Halloween Horror Nights 8 Revealed

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Uncover a world of endless fear this Halloween at Halloween Horror Nights 8, the region’s ultimate 2018 horror event at Universal Studios Singapore. Discover its haunted houses, scare zones and ticketing information, and more, here!

◂ HHN8 Overview ▸

HHN8 Event Calendar | Admission Ticket Prices | Express Pass Prices | HHN8 RIP Tour Info
HHN8 Promotions, Discounts and Deals

Note: This is a developing story and will be updated with more information as they are uncovered.
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◂ HHN8 – Haunted Houses ▸

Haunted Houses are walkthrough attractions in enclosed, ‘maze-like’ spaces.

Stranger Things

Venture into the Upside Down, an alternate dimension to our world where danger lurks, at Singapore’s first haunted house to be based on a popular horror IP. Iconic scenes from the series may be experienced: The Byers home, Hawkins Lab, the forest of Mirkwood, with portals leading you to the other side.

Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’ has been long rumoured for Halloween Horror Nights in the States, and finally in 2018, it has happened – with Singapore also being part of the Mind Flayer’s path of devastation.

(© Resorts World Sentosa)

Other Haunted Houses

To be revealed…

Dejiki’s Thoughts

For 2018, we finally have an IP house gracing the region’s largest event of its kind. This could be the turning point for Singapore’s Halloween event and pave the way for more of such collaborations in the future.

It is likely that Singapore will start adopting the American parks’ style of HHN publicity. More announcements will come periodically leading up to the event, shifting from past years’ single mega-avalanche of details in the second half of the year. The good news is you can start buying some tickets (or bugging friends to come along) from today. The ‘bad’ news is the horrors are not going to start until nearly half a year later.

By popular demand, you can now experience HHN8 on Halloween itself – 31st October is in this year’s calendar.

◂ HHN8 – VIP Interactive Experience▸

Zombie Laser Tag 2018

Returning again for HHN8 is the park’s unique ‘survival horror’ attraction, where you can fend off zombie attacks in a thematic scare zone. Read about the 2017 Edition of Zombie Laser Tag here.

Separate charges apply for this experience.

◂ HHN8 – Scare Zones & Shows ▸

Scare zones are interactive experiences outdoors. The park will also be hold world-class, jaw-dropping stage shows.

Scare Zone & Shows Line-up

To be revealed…

◂ Other Attractions open during HHN8 ▸

• Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN
• Battlestar Galactica: CYLON
• Accelerator
• Revenge of the Mummy
• Canopy Flyer
• Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey
• Enchanted Airways
• Shrek-4D Adventure: Scared Shrekless (2D screening with no motion seats active)

*Attraction Line-up subject to change.

◂ HHN8 – Event Calendar ▸

UPDATE (13 June):

An additional event night (27 Sept 2018) has been added, bringing forward the start of Halloween Horror Nights 8 to a Thursday. HHN8 will run for 18 nights.

◂ HHN8 – Ticketing Info ▸

Halloween Horror Nights is a separate ticketed event at Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Studios Singapore Day Pass, Annual/Season Pass do not include admission to Halloween Horror Nights.

Where to buy tickets

HHN tickets are now available for sale at www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg (alternate link: RWSentosa ticketing website), with sales starting later for onsite purchase at Universal Studios Singapore, and through official USS ticketing partners. Be cautious when purchasing tickets from online marketplaces.

UPDATE (3 June):

If the HHN website is not working, please purchase your tickets online directly using this link. Please make sure you pick the right dates!

★ Limited Time Special Pricing ★
For a limited time, enjoy the following prices for HHN8 tickets, add-ons and packages when you purchase them from Resorts World Sentosa online. As part of this promotion, purchase HHN8 Admission Passes and Infinite Fear packages and get FREE exclusive Stranger Things merchandise. The special prices are available while stocks last – so buy early, no regrets!

Other tickets and add-ons will be available for sale at a later time.

Admission Tickets

Grab the HHN8 admission ticket to gain entry to the park during event nights.

Category Price
Halloween Horror Nights 8 General Admission
Valid for entry to the park for one HHN event night.
$50 $60
Halloween Horror Nights 8 Frequent Fear Pass (FFP)
Valid for entry to the park for all HHN event nights.

Frequent Fear Pass is non-transferrable. Guests are required to register as a passholder during their first visit to create a personalised Photo ID card for this pass.

Add-on: HHN8 Express Passes

Skip the long queues for haunted houses and attractions with Express Passes! These passes are add-ons and do not include admission to HHN. Express Pass prices are dynamically adjusted based on demand, and can increase to more than $100 on some nights.

Category Limited Time Special Price*
Limited Time Special Price*
Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass
This ‘house-only’ pass can be used once for each haunted house per pass.
from $60 from $70
Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass PLUS
This pass can be used once per participating attraction (including haunted houses) per pass.
from $80 from $90

Add-on: Zombie Laser Tag

Zombie Laser Tag is an attraction where guests are required to purchase tickets with specific timeslots for their adventure. This experience may be too intense for some guests. Guests younger than 13 years old are not allowed to participate in this attraction.

Category Price
Halloween Horror Nights 8 – Zombie Laser Tag
This is an add-on ticket. HHN8 Admission Pass is required.

NEW! Infinite Fear Package

Lose yourself to endless screams with the Infinite Fear Package, which includes the following:

• Halloween Horror Nights 8 Admission
• Halloween Horror Nights 8 Express Pass PLUS
• Zombie Laser Tag
• $5 Meal Voucher
• $5 Game Credit at Hollywood China Arcade

Category Price
Halloween Horror Nights 8 – INFINITE FEAR Package
A bundle deal to face infinite fear at HHN8.
$168 $188

R.I.P. Tour and Behind the Screams Tour

Beat all the lines and with an exclusive guided tour at Halloween Horror Nights 8. Read my HHN7 RIP Tour review to learn more about the tour and its special perks!

Read about the 2017 Behind the Screams (BTS) Tour to get an idea of the tour experience.

Information on HHN8 RIP and BTS Tours will be announced at a later date.

◂ HHN8 – Discounts, Offers and Deals ▸

Check back again…

I will update this section with more deals for HHN8 when they are available.

Fear will never end…

Dejiki.com Exclusive

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  1. Keith April 4, 2018 at 12:52 am #

    Wow the price of the early bird ticket is lower than HHN7! Wonder why though?

  2. Silver1legs April 4, 2018 at 1:45 am #

    I hope there will be a RIP tour package for this soon! Pretty excited! 😀

  3. Smurft April 4, 2018 at 8:01 pm #

    Ya cannot wait for the RIP tour details to be revealed

  4. Nigel April 5, 2018 at 9:49 am #

    RIP tour is going to be crazy expensive. Its gonna “RIP” people off 😛

  5. Roz May 26, 2018 at 8:47 pm #

    do you reckon they are going to do away with the RIP tour? the Infinite Fear package seems to be a replacement (same price as RIP, at least).

    • Dejiki May 26, 2018 at 8:59 pm #

      RIP Tour will be available for reservation later this year. While the Infinite Fear package offers Zombie Laser Tag and HHN Express Plus as a package, it is still missing key features of the RIP Tour product, including the guided tour and VIP access to attractions.

  6. alovera June 8, 2018 at 9:26 am #

    spoiler alert: watch out for your favourite malay ghost in one of the haunted houses

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