Halloween Horror Nights 2 – Before Dark 3

House of Dolls

It’s time for the third Halloween Horror Nights 2 – Before Dark update. The last pieces are falling in place, building up to the opening night this Friday. There are updates for all scare zones and mazes in this entry. Also, take a look at the Official Halloween Horror Nights 2 merchandise towards the end of this update.

Before Dark is a short series of entries showcasing thematic elements of Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights during the day.

If you’d like to know more about the event’s ticketing information, please refer to this entry.

◂ House of Dolls ▸

The first image (right at the top) shows the little sign that is placed at the House of Dolls entrance.

Hollywood just looks gloomier to me, ironically… because they added those rows of lights for this scare zone.

Hmm, see anything different here?

It’s more weathered than before.

We’re back at this part of the scare zone.

I didn’t quite highlight this last week.

The hanging cage has a few additions. Some clothes and a pair of shoes.

The pram is gone, and so is the pane of glass on the table.

A new scene in this scare zone. Frankly, when I was walking around the area, I had a strong urge to pull away all the covers just to see what these props really are.



An overview of the Hollywood Boulevard.

The cover here is… sagging. More for us to see!

More heads, and a wig.

The other side is more interesting, though! This looks like a place for victims to… lose their heads (and for the dolls to get theirs).

◂ Dungeon of Damnation ▸

dungeon of damnation entrance
The entrance to the queue to Dungeon of Damnation is finally up.

dungeon of damnation sign
Here’s a close-up of the banner.

the actual entrance to the dungeon

Here’s the ACTUAL entrance, seen from backstage. It appears that we’ll be entering the Dungeon through a cavern. This photo is also interesting – there’s an altar table being set up at the side (possibly to “bless” and protect the maze from any sort of calamity) and there’s a guard stationed there to stop anyone from entering the maze.

◂ Bizarre Bazaar ▸

Let’s shake the usual order up a bit and go over to Ancient Egypt first.

bizarre bazaar 3

bizarre bazaar 2

More props at this torture device. There’s even a hanged man prop right beside it (the white “thing” with its head covered).

bizarre bazaar
Seems like this area is more or less done with its setup. It’s down to the smaller props housed within the stalls/tents in the bazaar. Let me just say that there are a lot of nice props to be seen inside! 🙂

this way to the insanitarium
Remember the steel frame I mentioned last week before The Lost World? It’s just going to be a banner for The Insanitarium and not lead into a scare zone in The Lost World/Jurassic Park.

I’ve received word from a reader that the last two scare zones could be “safe zones” (not heavily themed and not as many scare actors) at The Lost World/Jurassic Park and Sci-Fi City.

◂ The Insanitarium ▸

Welcome to The Insanitarium.

I didn’t go all the way in to Waterworld, but here’s a general view of the maze compound. The black wall here might be the exit.

The entrance, should be this nicely decorated section.

◂ Death Alley ▸

death alley reality
A dramatic shot of Death Alley’s queue entrance against Battlestar Galactica’s colourful tracks.

chinatown gate
There’s even more decay.

death alley
There are some props, placed in a prayer offering setup, on the two tables near the entrance.

walking around chinatown
Some spray-painted biscuit tins have joined the fray.

walking around 2
Seems like nothing new here…

walking around 3
And then suddenly, there’s this pulled rickshaw (or cart) here.

walking around 4
I left this out last week: Before the maze leads into the alley (Pleasure Inn), this large creepy banner hangs from the balcony above.

death's escape 1
Over at the exit.. there are large sheets of fabric, which…

death's escape 2
…looks perfect as hiding and ambush spots for scare actors.

◂ Total Lockdown ▸

total lockdown
The “Total Lockdown” title will be a projection. That’s cool.

total lockdown overview
The props are placed so compactly that it’s not possible to walk around them anymore.

There are serious amounts of radioactive green paint on the props. And also, the park has added the driver (or what was left of him) at the front of the truck. It’s hard to spot, but the prop is there.

new york overview

An overview of New York. The park has installed a lot of equipment above the street.

projectors circled

See these projectors? The one further away is used for the “Total Lockdown” title banner. The larger one in the foreground is a Christie Roadie series projector that is well known for outdoor projection onto buildings. I guess we can be prepared for some incredible projection effects on the New York Library building.

Halloween Horror Nights 2 merchandise


Some HHN2 souvenirs are already available at the Universal Studios Singapore Store (The main store at Hollywood zone). Here are the items and prices.

merch 2

t-shirts 2

HHN T-shirts ($29.90) Available in adult sizes only, as HHN is an event catered for adults (and fearless children). This “generic HHN” design was also sold last year.

Also available: The NEW HHN2 T-Shirt!

Mugs ($12.90)

shot glass
Shot glass ($6.90)


Lanyards ($9.90). It’s a different design from last year (which was red and black).

lanyard 2
Close-up on the HHN branding. It also reads “Universal Studios Singapore”.

Apart from these, there should also be more items (like the Bloody mug) available during HHN. More on that soon!

That concludes our third entry of Halloween Horror Nights 2 – Before Dark. The final pieces of the puzzle are falling in place, in time for opening night on Friday and it’ll be exciting to see how the scare zones really turn out at night. Most of the sets and props are not at their actual positions, and only are placed along the streets to optimize the limited walking space in the park.

I’m sure we are all shaking with anticipation – at least I am.

The Puppetmaster will open the doors to his House of Dolls and the other domains of mayhem this fateful Friday night. Stay tuned for photos, reviews and trip report of Halloween Horror Nights 2.

Refer here for more HHN2 event information or click here to have an overview of the events available in Singapore.

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8 Responses to Halloween Horror Nights 2 – Before Dark 3

  1. Anonymous October 16, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

    Is this event starting in the morning? (10am) because I wanna go take the rides without having to participate in the spooky stuff.

    • Dejiki October 16, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

      Halloween Horror Nights only starts at night, from 8pm. The park operates as per normal (but with props and sets lying around) from 10am to 6pm.

  2. Matt October 16, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    HHN Orlando had some really cool effects using those projectors at last year’s event, and Sydney used them for Vivid earlier this year. Can’t wait to see your trip report!

    • Dejiki October 17, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

      Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing that – the projections look amazing!

  3. Andrew October 17, 2012 at 11:09 pm #

    What are the rides available during halloween horror night 2.

    • Dejiki October 17, 2012 at 11:13 pm #

      Rides operating during Halloween Horror Nights 2 are:

      Transformers: The Ride, Battlestar Galactica: Human, Battlestar Galactica: Cylon, Accelerator, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer, Shrek 4D, Enchanted Airways

      The new 2012 edition of Monster Rock (Live Stage Musical) will also be performed in the Pantages Hollywood Theatre.

  4. Amber October 18, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Would you prefer HHN2 or Spooktacular?


  5. Gary October 24, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Hi, is there anywhere i oculd buy the HHN2 tshirts online at all as i can not make it to this event but would love one of the tshirts.

    many thanks

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