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Welcome to the Museum of Horror Nights, the most extensive visual archive of Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights events. Here you can revisit past Horror Nights through detailed documentation in attraction and show feature stories, behind the scenes scoops, and trip reports covering the events each year.

NEW: Halloween Horror Nights 11

USS Halloween Horror Nights 11 Key Visual Combined houses

Halloween Horror Nights 11 (HHN11) will return to Universal Studios Singapore for 18 nights from 29 September to 4 November 2023, with a mix of IP and original concepts for haunted houses and scare zones.

For more information, refer to my HHN11 Event Guide.

Original Icons: King Yama, The Matriarch, Pied Piper, Agni, Madame Dragon, The Hacker
IP Icons: Gwi-Nam, The Weeknd

Haunted Houses
The Weeknd: After Hours Til Dawn Nightmare
All of Us Are Dead
Rebirth of the Matriarch
Grimm Encounters
DIYU: Descent Into Hell

Scare Zones
The Hacker
Dead Man’s Wharf
The Cursed Kiramam

Judgement Day (Opening Scaremony)
The Hacker: Game Over

Special Experiences
DIE-ning in Hell

Jump to the recent years: 2021: HHN Exhibition | 2022: HHN10 | 2023: HHN11

Halloween Horror Nights (2011)

HHN2011 Post Apocalyptic Rage scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights
Post Apocalyptic Rage

The first Halloween Horror Nights in Singapore opened with 2 ‘haunted attractions’ and 5 scare zones, including the one and only held in Sci-Fi City. Three zones in the park are closed for the night: Madagascar, Far Far Away, and The Lost World.

HHN1 HHN2011 The Director at Halloween Horror Nights
The Director, the park’s first iconic character, or Icon

Compared to recent years, it was a fairly small event for USS to find its footing and pave the road forward to bigger scares. It had only one “true” haunted house, the Peranakan-inspired Vengeance of the Matriarch, was packed with many unique features that are rarely repeated in future events.

Icon: The Director

Haunted Attractions
Vengeance of the Matriarch (Haunted House, Soundstage 28)
The Pestilence (Outdoor experience, Sting Alley)

Scare Zones
Carn-EVIL (Hollywood)
Post Apocalyptic Rage (New York)
The Void (Sci-Fi City)
The Edge of Darkness (Ancient Egypt)
44 Sins (Ancient Egypt)

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Before Nightfall | Halloween Horror Nights (2011) Trip Report and Review

Halloween Horror Nights 2

HHN2 2012 The Puppet Master Icon
The Puppet Master

After a successful debut, Halloween Horror Nights returned in 2012 with expanded line-up of 3 haunted houses, 3 scare zones, and a stage show (Monster Rock) carried over from the park’s daytime line-up. From this year onwards, the main street connecting all the park’s thematic zones is open at night. The park began to build haunted houses at the Waterworld queue, starting with The Insanitarium.

HHN2 Bizarre Bazaar High Priest at Halloween Horror Nights
High Priest – Bizarre Bazaar

This year marked the second (and last) time that Hollywood was used for a full-fledged scare zone, as from 2013 to 2018, the zone would be used for the Opening Scaremony shows and as a holding area for guests before rope drop. This is also the only year that the Jurassic Park zone was “open as usual” at night, with rides available and the area devoid of Horror Nights theming.

Lead Icon: The Puppet Master
Other Icons: The Undertaker, High Priest, Dr Dementia

Haunted Houses
Dungeon of Damnation (Soundstage 28)
The Insanitarium (Waterworld queue)
Death Alley (Outdoor experience, Sting Alley)

Scare Zones
House of Dolls (Hollywood)
Total Lockdown (New York)
Bizarre Bazaar (Ancient Egypt)

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Halloween Horror Nights 2 Trip Report and Photo Review | Final Night Photo Tour

HHN2 Before Dark Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2 | Before Dark 3

Halloween Horror Nights 3

HHN3 Sisters of Evil icons Maiden of the Opera Daughter of the Undead Crone of the Forest at Halloween Horror Nights
The Sisters of Evil

With “three times the evil”, the horrors this year were summoned by the Sisters of Evil, three banished witches, who of all places chose to reunite at Universal Studios Singapore. HHN3 also started the annual tradition of the Opening Scaremony, a show to kick off the horrors on every night of the event. Fans will remember Adrift for its lavish scenic design, and also it being the first house to feature multiple levels.

