Universal Studios Japan 2019 Halloween Event Guide

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event guide - Surprise Halloween key visual

Universal Studios Japan‘s massive Universal Surprise Halloween is back! Read all about the 2019 lineup in this event guide!

Universal Studios Japan Halloween 2019 Lineup

With a bigger lineup at this year’s Universal Surprise Halloween, guests can enjoy three distinct Halloween experiences with upgraded attractions.

Halloween Horror Nights Japan | Otona (Grown-ups) Halloween | Family-Friendly Halloween
Event, Ticketing and Express Pass Info | USJ Halloween Tips & Tricks

Universal Studios Japan’s Halloween event is unique in several ways:

  • The Halloween event is available every day from Saturday, 7 Sept till Monday, 4 Nov 2019 (the cute Halloween for young families starts a day earlier, on 6 Sept)
  • The seasonal programming spans the entire day, with halloween attractions opening progressively throughout the day.
  • The park doesn’t close and sweep guests out in the evening.
  • With the exception of special experiences that are separately charged, halloween attractions are included with park admission.
  • Guests are allowed to dress up in costumes and wear masks, as long as they abide to the park’s rules.

Note: This is a very long post because it is a complete trip planning guide for the Universal Surprise Halloween event.

Haunted house-style attractions in USJ are referred as horror mazes.

Halloween Horror Nights

The classic Halloween Horror Nights experience offers the most intense horror attractions.

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event guide - Biohazard The Extreme Resident Evil horror maze

Biohazard: The EXTREME

‘Survival’ Horror Maze attraction | Horror Level: 5

Headlining this year’s Halloween Horror Nights in Japan is the return of RESIDENT EVIL, also known as BIOHAZARD in Japan. Built within the Palace Theater soundstage, the horror maze is based on the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2. And just like the video game, Biohazard: The EXTREME features TWO paths, and you’ll experience either Leon’s or Claire’s story. And this is no ordinary haunted house, because you’ll be shooting zombies and fend for your life, in order to escape Raccoon City.

An entry ticket is required for this attraction, which will be distributed for free at Stage 18 from when the park opens, until tickets run out. Thereafter, the only other way is to buy Express passes, which offers reduced wait time for one pre-selected route (Leon or Claire). Learn how Japan’s HHN timed entry tickets and express passes work in my 2017 event coverage.

Area 51

Outdoor Horror Maze attraction | Horror Level: 4

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event guide - AREA 51 horror maze

The park’s immersive outdoor maze now has an alien theme, and promises to shock and surprise as you explore deeper into Area 51. Read about Deadman’s Forest (2017), a similar outdoor horror maze here.

Cult of Chucky

Horror Maze attraction | Horror Level: 5

The Cult of Chucky horror maze from 2017 has returned, offering hapless guests opportunities to run away from the iconic evil dolls in the Harrogate Hospital. Read about the 2017 Cult of Chucky horror maze here.

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event guide - Space Fantasy The Ride BLACK HOLE and CULT OF CHUCKY horror maze
Space Fantasy: The Ride – Black Hole – and Cult of Chucky

Space Fantasy: The Ride – Black Hole –

Horror roller coaster ride | Horror Level: 1

The park’s unique spinning roller coaster, known for having seasonal overlays, is finally getting a horror theme. The ride takes place indoors and is usually quite dark (except for a handful of scenes), but this time there will be moments of pure darkness as the vehicles sink into the Black Hole.


Horror Theater Show | Horror Level: 3

Witness the curse of SADAKO (from リング The Ring) as she haunts the Terminator 2:3-D theater!

Street Zombies

Park-wide scare zones | Horror Level: 2

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event guide - Zekkyo Halloween street zombie

After years of being generic zombies appearing for random reasons, USJ’s street zombies will finally have some backstory. Controlled by a character known as Dr. Chaos, the park’s ensemble of zombies will haunt many areas of the park. Occasionally they will break out into Zombie de Dance.

Only these areas are safe from zombies: A section of Hollywood zone (leading to the park exit), Minion Park, Universal Wonderland and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Otona Halloween (Halloween for Grown-ups)

Catered for adult park guests, 大人ハロウィーン (Otona Halloween) is a series of sophisticated Halloween experiences that “blend beauty and horror”.

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event guide – Otona Halloween Hotel Albert horror maze

Hotel Albert 2 -Requiem-

‘Completely Immersive’ Horror Maze attraction | Horror Level: Unknown
An additional ticket is required to experience this attraction.

