    • Dejiki October 30, 2014 at 8:36 pm #

      Hi Jermaine,

      Unfortunately there is no way to check just by looking at the tickets, without help from USS. You may want to call RWS Hotline (6577 8888) for assistance.

  14. Shu November 2, 2014 at 10:07 am #

    Hi I’d like to know who’s that DJ spinning too! She’s really good! And I think her name is either sara or Sarah 🙂

  15. Marcus November 11, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    OK, it’s been more than a week since Halloween and as promised, here’s my personal review of HHN4 (on actual Halloween night).
    We had a slightly different experience this year because we had enough luck to get the RIP tour experience with 8 of us in the group. As usual, we went into the park at around 6pm for dinner at KT’s Grill and were out of there to see the opening show in a separate section to the right of the stage at around 7.30pm. Was the first year where they actually made a section for the RIP tour group (previously, we kinda just hung around the section on the street away from the crowds…).
    Great opening show – the build-up with the protesters was a tad lame, but the finale was epic and really got everyone in the mood (great music as well…).
    We then made our way with our tour guide to the Jack’s 3D house and went around the side to skip the whole queue. What was great about our guide (not sure if all guides did this) was that he definitely made sure the group in front of us was well on their way into the house before he told us to go in. This made for a great experience with just the 8 in our group and we definitely got maximum scares. Loved the make up 3D effect in this house and it was one of the freakiest in terms of not knowing where the clowns were going to jump out from because your peripheral vision is slightly blocked by the glasses.
    After, we went straight to the theatre to see Jack’s Circus for their first show of the night and had reserved 2nd row seats (they block the first 2 middle rows for the RIP tour group). We were also slightly tipsy by this point, as we had been pounding down the beers and loving that they were selling Jello shots in the theatre. haha. Great show and very impressed that it was just done for HHN – performances were great, acting was good and the dancers/choreography was awesome. One of our group even got up to pull out the sword from Animal, which was hilarious.
    Then we got to the Boogeyman scare zone and didn’t have to get into line either (went through the side entrance). I would consider this another haunted house instead of a scare zone (much akin to HHN2’s Chinatown) and definitely got a few scares in here.
    Transformers was next. And because we had the RIP tour, we went twice, swapping 4 in the front with the 4 in the back to get different experiences.
    Pretty much rushed through the crowded cowboy scare zone to find that the Mummy ride was down for a bit, so went straight to Jurassic Park and into the Mati Camp. One of the less memorable houses for me, but same strategy for our group (RIP guide got us to wait until the front was well inside). The scare actors targeted the middle of our group this time, which was fun for those of us in front.
    We had a look around the twisted fairytale scarezone, but as usual, the crowds were just a bit too much to enjoy it fully… Especially with the flashy LED light things (not so fun with more beer in our systems too).
    Then took the side entrance to the LAB. This one was pretty good – lots to see and some of the aliens were pretty freaky. Scare actors targeted us in the front and managed to get the guys in the middle as well when we pointed out to them that they were easy to scare. Hah.
    Our guide found out that the Mummy was open again and we went straight there to be the first group in (taken in through the exit)… And yes, we were the annoying people that went twice in a row, but this also managed to get us some pretty funny photos (and it was a 2 for 1 deal for the RIP tour).
    Finally, rushed to Jing’s Revenge. A short but sweet house, which kinda screws with your head if you 1) went to a Chinese school, 2) get freaked out by kids, 3) get freaked out by Asian horror movies). Really well done with the effects and the set.
    Lastly, got our photo opp with the Minister of Evil (again, skipped the line)…
    All in all, the RIP experience was amazing. We were still pretty pooped by the end of it and we still spent around 4 hours in the park, which was around the same as when we had an express pass (but with HHN2&3, we skipped the show). Definitely recommended for next year if you want to indulge and make the most of your time in the park. It’s less stressful, more enjoyable and there’s a lot more freedom. Your RIP lanyard also becomes an unlimited express pass after the tour finishes, so you ‘re free to repeat the things you liked with less lines. Our group had to rush off to our Halloween party, so we didn’t have time for repeat anything, even though I was pretty keen to go into Jack’s 3D house again.
    Well, there you have it. My full review of our night at HHN4… Definite improvement on the scale of the event compared to previous years, although some of the houses weren’t as freaky as previous years (favourite so far has been Insanitarium). Look forward to HHN5!!

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