Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Opening Scaremony full unveiling

Prepare for Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 9 with useful tips and tricks in this must-read guide to the event.

Guide Shortcuts

Map and Attraction Listing | Show and Event Times
Price Lists of Merchandise, Food and Drinks | Tips, Tricks and Secrets
HHN9 Express Pass Guide | No Express Pass Strategy
HHN9 FAQ | Getting Out (How to Go Home)

Map and Attractions Listing

Check out my HHN9 MEGA REVIEW to discover all the new horror attractions at the park, and a few sneak previews inside the houses to prepare your soul.

Here is the park map with all the scare attractions marked out. You may want to screenshot this.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Event Map showing locations of all 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones and 3 shows

Click to expand full list of attractions at each zone of the park

A breakdown of attractions in each zone of the park:

– Haunted Halloween Carnival
– Skin & Bones (Stage Show inside Pantages Hollywood Theatre)
– Icon Meet and Greet at Mel’s Stage beside Mel’s Die-In restaurant

New York
– Curse of The Naga (Haunted House)
– Hell Block 9 (Haunted House)
– Death Fest (Scare Zone)
– Death Fest LIVE (Park-wide Procession and Stage Show)

Sci-Fi City
– Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN (Park Attraction)
– Battlestar Galactica: CYLON (Park Attraction)
– Transformers: The Ride (Park Attraction)
– Accelerator (Park Attraction)

Ancient Egypt
– Spirit Dolls (Haunted House)
– Revenge of the Mummy (Park Attraction)

The Lost World – Jurassic Park and Waterworld
– The Chalet Hauntings (Haunted House)
– Twisted Clown University (Haunted House)
– Dead End (Scare Zone)

Far Far Away
– Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey (Park Attraction)
– Enchanted Airways (Park Attraction)
– Scared Shrekless (Movie Screening inside Shrek 4-D Adventure)

– King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round

Special Event and Show Times

Time What’s happening
~7:00PM USS ticket gantries open
You can scan your ticket to enter the park.
The Undertaker takes over the park with his deadly powers!
HHN9 Haunted Houses and Scare Zones are now open!

2019 Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Killer Shows - Opening Scaremony, Death Fest LIVE, Skin & Bones show

Skin & Bones
Laugh your dead-beating heart out as you witness a live filming of Skin & Bones’ latest show!
Peak Nights 8:00PM, 9:30PM, 10:45PM, 12:15AM
Non-Peak Nights 8:00PM, 9:30PM, 11:00PM

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before show time at the Pantages Hollywood Theater.
*Note: Show times subject to change during the event. Check the board at Pantages Hollywood Theater entrance for most updated times.

Death Fest LIVE
Celebrate Savage’s release from Hell Block 9 with an epic park-wide procession and concert at the deadliest death metal event of all time!
Peak Nights only 9:05PM, 10:35PM, 12:05AM

Death Fest LIVE begins with a procession around the entire park, starting from the Death Fest zone at around 15 minutes before the showtimes displayed.
*Note: Show times subject to change during the event. Check the board at Death Fest main stage for most updated times.

Pricelist of HHN9 Merchandise, Food and Drinks

Wear it loud and proud: The 2019 Halloween Horror Nights T-shirt (S$33) in two designs. Available in S/M and M/L sizes.

2019 Halloween Horror Nights 9 Official Merchandise FEARLESS T-Shirt

2019 Halloween Horror Nights 9 Official Merchandise MASTER OF SURVIVAL T-Shirt

Enjoy a discounted price of S$25 if you buy the T-shirt with another purchase at the Universal Studios store (Hollywood).

Various food and drink carts and select restaurants around the park will be open.

Drink Carts (around the park and in haunted house queues)

Jello Shot Syringe – $8 each
The Snake Demon (Non-Alcoholic) – $3 each
The Serpent’s Curse (Alcoholic) – $9 each
Blood Sucker Pack (Alcoholic) – $13 each
Evian glass mineral water (served in paper cup) – $4 each

Tips, Tricks and Secrets

PEAK vs NON-PEAK Nights difference

PEAK Nights: 27, 28 September 2019 & 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27 October 2019. The event officially ends at 1:30AM on these nights. Despite being named ‘PEAK’ Nights, so far these nights are less crowded than NON-PEAK, with some houses’ wait times dropping to 30 minutes or less after 1:00AM. PEAK nights include the Death Fest LIVE procession and show.

