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Introducing Dejiki

Who is Dejiki?

I’m Nicholas, also known Dejiki on the internet.

Why this blog?

This blog is created because I have found several new hobbies and interests in my teenage years and I wish to write about them. I have had many blogs before this but it has been fragmented – sometimes I talk too much about myself and sometimes I seem to write about totally irrelevant stuff.

The goal of this blog is not to become famous or influential, but to daringly say – bring readers on a journey to discover the magic of themed attractions and travel (plus the allure of consumer products). I grew up reading Wikipedia, online editorials, blogs, forums and reviews about products I wish to use or places I want to visit – I have always vicariously traveled and consumed over the internet. I want to be able to give back to the internet now, by writing and sharing these experiences.

I’ve had many great adventures and met many awesome people over the past few years, who have greatly influenced what I’ve been doing recently. I have to thank Ilyana (of Tea-Noir fame) for annoying me so much encouraging me to get this new blog started.

How big is the team running this website?

It’s a one man show, with some occasional guest writers.

What does your name, Dejiki, mean?

To cut a long story short, this was a name coined by a friend when we had our parody subtitling past-time. As the name was unique, I decided to adopt it as my online pseudonym. I liked how it sounded as “Dejiki Nicholas”. It felt like a name as powerful as “Louis Vuitton” and “Harvey Nichols” (I kid… or maybe not).

At the moment, it is really nothing other than a nickname.

How do I pronounce it?


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