Here’s your second chance to return to Hotel Albert and uncover more dark mysteries. While guests can still interact with the performers as part of the experience, the park mentioned that visitors to the Hotel will certainly get separated during their adventure. This immersive horror experience is about 60 minutes long, and takes place within a 4-storey complex (Stage 18).

Important Note: This attraction is rated R15 – for ages 15 and above only. As part of the experience, there are scenes where performers will touch guests. To fully enjoy this experience, guests should be able to understand and converse in Japanese.

Waiver/ Pledge: Guests will need to sign a “pledge” document, which comprises an agreement to abide by the attraction’s rules, including non-disclosure of the attraction’s content. Guests with conditions that may be aggravated by effects (including Fog/Smoke, Strobe lights, Water, Loud sounds, darkness, odours, and physical contact) – are advised not to participate for their safety. Please note that the park does not offer refunds, so only buy tickets if you are well and able to experience this attraction.

Hotel Albert: Lounge and Photo Spot
The Hotel Albert Lounge is back again, with a VIP section open only to guests who have participated in the Hotel Albert experience. For other guests, an additional ticket is required to access the lounge.

Blood Legend

Horror Theater Show | Horror Level: 3

This 10-minute show about Vampires is shown inside the park’s CINEMA 4-D attraction in the Hollywood zone.

Otona Halloween Area – Garden of the Cursed Rose –

Horror Area | Horror Level: 2

Extending from the sophisticated Halloween theme, this garden will offer a creepy walkthrough experience and photo spots.

Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event guide – Otona Halloween - Garden and Banquet of the Cursed Rose
Otona Halloween – Garden of the Cursed Rose and Banquet of the Cursed Rose

Park Side Grille – Banquet of the Cursed Rose –

Horror Restaurant | Horror Level: 1

Complete your Otona Halloween experience with a horror-themed dinner at Park Side Grille, where a tragically gruesome party will commence.

Family-Friendly Halloween (Kowa Kawa Halloween)

The family-friendly side of Halloween, こわかわハロウィーン (Kowa Kawa Halloween), is “not-so-scary and way-too-cutesy”. As USJ has age restrictions for certain horror attractions, this is an option for young families to take part in Halloween festivities.

Universal Studios Japan Universal Surprise Halloween 2019 event guide – Family Friendly Kowa Kawa Halloween

Expand to read more about Kowa Kawa Halloween

Festa de Parade

This Mardi Gras-inspired Halloween parade is returning again with upgrades! You can even be in the heart of the bustling celebrations with a Special Area Ticket for a ‘360-degree’ surround party zone with the Halloween Franken-Minions. This special party area is held at the GRAMERCY PARK (New York zone).

Universal Studios Japan - Universal Surprise Halloween / Festa de Parade

Please note that this parade is very over-the-top and if you are not used to USJ’s excessively dramatic shows, it can be an overwhelming experience. There are constant sprays of confetti, bubbles, foam and ribbons. If you can’t get enough of that then the Special Area promises even more of that.

Mischievous Street

This street entertainment takes on the form of light-hearted mini shows and prank-like activities.

Happy Trick or Treat

Young children can enjoy candy-grabbing frenzy in the Happy Trick or Treat pop-up event. Each kid will be given one bag and their parents/guardians may only observe from a viewing area. Here are some of the rules from the 2017 event:

Universal Studios Japan - Universal Surprise Halloween / Trick or Treat event rules

Free Candy around the park

If you see park staff members wearing pumpkin-shaped slingbags (or leather satchels with a Pumpkin charm at Hogsmeade in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter), you can say “Trick or Treat” to get free candy. This mini activity is meant for kids, but feel free to try your luck.

Universal Wonderland Season’s Joy ~Halloween version~

Universal Wonderland is USJ’s family-friendly zone where you can find Hello Kitty, Sesame Street and Snoopy characters. Apart from being an entire zone safe from street zombies, this year the area will play host to a new Meet and Greet experiences.

Event, Ticketing and Express Pass Info

For this section, the Japanese names of the various ticket types and bundles are included for your reference.

Universal Surprise Halloween 2019 Event Dates

The three Halloween events at Universal Studios Japan start from early September and will be available every day till 4 November 2019.

Dates Halloween Event
6 Sept – 4 Nov 2019 Family-Friendly Halloween (Kowa Kawa Halloween)
7 Sept – 4 Nov 2019 Halloween Horror Nights
Halloween for Adults/Grown-ups (Otona Halloween)


Park Admission

To experience Universal Surprise Halloween 2019, you will need an admission ticket (Studio Pass) to enter Universal Studios Japan. A variety of 1-day, 1.5-day and 2-day passes are available, and you can buy them early via Klook Travel as well.