This year also had a curiously unannounced ‘Chill-Out Zone’ in Sci-Fi City, a rest area with F&B carts that also featured roaming characters dressed in alien-like and other futuristic costumes.

HHN3 Songs of Death haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights
Opera Stage – Songs of Death

From HHN3 onwards, the park began to use the Jurassic Park zone for Halloween, including a backstage area beside Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, for the Songs of Death haunted house.

Icons: Maiden of the Opera, Crone of the Forest, Daughter of the Undead

Haunted Houses
Adrift (Soundstage 28)
Possessions (Waterworld queue)
Songs of Death (Jurassic Park backstage)

Opening Scaremony: The Sisters of Evil
Monster Rock: Halloween Edition

Scare Zones
Attack of the Vampires (New York)
Forbidden Forest (Jurassic Park)
Convention of Curses (Ancient Egypt)

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Halloween Horror Nights 3 Sneak Preview
Halloween Horror Nights 3 Review and Full Photo Tour

HHN3 Before Dark Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2

Halloween Horror Nights 4

HHN4 Jacks Nightmare Circus
Jack’s Nightmare Circus

The 4th year was memorable for many reasons: The arrival of Jack the Clown, a fan favourite from US Halloween Horror Nights, saw the creation of 2 unique attractions: Jack’s Nightmare Circus stage show at Pantages, and the first “3D Clown House”, Jack’s 3-Dementia.

HHN4 2014 Opening Scaremony Minister of Evil
The Minister of Evil soars

Jack shares the limelight with the Minister of Evil, who remains as one of the most iconic characters created for Singapore’s events. Also known as Jonah Goodwill, he was first revealed in a campaign that began from an election for a new World Leader, culminating into a dramatic inauguration ceremony. This menacing icon also transforms and soars into the air at the Opening Scaremony, complete with pyrotechnics and major theatrics.

The park began to use the Breezeway beside Soundstage 28 for haunted houses from 2015, starting with Jing’s Revenge.

Icon: The Minister of Evil/ Jonah Goodwill

Haunted Houses
Jack’s 3-Dementia (Soundstage 28)
Jing’s Revenge (Breezeway)
MATI CAMP (Jurassic Park backstage)
The L.A.B (Waterworld queue)

Scare Zones
Bogeyman (Sting Alley)
Canyon of the Cursed (Ancient Egypt)
Scary Tales (Jurassic Park)

Opening Scaremony: The Minister of Evil
Jack’s Nightmare Circus (Pantages Hollywood Theater)

Pre-Event Features
Unboxing the Ballot Box | Minister Jonah Goodwill’s Inauguration Ceremony (HHN4 Launch Event)

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Halloween Horror Nights 4 Sneak Preview
Halloween Horror Nights 4 Review and Full Photo Tour

HHN4 Before Dark Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2 | Before Dark 3 | MATI CAMP Before Dark | Before Dark 4

Halloween Horror Nights 5

HHN5 Hell House haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights
Entering the Hell House

The fifth year saw the park leaning strongly towards local stories and folklore, bringing horrors to everyday experiences such as an unending hungry ghost festival, living in Singapore’s public housing – but with zombies, and unearthing the deadly secret hidden in a haunted MRT station. The latter is a product of the park’s first-ever collaboration with local horror writer Russell Lee, creator of the True Singapore Ghost Stories book series. Another highlight was walking through the larger-than-afterlife Hell House, which soon began to burn. Tunnel People, the first-ever “dark house”, reveals life in a reclusive cult dwelling underground. That and Sci-Fi Alien horror in The Invaders offer some balance to the local themes, with hauntings connected to the ominous Blood Moon event.