NON-PEAK Nights: 4, 6, 10, 13, 20, 31 October 2019. The event officially ends at 12:30AM on these nights. These nights are actually much more crowded as admission tickets are heavily discounted, especially for students. There may be long lines just to enter the park at 7PM, as well as longer wait times for all attractions in the park.

Check Haunted House and Ride Wait Times

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Wait Times board

Check the latest estimated waiting time at the Digital Displays in Hollywood and Far Far Away. You can also check the houses’ wait time with roving park staff selling HHN Express Pass.

Photo Opportunities

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Meet and Greet with HHN9 icons at Mels stage

Meet some of this year’s icons at the new Meet and Greet stage outside Mel’s Die-In restaurant. Check with the park crew for meet and greet times!

Check Haunted House and Ride Wait Times

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Wait Times board

Check the latest estimated waiting time at the Digital Displays in Hollywood and Far Far Away. You can also check the houses’ wait time with roving park staff selling HHN Express Pass.

Win some vouchers

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Traveloka Xperience booth to win freebies

Located across the entrance/ exit to The Chalet Hauntings, the Traveloka Xperience booth offers some discount vouchers for use at the event or on Traveloka’s platforms. You just need to participate in some activities at the booth to redeem. There is also another Traveloka booth outside the park, at the entrance.

Pack your essentials

Wet-weather ready
Bring along a small umbrella or poncho, just in case it rains. Most haunted house queues are not entirely covered.

Keep your devices juiced up
Power banks and charging cables are always handy, since you’ll most likely be playing games or surfing social media apps while waiting in line.

Get free water!
Drinking fountains and bottle refill taps are available outside most restrooms at the park. Bring along a small water bottle to refill throughout the night.

HHN9 Park Soundtracks (Spotify Playlist)

Be blown away by the menacing music of DEATH TRAP! Listen to DEATH FEST LIVE Soundtrack, an unofficial compilation of songs heard during the Death Fest Live show!

Follow the HHN9 Park Soundtrack playlist to relive your haunting night out at the park!

Rest in Peace
Power Glove by Knife Party

Haunted Halloween Carnival

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Haunted Halloween Carnival clown Giselle closeup

Can’t get enough of the killer clowns at Twisted Clown University? Step right into the haunted Halloween Carnival, where graduates from the University nab their new victims. Try your hand at some games here and you may win prizes – with the option to collect bulky prizes later – just ask the carnival crew about this!

HHN9 Express Pass Guide

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide HHN Express Pass pricelist

There are two types of HHN Express Passes. These Add-on passes shorten waiting time, by allowing guests to use the Universal Express queue lane once per attraction per pass. Express Passes do not include admission to the park for Halloween Horror Nights. The prices for the Express Passes are dynamically priced based on demand, and you can check the latest prices in the park.

HHN9 Express Pass – participating attractions
5 Haunted Houses: Curse of The Naga, Hell Block 9, Spirit Dolls, The Chalet Hauntings, Twisted Clown University
HHN9 Express Pass PLUS – participating attractions
5 Haunted Houses: Curse of The Naga, Hell Block 9, Spirit Dolls, The Chalet Hauntings, Twisted Clown University, and participating theme park rides: Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN, Battlestar Galactica: CYLON, Transformers: The Ride, Accelerator, Revenge of the Mummy, Enchanted Airways, Scared Shrekless, Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey, King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round

All Express Passes are not valid for use at Skin & Bones or front row access at Battlestar Galactica.

How long is wait for the HHN Express Lane?

There’s usually a short wait, typically cutting down hours of waiting in the normal line to 5 – 30 minutes. During very crowded nights, the Express line wait may increase to 45 minutes.

I thought the price starts from $60. Why is the price so much higher tonight?

HHN Express and Express PLUS Pass is dynamically priced based on demand. Buy early, pay less. Buy at the park, definitely more.

I don’t need Express for all 5 houses.

A “single” variant of HHN Express Pass may be available for sale at the park, starting from $20 for one-time use at one haunted house. Please check with the roaming park crew and Express Pass stalls for more information.