Park Admission Ticket Price
Universal Studios Japan 1-Day Studio Pass (via Klook) S$93.15
Universal Studios Japan 1.5-Day Studio Pass (via Klook) S$154.79
Universal Studios Japan 2-Day Studio Pass (via Klook) S$185

(Purchases made via Klook will help support Dejiki.com at no extra cost to you)

Halloween attractions requiring special tickets

While many of the park’s seasonal attractions are included in park admission, the following attractions require special entry tickets to enter.

Attraction Ticket needed How to get ticket
Hotel Albert 2 -Requiem-
Immersive Horror Maze
Otona (Grown-ups) Halloween Gorgeous Set

Hotel Albert
Requires additional purchase, see price below
Biohazard: The EXTREME
‘Survival’ Horror Maze with 2 distinct routes: LEON or CLAIRE
Entry Ticket
Collect at Stage 18 (near park entrance, at Hollywood zone)

Entry Tickets
An entry ticket will be required for either experience at Biohazard: The EXTREME. If the park isn’t crowded, or after a certain period of time (e.g. at night), the entry ticket may not be used and you will be able to just wait in line for the mazes.

As an alternative, you can purchase Express Passes for the horror maze, which works as entry tickets while significantly cutting waiting time.

USJ Halloween Express Pass and Special Tickets Info

USJ Halloween Express Passes shorten waiting time to participating attraction – one-time access to the participating attraction per pass. For horror mazes requiring special entry ticket, the Express Pass works as an entry ticket while cutting your wait time.

Note: Express Passes have designated timeslots for use at the attractions. Depending on where you buy them (e.g. at USJ’s official website), you may be able to choose the timeslots. When purchasing express passes for a group, you should buy them all together, otherwise the timings may not match up.

You can grab your USJ Surprise Halloween Express Passes from Klook directly, which is a convenient option:

Express Pass Price
Universal Surprise Halloween Express Pass (via Klook)
The following passes are available:
USJ HHN Express Pass ~New Experiences~ Set
USJ HHN Express Pass ~Otona (Grown-ups) & Thrills~ Set
USJ HHN Express Pass ~Thrills~ Set
Kowakawa Halloween Express (via Klook) S$13

If you are purchasing different kinds of express passes, be aware that timings may clash and you may miss some attractions. Also, all prices indicated below are starting prices as the passes are more expensive on days where higher park attendance is expected.

You can use this link (Japanese only) to check the current stock levels of the various express passes .

Express Pass Type Included Attractions and Entry Passes Price from
(tax included)
Hotel Albert
• Hotel Albert 2 -Requiem-
• VIP Access at Hotel Albert Lounge & Photo Spot
• One free cocktail at the lounge
¥5,480 (~S$69)
Otona (Grown-ups) Halloween Gorgeous Set
• Hotel Albert 2 -Requiem-
• Blood Legend
• VIP Access to Hotel Albert Lounge, with Photo Souvenir
• One free cocktail at the lounge
• Priority seating for Park Side Grille – Banquet of the Cursed Rose
¥11,500 (~S$145)
Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass ~Otona (Grown-ups) and Thrills~ Set
• Biohazard: The EXTREME (Leon)
• Cult of Chucky
• Blood Legend
¥5,900 (~S$75)
Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass ~Thrills~ Set
• Area 51
• Space Fantasy: The Ride – Black Hole –
• Cult of Chucky
¥5,900 (~S$75)
Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass ~New Experiences~ Set
• Biohazard: The EXTREME (Claire)
• Area 51
• Space Fantasy: The Ride – Black Hole –
¥5,900 (~S$75)
Kowakawa Halloween Express
• Access to the special parade area (minion party) in the GRAMERCY PARK
• Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem
• Priority access to Studio Stars restaurant at specified time
¥5,900 (~S$75)

USJ Halloween Express Pass for all horror mazes and shows

To experience all the scary USJ Halloween Attractions with Express Pass, you will need to buy these:

• Hotel Albert (ホテル・アルバート)
• Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass ~Otona (Grown-ups) and Thrills~ Set (ハロウィーン・ホラー・ナイト・エクスプレス・パス 〜大人&スリル〜)
• Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass ~New Experiences~ Set (ハロウィーン・ホラー・ナイト・エクスプレス・パス ~新体験~)

The total cost of this bundle is at least ¥17,280 (~S$218). On top of the expense, another potential problem is that the express passes may have timeslots that overlap. To avoid this, buy the express passes at the park (if available) or the park’s official website where you can select from available timeslots.