HHN5 Siloso Gateway Block 50 haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights
Siloso Gateway Block 50, also known as SG50

HHN5 is the most “local” year so far, and also marks the first time Pantages Hollywood Theater was not used since theater shows became part of the line-up in HHN2. In return, smaller shows were performed at the Beast Club, a mini scare zone.

Icons: Tok Naga Arang, Silas, Paper Effigy, Zombie
All 4 icons represent a haunted house, and take part in the Opening Scaremony show.

Haunted Houses
True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT (Waterworld queue)
Tunnel People (Breezeway)
Hell House (Jurassic Park backstage)
Siloso Gateway Block 50 (Soundstage 28)

Scare Zones
ConTERMINATED (Sting Alley)
Hungry Ghosts (Jurassic Park)
The Invaders (New York)

Opening Scaremony: The Blood Moon
Beast Club

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Halloween Horror Nights 5 Sneak Preview
Halloween Horror Nights 5 Review and Full Photo Tour
HHN5 RIP Tour and BTS Tour Experience and Review

Bonus Feature: Halloween Horror Nights 5 Final Cut
#1 – It’s Not Over (ConTERMINATED) | #2 – Memento Mori (Hungry Ghosts) | #3 – Last Fight (The Invaders)

HHN5 Before Dark Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2 | Before Dark 3 | Before Dark 4 | Before Dark 5

Halloween Horror Nights 6

HHN6 March of the Dead Death March at Halloween Horror Nights
Death March – March of the Dead

For Halloween Horror Nights 6, the event went back to featuring a single Icon – Lady Death, and added a fifth house to the line-up for the first time. Jack the Clown also returned to Pantages Hollywood Theater in the new Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus. The event also saw a very successful run of its park-wide Death March parade, themed to the haunting March of the Dead scare zone. With lavish character design happening in several attractions, this is also known as the “best dressed” Horror Nights in Singapore.

HHN6 Salem Witch House
Salem Witch House

Soundstage 28 was not used for a haunted house due to Universal Journey attraction being built. Instead the park conjured Salem Witch House in the middle of a staging area behind the New York zone. The unused outdoor queue area for Revenge of The Mummy was also repurposed for haunted houses – and all Asian-themed, starting with Hu Li’s Inn this year.

Icon: Lady Death

Haunted Houses
Hawker Centre Massacre (Breezeway)
Salem Witch House (New York backstage)
Bodies of Work (Waterworld queue)
Old Changi Hospital (Jurassic Park backstage)
Hu Li’s Inn (Revenge of The Mummy queue)

Scare Zones
March of the Dead (New York)
Suicide Forest (Jurassic Park)

Opening Scaremony: The Rise of Lady Death
Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus (Pantages Hollywood Theater)
Death March (Parade)

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Halloween Horror Nights 6 Sneak Preview
Halloween Horror Nights 6 Review and Full Photo Tour
HHN6 RIP Tour Review | HHN6 Behind The Screams (BTS) Tour
Five Nights… at HHN6 (Final Cut)

HHN6 Before Dark Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2 | Before Dark 3 | Before Dark 4

Halloween Horror Nights 7

HHN7 7 Sinisters Gala Red Carpet at Halloween Horror Nights
7 Sinisters Opening Scaremony

It is inevitable that Halloween Horror Nights will have a link to the 7 Deadly Sins, but evil in the modern times took form as the 7 Deadlier Sins instead. The theme is represented by 7 Icons – both as the “real” sins, and portrayed as characters in the 7 Sinisters film within the HHN7 Universe. The Deadlier Sins are further explored in what appeared to be the Singapore’s most graphic scare zone, Pilgrimage of Sin.

HHN7 Slit Face Girls Slice of Life Tour at Halloween Horror Nights
Slit Face Girls’ Slice of Life Tour

Offering fans an expanded Make The Cut haunted house experience, characters from that haunted house also performed mini concerts at the 7 Sinisters stage. The park also introduced Zombie Laser Tag, an interactive up-charge experience.

As part of publicity for the event, USS also held a one-off HHN7 Mastercard Priceless Experience – an overnight “survival camp” stay at USS which I had the honour of experiencing.