2019 “No Express Pass” strategy

Depending on park crowd conditions and how fast you can walk to the houses, it may be possible to clear all 5 houses without express passes.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Early arrivals at New York

This year, because of the changes to the park opening, the old strategies of running on either side of the park may no longer be valid. However, the classic tips should still work:

1. Be at the park early

– Arrive at the park early (before 6PM) and queue at the locked park gates. Wait for gates to open and line up orderly in front of the turnstiles. Bag checks may be conducted by security, so get your things ready when the line starts to move!

– Once the turnstiles are open (around 7PM), get your tickets scanned and move into the park quickly.

– You will have to wait for the HHN9 Opening Scaremony at New York to end at around 7:35PM. The rope holding guests will be released soon after.

NOTE: The queues for any haunted house may be closed if the haunted house is not ready. Please follow the park crew’s instruction and head to another house if this happens.

NOTE 2: The park may close off certain areas/ pathways and redirect guests without prior announcement to control crowds and distribute guests across the park. Please follow the park crew’s instruction and proceed as directed.

2. Have a plan

There’s no point going round the park aimlessly and tire yourself out. Try to tackle the houses near each other to save your energy and also time from walking about.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Opening Scaremony crowds in New York back

If you are at New York watching the Opening Scaremony show

Hell Block 9 → The Chalet Hauntings or Spirit Dolls → Twisted Clown University → Curse of The Naga

Hell Block 9 is nearest to you if you are starting in New York. However, unless you are right in front, you may be stuck waiting to rush due to a bottleneck at the queue entrance. The house may also not be open immediately after the Opening Scaremony, as seen on the first night. When this happens, head to Spirit Dolls immediately.

Whether or not you manage to visit Hell Block 9, I would advice heading to Spirit Dolls and see if it’s below 20 minutes. If so, clear that house first, or dash to The Chalet Hauntings. That locally-themed house seem to be more popular and the queue typically remains stable throughout the night.

Alternatively, try the Spirit Route, which attempts to clear all park starting from Spirit Dolls, in an anti-clockwise direction.

Spirit Dolls → The Chalet Hauntings → Twisted Clown University → Curse of The Naga → Hell Block 9

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Waiting outside of New York

If you are outside New York watching the Opening Scaremony on the screen

The screen is hanging above the two ‘pillars’ at the start of the Death Fest zone. You can wait around the area shown in the photo above, near Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

Head to your nearest house: Curse of The Naga. Most likely you’ll need to skip Hell Block 9 because the queue would’ve increased to at least 30 minutes after you get out. Try to head to Spirit Dolls or The Chalet Hauntings before most of the crowds get there.

Curse of The Naga → The Chalet Hauntings or Spirit Dolls → Twisted Clown University → Hell Block 9

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Opening Scaremony boundary

If you are near the Halloween Carnival area

Instead of joining the crowds watching the Opening Scaremony at New York, you can consider staying around in Hollywood zone to wait for that route to Madagascar to open. However, the park crew may still direct you towards New York.

Once the path is open, make your way to the back end of the park first. You will then complete the houses in a clockwise order, starting from Twisted Clown University.

Twisted Clown University → The Chalet Hauntings → Spirit Dolls → Hell Block 9 → Curse of The Naga

Alternatively you can head to The Chalet Hauntings first, then backtrack to Twisted Clown University. This will sap a lot of energy, but you may get a much more terrifying experience inside The Chalet when there’s less people.

The Chalet Hauntings → Twisted Clown University → Spirit Dolls → Hell Block 9 or Curse of The Naga

3. Pace things out and take advantage of certain lull periods

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Hell Block 9 queue entrance

If you manage to complete at least 2 houses before 8:00PM, then you are quite safe and should have no problem finishing the next 3 as long as you enter the queues at the most opportune time. You can plan ahead for these two houses:

Hell Block 9

During the Death Fest Live show on Peak Nights, the entire Death Fest/ New York zone will be very crowded and hard to walk through. After the show begins, the wait time for Hell Block 9 would start to drop. If there’s space, you can stand near the entrance to Hell Block 9 and watch half of the show from the side. Once you see the wait time dipping, you should head into the queue for Hell Block 9.

Best time to enter Hell Block 9: during Death Fest LIVE.
Worst time to enter Hell Block 9: right after Death Fest LIVE concludes.

