Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - Inside the Mind entrance

Your must-read guide to survive Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7, the ultimate Halloween event in Singapore.

This guide has several sections, and here are the shortcuts:
HHN7 FAQ | Map and Attraction Listing | Show and Event Times
Price Lists of Merchandise, Food and Drinks | NEW! Tips, Tricks and Secrets
HHN7 Express Pass Guide | No Express Pass Strategy
Parking at Sentosa | Getting Out (How to Go Home)

6 Oct – New section: Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Top Questions about HHN7

I get a lot of random questions all the time about HHN7. Here’s the top few from my mailbag. Feel free to post a comment if you have any other questions.

What is this event about?

Halloween Horror Nights 7 is the largest Halloween-themed entertainment event in the region. During event nights, the Universal Studios Singapore transforms into a world filled with ‘Deadlier Sins’ with all-new haunted houses, scare zones, and shows. Select theme park attractions will remain open during the event as well.

Why should I pay money to scare myself?

It’s for the experience. There are highly-produced, unique ‘scare’ attractions and shows. Each one immerses you in theatrical experiences. Whether you’re in a haunted house or scare zone, you will spend your night experiencing countless thrilling and surprising moments.

Can I come alone?

Yes! Although it is more fun to go with people you know. Why not make friends with people in the queue? And, if you are afraid to walk alone and need to hold onto someone, do let the person know first.

OK.. so how can I survive the 5 haunted houses?

You just need to join the queue for the houses. Once you get inside the house, you just need to follow the path (which is marked out) and you can experience the horrors along the way.

What about scare zones?

Scare zones are open areas where you can walk anyway you like. The scares… can come from anywhere, though.

Will the ghosts/demons/zombies/clowns grab me?

The scare actors will not touch park guests. For the safety of performers and other park visitors, please do not touch or assault anyone in Haunted Houses and Scare Zones. If you cause harm to performers, park staff and guests, you may be detained and/or expelled from the park.

What is this Zombie Laser Tag game?

Zombie Laser Tag is this year’s all-new attraction where you team up with 3 other friends to battle with zombies! This attraction is separately ticketed and you will need to book a timeslot for your team.

Alright, so where can I buy tickets?

Grab your tickets at HHN website, or via Klook, an official reseller online:
HHN7 Admission Ticket ($50) SOLD OUT! | HHN7 Express Pass Add-On (from $75)
HHN7 RIP Tour ($248)
(Purchases made via Klook will help support Dejiki.com)

WARNING: Avoid buying from unofficial resellers. There has been a rise in online scams!

Anything else should guests take note of?

Two new things this year:

1. Bag checks are now conducted at the park entrance, so get your bags ready for inspection for smoother entry.

2. The ‘Inside The Mind’ haunted house has a 130cm height requirement due to special effects used in one of the rooms.

Map and Attractions Listing

What is happening? Where is everything?

Well, first you can head over the HHN7 REVIEW Megapost to discover the evils manifesting at USS this year.

Here is the park map with all the scare attractions marked out. You may want to screenshot this.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 7 Map HHN7 2017 Haunted Houses and Scare Zones

Click to expand full list of attractions at each zone of the park

A breakdown of attractions in each zone of the park:

– 7SINisters (Opening Scaremony Show)
– Slice of Life Tour (Stage Show)
– Laboratorium (Stage Show inside Pantages Hollywood Theatre)

New York
– DEATH Mall (Haunted House)
– Inside The Mind (Haunted House)
– Pilgrimage of Sin (Scare Zone)
– Zombie Laser Tag (‘VIP’ Zombie Survival Experience)

Sci-Fi City
– Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN (Park Attraction)
– Battlestar Galactica: CYLON (Park Attraction)
– Transformers: The Ride (Park Attraction)
– Accelerator (Park Attraction)

Ancient Egypt
– Make The Cut (Haunted House)
– Revenge of the Mummy (Park Attraction)

The Lost World – Jurassic Park and Waterworld
– HEX (Haunted House)
– TERROR-Cotta Empress (Haunted House)
– Happy Horror Days (Scare Zone)
– Canopy Flyer (Park Attraction)

Far Far Away
– Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey (Park Attraction)
– Enchanted Airways (Park Attraction)
– Scared Shrekless (Movie Screening inside Shrek 4-D Adventure)

– No attraction available in this zone during HHN event nights.

HHN7 Special Event and Show Times

What time does the shows start?

Time* What’s Going On
7:00PM HHN7 Gate Opens
You can scan your ticket to enter the park.
It’s the Gala Premiere of the 7 SINisters!
HHN7 Haunted Houses and Scare Zones are now open!

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - Slice of Life Tour
Slice of Life Tour

Time* Show
Meet the Slit Face Girls at Hollywood Stage! Stay for the Fan-Meet Session after the show.
Uncover Dr. White’s deception at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre!
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before show time at the Theatre.

^4th show for HHN7 event nights beginning on Saturday evening.

*Note: Show times subject to change during the event. Check in the park for most updated times.

Photo Opportunities

You’ll be able to take photos with The Sinisters at the Hollywood stage. Check with the park crew for meet and greet times!

Pricelist of HHN7 Merchandise, Food and Drinks

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - HHN7 T-Shirt

There is only one HHN7 merchandise item available this year, and that is the ‘HHN7 I Survived!’ T-Shirt (S$30). Grab this at the Universal Studios Store (Hollywood zone).