Icons (Manifestation): Deception (Doctor White), Perversion (Father Time), Narcissism (Raven), Obsession (Lord Obsession), Manipulation (Midnight Man), Malice, Cruelty (Empress Qing)

While there is no Lead Icon, Father Time’s part in the Opening Scaremony suggests that he may have a bigger role among the 7 Deadlier Sins. He is also the only Icon that always available to all guests, appearing in his scare zone, Happy Horror Days.

Haunted Houses
Inside The Mind (Breezeway)
DEATH Mall (Soundstage 28)
Make The Cut (Revenge of The Mummy queue)
TERROR-Cotta Empress (Waterworld queue)
HEX (Jurassic Park backstage)

Scare Zones
Happy Horror Days (Jurassic Park)
Pilgrimage of Sin (New York)

Opening Scaremony: 7 Sinisters Gala Premiere
Slit Face Girls – Slice of Life Tour (Hollywood Stage)
Laboratorium (Pantages Hollywood Theater)

Special Experiences
Zombie Laser Tag (New York/ Sting Alley)
HHN7 Mastercard Priceless Experience (Overnight Survival Camp)

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Behind The Scenes: HEX haunted house
HHN7 Sneak Preview
Halloween Horror Nights 7 Review and Full Photo Tour
HHN7 RIP Tour Review | HHN7 Behind The Screams (BTS) Tour

HHN7 Before Dark Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark ZERO: Scare actor auditions
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2 | Before Dark 3 | Before Dark 4 | Before Dark 5

Halloween Horror Nights 8

HHN8 Infinite Fear Opening Scaremony with Icons at Halloween Horror Nights
Infinite Fear Opening Scaremony

In 2018, Netflix’s Stranger Things became the park’s first haunted house to be based on an international IP – and one that is also being staged at Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood in the same year. Despite most of the marketing initially focusing on Stranger Things, the event eventually turned towards the Infinite Fear concept – which personally was far more interesting. Fans were offered 4 other houses based on Asian stories – this time even bringing us a unique production of Yotsuya Kaidan, the most famous Japanese horror tale, at The Haunting of Oiwa. The spine-chilling Pontianak haunted house was also said to have numerous unexplained paranormal activity during the event.

HHN8 Stranger Things haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights
Stranger Things haunted house

The Killuminati haunted house, which takes us to the streets of Hong Kong, is also the first house in Singapore to offer a branching storyline/pathway and “secret room” mechanics.

Icons: Lu Xi Fa, Pontianak, Lady Oiwa, Yin Demon, Gaia, Cannibal Chief

Haunted Houses
Stranger Things (Breezeway)
Killuminati (Soundstage 28)
Pontianak (Jurassic Park backstage)
The Haunting of Oiwa (Revenge of The Mummy queue)
Pagoda of Peril (Waterworld queue)

Scare Zones
Apocalypse: Earth (New York)
Cannibal (Ancient Egypt)

Opening Scaremony: Infinite Fear
DEAD Talk (Pantages Hollywood Theater)
Blood and Bones (Cannibal scare zone)

Special Experiences
Zombie Laser Tag 2018 (Jurassic Park)

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Killuminati – Ceremonial Sacrifice (HHN8 press conference) | FIRST LOOK: Stranger Things haunted house with Behind the scenes tour

Halloween Horror Nights 8 Review and Full Photo Tour | HHN8 RIP Tour and Behind the Screams (BTS) Tour review

HHN8 ‘Before Dark’ Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2 | Before Dark 3 | Before Dark 4 | Before Dark 5

Halloween Horror Nights 9

HHN9 Curse of the Naga Haunted House with Icon Serpentine Spirit hero
Serpentine Spirit – Curse of the Naga

Halloween Horror Nights 9 tweaked the event formula further: The return of a Lead Icon, the Undertaker (and an Opening Scaremony and Scare Zone around him), and the development of Curse of the Naga, a haunted house created in collaboration with the Thai filmmakers behind the acclaimed Shutter and 4Bia horror films. The Opening Scaremony shifted to New York for the first time, freeing up space in Hollywood for the Halloween Carnival – which has links with the Twisted Clown University.