Curse of The Naga

Wait times for this year’s Thai Horror house may start dipping when the Pantages Hollywood Theater is open for the Skin & Bones show. On the other hand, don’t head to Curse of The Naga about 20-25 minutes after the Skin & Bones show time, as guests leaving the theatre are likely to visit this house next.

Best time to enter Curse of The Naga: during Skin & Bones.
Worst time to enter Curse of The Naga: after Skin & Bones.

4. Stay till closing time

Stay in the park until it closes for shorter waiting times, as most people would begin leaving the park around 11:30PM.

– At around 1 hour before park closing, check the wait times and prioritise to go to either houses at the far end of the park first: Twisted Clown University or The Chalet Hauntings. It is likely that you have to choose one, if the wait time is more than 30 minutes.

– After that, walk towards Spirit Dolls through Ancient Egypt zone.

– Head to either Hell Block 9 or Curse of The Naga, if the queues are still open.

Note: Typically, the queues for haunted houses will be closed at the official event end time (12:30AM for off-peak nights; 1:30AM for peak nights). The park may close the lines early at their discretion.

5. Get an extension… with the Frequent Fear Pass Upgrade

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Frequent Fear Pass card

Consider upgrading your Halloween Horror Nights 9 Admission ticket to a Frequent Fear Pass and return again for another night of thrills and horror. You will need to top-up the difference between what you already paid for your ticket and the normal price of a Frequent Fear Pass. Not all tickets may be eligible. Please approach the USS membership lobby at the park entrance (inside the park) to apply for the upgrade.

Tried and Tested Strategies

Night 1 (27 Sept)

This is my recommended route which I have tested on 27 Sept (a less crowded and easy day). As predicted, the wait times for Hell Block 9 and Curse of The Naga are affected by Death Fest Live and Skin & Bones, thus if you are at the park early, it might be better to visit these two houses later.

Park Crowd/ Difficulty Level: EASY
SPEED: Relaxed Pace, with sprints at opening and for first 2 houses
House All Clear Time: 9:37PM

7:30PM Opening Scaremony
7:37PM Spirit Dolls
7:48PM The Chalet Hauntings
8:12PM Twisted Clown University
8:33PM Hell Block 9
9:05PM Death Fest LIVE
9:30PM Curse of The Naga (twice)
9:54PM Dead End zone walkabout
10:19PM Hell Block 9
10:35PM Death Fest LIVE
10:45PM Left the park (though could’ve went for Skin & Bones)

Night 2 (28 Sept)

TMxSN tried the Spirit Route, which starts from Spirit Dolls immediately after the Opening Scaremony.

Park Crowd/ Difficulty Level: MEDIUM
SPEED: Sprints at Scaremony and between houses
House All Clear Time: N/A
(4 Houses only)

7:30PM Opening Scaremony
7:38PM Spirit Dolls
7:43PM The Chalet Hauntings
8:06PM Twisted Clown University
8:35PM Curse of The Naga

Night 3 (4 Oct)

It was the park’s first sold out night in years! TMxSN attempted an ALL CLEAR and was very successful. The park was dramatically more crowded than the first week. Despite queue extensions being used and very high waiting time (120-200 mins) for haunted houses were displayed at the queue entrance, in reality the actual wait was significantly lesser than shown.

Park Crowd/ Difficulty Level: EXPERT
SPEED: Sprints at Scaremony and between houses
House All Clear Time: 11:30PM

7:30PM Opening Scaremony
7:37PM Spirit Dolls
8:05PM The Chalet Hauntings (19min wait)
8:26PM Curse of The Naga (Express Pass Single, 7min wait)
9:30PM Skin & Bones
10:30PM Hell Block 9 (1min wait)
11:23PM Twisted Clown University (29min wait)

Top Questions about USS Halloween Horror Nights

Feel free to post a comment if you have any other questions.

Q: What is this event about?

Halloween Horror Nights is the region’s most elaborate Halloween-themed entertainment event. During event nights, Universal Studios Singapore will offer an exhilarating line-up of terrifying attractions that includes haunted houses, scare zones, and shows. Select theme park attractions will also remain open.

Q: Why should I pay money to scare myself?

You will get to experience highly-produced thematic entertainment in a world-class theme park.

Q: Can I go to HHN alone?