USJ Halloween Horror Nights RIP (VIP) Tour

Universal Studios Japan also offers the RIP (VIP) Tour experience. As all 4 horror mazes are included as part of the tour, guests will need to be at least 15 years old to participate in the RIP Tour. The tour is conducted entirely in Japanese.

The cost of the tour starts from ¥30,000 (~S$378) per person and it does not include park admission.

The RIP Tours in Japan will commence from 12:00PM with groups departing in 15 minute interval, with the last group at 1:30PM. The tour will take approximately 4 hours to complete, and thereafter guests may use their RIP Tour Express Pass for the attractions that they are entitled for.

Guided Tour access to:
• Hotel Albert 2 -Requiem-
• VIP Access at Hotel Albert Lounge & Photo Souvenir
• One free cocktail at the lounge

• Biohazard: The EXTREME (Claire)
• Biohazard: The EXTREME (Leon)
• Cult of Chucky
• Space Fantasy: The Ride -Black Hole-

Express Pass to the following attractions after the tour:
• Blood Legend
• Area 51

Express Pass to the following attractions after 6:00PM:
• The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man: The Ride 4K3D
• Hollywood Dream: The Ride
• Jurassic Park: The Ride

USJ Halloween Tips and Tricks

Universal Studios Japan - Halloween Horror Nights / Palace Theater horror mazes
Biohazard: The EXTREME will be held in the ‘Palace Theater’ building

Get Horror Maze entry tickets first

Be at the park in the morning and make your way to the entry ticket distribution point for Biohazard: The EXTREME timed entry tickets. It’s at Stage 18, which is on the left of the Hollywood entrance plaza area, after you enter the park. From 2018 onwards, the park issued a printed ticket with a QR code that are tagged, in place of the loose tickets.

USJ Halloween attraction name translations & opening hours

Need help understanding park maps, announcements and Express Passes? Refer to the list below!

Also, Halloween attractions open progressively. Don’t be alarmed when you see that certain attractions have mysteriously opened.

Attraction Opens from
Space Fantasy: The Ride -Black Hole-
スペース・ファンタジー・ザ・ライド ~ブラックホール~
Area 51
Hotel Albert 2 -Requiem-
ホテル・アルバート2 ~レクイエム~
Biohazard: The EXTREME
Cult of Chucky
カルト・オブ・チャッキー ~チャッキーの狂気病棟~
Street Zombies
Blood Legend
Otona Halloween Area – Garden of the Cursed Rose –
大人ハロウィーン・エリア ~呪われた薔薇園~
貞子 ~呪われたアトラクション~

Age Restricted Attractions

Due to thematic and extreme content, the following Halloween attractions have age restrictions.

Expand to see list of attractions and minimum age to enter
Attraction Attraction Type Minimum Age
Hotel Albert 2 -Requiem-
‘Immersive’ Horror Maze
Horror Level: Unknown
Hotel Albert Lounge & Photo Spot
Hotel Lounge
Horror Level: N/A
Blood Legend
Horror Theater Show
Horror Level: 3
Biohazard: The EXTREME
Horror Maze
Horror Level: 5
Cult of Chucky
Horror Maze
Horror Level: 5
Area 51
Outdoor Horror Maze
Horror Level: 4
Horror Theater Show
Horror Level: 3

For Space Fantasy: The Ride -Black Hole- (スペース・ファンタジー・ザ・ライド ~ブラックホール~), height and health requirements apply.

For these attractions with 12^, children ages 7-11 may enter the attraction if they are accompanied with an adult.

Dressing up for Halloween at USJ

Universal Studios Japan - Halloween Horror Nights / Dressing Up

Guests are allowed to wear costumes and masks in the park, as long as they abide by the park’s rules. In general, weapon-like objects of all kinds (and of course, actual weapons) are strictly not allowed in the park. Carts, luggage and other bulky items should also not be brought in. In addition, offensive/ obscene clothing are not allowed. As of June 2019, the park has commenced mandatory bag checks at the park entrance.

The park may request accessories and parts of outfits to be removed at any area of the park and its attractions for safety reasons. Scary costumes/masks are not be allowed at Universal Wonderland, an themed area for families.

Lastly, guests are not allowed to impersonate as park crew and entertainers (scare actors).

USJ event visuals © Universal Studios.
This article is for general information purposes only and is correct at time of publication. Information is derived from Universal Studios Japan’s official website and independent research conducted by Dejiki.com

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      Universal Studios Japan’s Halloween Horror Nights are available on all days during the event period.

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