For the second time in a year, a Japanese-themed house is part of the line-up – Spirit Dolls, inspired by the Valley of the Dolls in Japan. The vengeful Langsuir manifesting at The Chalet Hauntings raises the bar for Pontianak scares at Singapore’s Halloween events.

HHN9 Opening Scaremony Rest in Pieces
Opening Scaremony in New York zone

A night parade returned to the line-up as Death Fest LIVE, which also connects the storylines of Death Fest and Hell Block 9, which are beside each other. In contrast to the grandiose and eerie elegance of HHN6’s Death March, the 2019 parade is loud and wild, just as death metal should be.

Lead Icon: The Undertaker
Other Icons: Serpentine Spirit, Savage, Langsuir, Executioner, Yumi, Ringleader Rusty

Haunted Houses
Curse of The Naga (Soundstage 28)
The Chalet Hauntings (Jurassic Park backstage)
Spirit Dolls (Revenge of The Mummy queue)
Hell Block 9 (Breezeway)
Twisted Clown University (Waterworld queue)

Scare Zones
Dead End (Jurassic Park)
Death Fest (New York)

Opening Scaremony: Rest in Pieces
Death Fest LIVE (Parade)
Skin and Bones (Pantages Hollywood Theater)

Special Features
Sneak Preview: Curse of The Naga | Sneak Preview: The Chalet Hauntings | Behind The Scenes of HHN9

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Halloween Horror Nights 9 Review and Full Photo Tour
HHN9 RIP Experience (VIP Tour)

HHN9 Before Dark Series – Daytime Construction Updates
Before Dark 1 | Before Dark 2 (with Daytime Halloween event) | Before Dark 3 (Horror Truck) | Before Dark 4

Halloween Horror Nights 9 is the last full-scale Halloween Horror Nights event in Singapore, before the global pandemic has caused theme parks worldwide to temporarily close, and the 2020 HHN event in Singapore was also affected. Moving forward, theme park operators will need to rethink their entertainment formats before a similar event may be held again in the new climate.

2021 – Halloween Horror Nights Exhibition

USS Halloween 2021 Trick or Thrills Halloween Horror Nights Exhibition

In place of a full Halloween Horror Nights events, Universal Studios Singapore held a seasonal event called Trick or Thrills, which combines the day-time Halloween event (Fun for Everyone) with a ‘lite’ version of night-time programming that is more atmospheric than actually scary. The event offered themed experiences, from DIE-ning with The Dead (thematic ‘scare actor’ dining), Universal Monsters SCREAM ALLEY (mini scare zone), to the park’s first-ever Premium Experience offering.

Anchoring the event is the Halloween Horror Nights Exhibition, the first-ever of its kind to showcase the event’s 9-year history. I have contributed a very significant number of photos for this exhibition, after all it required the best and my website has the most extensive visual documentation over the last decade.

Halloween Horror Nights 10

USS Halloween Horror Nights 10 The Silenced Auction show 6 Stage with Killustrator and Icons

With the local and global pandemic situation improving, Halloween Horror Nights 10 ran for 19 nights from Sep to Nov 2022. The line-up was revamped to include special experiences as add-ons, among a modest mix of three haunted houses and two scare zones. The event featured the Killustrator as the lead icon, a manic fan of HHN that has redrawn the horrors from the past back to life.

Lead Icon: Killustrator
Other Icons: Pontianak, Reaper, The Sorceress, Bitten Zombie

Haunted Houses
Killustrator: The Final Chapter
Hospitality of Horror
Operation: Dead Force

Scare Zones
The Hunt for Pontianak
Dark Zodiac

Show and Special Experiences
The Silenced Auction (Opening Scaremony)
DIE-ning with The Dead | Monsters & Manifestations | Escape The Breakout

Event Articles/ Photo Tours
Halloween Horror Nights 10 MEGA Review and Photo Tour
Behind the Scenes at HHN10 Haunted Houses
HHN10 RIP Tour (VIP Tour) Review

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