Yes! Why not make friends with people in the queue? And, if you are afraid to walk alone and need to hold onto someone, do let them know first.

Q: OK.. so how can I survive the 5 haunted houses?

You just need to join the queue for the houses. Once you get inside the house, you just need to walk from room to room. You will experience the horrors along the way.

Q: What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes, since it is mostly an outdoor event. Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be doing quite a bit of walking and standing in the queues.

Q: What should I bring?

Your HHN tickets, money (cash) to buy souvenirs, food and drinks, umbrella, small water bottle, power bank, smartphone cables, handheld fans, common sense and decorum.

Q: Will the Langsuir/ ghosts/ demons/ zombies grab me?

The scare actors will not touch park guests. For the safety of performers and other park visitors, please do not touch, verbally abuse, harass or assault anyone in Haunted Houses and Scare Zones. If you cause harm to performers, park staff and guests, you may be detained and/or expelled from the park.

Q:Where is the Zombie Laser Tag game?

There is no Zombie Laser Tag this year.

Q: Anything else should I take note of?

1. Bag checks may be conducted at the park entrance, so get your bags ready for inspection for smoother entry.
2. The Opening Scaremony show will not be performed again during the night, unlike in 2018.

Q: Can you upload full videos of ALL haunted houses, the Opening Scaremony, Skin & Bones and Death Fest LIVE?

My advice would be to visit the park to experience the Halloween attractions. I do not intend to upload full videos of the haunted houses. As for Skin & Bones, there are no plans for a full show video.

For the HHN9 Opening Scaremony, a cut version is now online on YouTube →

A ‘concert’ version of Death Fest LIVE can be viewed here →

USS Halloween Horror Nights 9 Survival Guide Spirit Dolls haunted house entrance

Going Home (Final Escape)


If you plan to get a cab out, you may want to leave before 11:00PM to avoid a long line at the RWS taxi stand at the basement. There’s a $3 Location Surcharge for taxis leaving the resort, among other surcharges.

Grab/ Go-Jek

You can set the RWS Basement (Casino Entrance) Pick-up/ Drop-off points in the apps to get your ride home. After 11:30PM, there may be significantly longer waiting time to get a ride.

Sentosa Express (Monorail)

Planning to take the monorail out of Sentosa to Vivocity? The last train leaves from Beach Station at 12:00AM. Better get to the Waterfront station (closest to RWS) before 11:30PM.

RWS Shuttle Bus

If you’re heading to Harbourfront or Vivocity for more transport options, you can take the RWS8 shuttle bus from the bus stop at RWS basement carpark. During HHN event nights, this bus service will be extended by up to three hours after event hours.

RWS8 is available until
2:30AM on non-peak nights (4, 6, 10, 13, 20 and 31 Oct 2019)
3:30AM on peak nights (27 and 28 Sep, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 and 27 Oct 2019)

Night Rider Bus Service

Two Night Rider services are available from Resorts World Sentosa for a flat fare of $4.50. NR1 and NR6 are available on Fridays, Saturdays & eve of Public Holidays. These buses depart from the RWS Coach Bay from around 11:30PM to 2:00AM, frequency about every 25-30 minutes.

Halloween Horror Nights 9: Select Nights 27 Sep – 31 Oct

Prepare for the event: Get all the info here

You can get all essential info you need at my Halloween Horror Nights 9 Event Guide. Tickets are available online at halloweenhorrornights.com.sg, or you can also buy them via my Klook link.

Get more HHN9 updates

More photos from the haunted houses will be published on my Instagram (@dejiki) and on this website as special features. Follow me on Facebook for updates.

Note: This guide is for informational purposes only. Following the guide will not guarantee that you can visit all attractions. Your experience at the park may vary, depending on dynamic park crowd conditions, and ongoing technical and creative adjustments by the park.

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      The Hello Kitty Chucky is a USJ exclusive. In Singapore, you can get Hello Kitty Mummy merchandise.

  2. Chacha October 9, 2019 at 2:39 pm #

    Hi, I bought myself the express pass. Is it still recommended to watch Skin & Bones first before visiting any of the haunted house? I am going on the last day (Oct 31), and was wondering if it’s gonna be crowded and the wait time for express line in some haunted house is going to be 30-45 minutes.

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