You can also buy Halloween-themed Minion items from Universal Studio Store and Minion Mart. See the ‘Minion Monsters’ souvenirs here!

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - Food and Drinks bazaar at Waterworld entrance

Food – Starbot Cafe, Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor

Death Stare (Chocolate flavoured ‘Eye’ Cupcake) – $5
Inside the Mind (Vanilla flavoured ‘Brain’ Cupcake) – $6
Bloody Fingers (Set of 2 Cookies) – $9

Food – Waterworld (Near TERROR-Cotta Empress, Happy Horror Days)

Chicken Nuggets (6 pcs) – $7
Crispy Shrimp Wanton (6pcs) – $8
Corndog – $4

Various food and drink carts and select restaurants around the park will also be selling food and drinks.

Drink Carts (around the park and in haunted house queues)

Canned Drinks (Coke, Sprite, Green Tea) – $4
Mineral Water (Evian Sport) – $6.50
Jello Shot Syringe (Blueberry/ Lime flavoured) – $7
Liquid Fear Blood Bag – $13
Minion Vampire Sipper Bottle – $25
Souvenir Bottle with Slush (Waterworld cart only) – $11

Alcoholic Drinks Carts (at Waterworld)

Bottled Beer (Heineken/ Desperados) – $11
Draft Beer – $11
HHN Projector Cup (with Beer) – $15

Alcoholic Drinks Bar (at KT’s Grill)

7 Screamers shots (Non-alcoholic) – $6
7 Screamers shots (Alcoholic) – $8

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - Nurse selling blood bags
This year’s Blood Bags are filled with edible silver dust for that shimmery effect.

Tips, Tricks and Secrets

HHN7 Official Game

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - HEX queue game

Stuck in the queue with nothing to do? Why not download the official HHN7 Mobile App and play some games while waiting?

1. Download the App here: Apple App Store (Singapore Store) | Google Play Store.

2. Unlock the minigames within the App, by scanning the Augmented Reality (AR) spots mentioned in the game. It works best at night.

PRO TIP: Despite what the game says, you don’t actually need to be physically at the specific spots inside USS to unlock the games. You just need to scan a similar photo and guess what, you can even scan the sample screenshot in the game – just use another phone, or you can use this handy image (save as screenshot and zoom in if it’s too small)!

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide Tips & Tricks - Cheat method to easily unlock all 3 minigames in the HHN7 App

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - Unlocking levels using another phone
Yes, we’re cheating here… Empress please 息怒 and forgive us.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - HHN7 HEX game

The games are quite easy to play, and you can unlock rewards – in the form of discount coupons for food and drinks in the park. It’s a win-win for all – maybe just not your smartphone battery! Scoring 500 points in all 3 games will unlock all the discount coupons:

  • $1 off Popcorn, Churro or Corndog – at Food Carts located around the park
  • $1 off Slush at Fossil Fuels, Goldilocks, Frozen Fuels and Pharaoh’s
  • $2 off with minimum $10 spend – at Starbot cafe, Fossil Fuels and Goldilocks

Check Haunted House Wait Times

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - Wait Times Board

You can check the latest haunted house waiting time at the Digital Displays in Hollywood, Far Far Away and Sci-Fi City. In some areas, there will be the roving Express Pass crew, and you can check the times at the board. Wait times are estimates only.

HHN7 In-Park Songs – Spotify Playlist

Love the in-park music during HHN? Follow the SINISTER SOUND Playlist on Spotify – it’s a compilation of songs heard at the park’s shows, attractions and ‘chill-out’ zones. Only original versions found on spotify, if there are variations. Thanks to Tong Ming for helping to compile this!

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Music Soundtrack album cover art

Music Download: SLICE OF LIFE – Slit Face Girls

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Music Soundtrack - Slit Face Girls SLICE OF LIFE album cover art

You can download the Slit Face Girls’ (SFG) latest music release over at the RWScoop Blog.

Music Lyrics: SLICE OF LIFE – Slit Face Girls

Sing along as you walk around the Make The Cut haunted house!

Stitch us up as we penetrate your mind,
S-F-G, we the axe about to grind.
Sorli Cha!

You’ve never lived.
I been checking, checking for a slice of life.
But if I chained you up,
You’d be screaming “I don’t want to die tonight.”

You want it, the danger,
Just risk it, the stranger the feeling,
The higher the high!
Sorli Cha!

Hump gey guy-o, hump gey car
Here we, here we, here we go, whoop!
Hump gey guy-o, hump gey car
Here we, here we, here we go, whoop!

Stitch us up as we penetrate your mind,
S-F-G, we the axe about to grind.

Red Carpet Gala – Which side to choose

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - Opening Scaremony Red Carpet

Heading to the Gala Premiere of 7SINisters? The left side of the red carpet (facing the stage) would have more space than the right, which has sections at the front reserved for VIPs and RIP Tour Guests.

HHN7 Express Pass Guide

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - DEATH Mall queue entrance

There are two types of HHN7 Express Passes. These Add-on passes shorten the queue to the horrors of HHN7, by allowing guests to use the Universal Express queue lane once per attraction per pass. Express Passes do not include admission to the park during HHN7.

Express Pass Type Participating Attractions
HHN7 Express Pass DEATH Mall, Inside The Mind, Make The Cut, HEX, TERROR-Cotta Empress
HHN7 Express Pass PLUS DEATH Mall, Inside The Mind, Make The Cut, HEX, TERROR-Cotta Empress, Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN, Battlestar Galactica: CYLON, Transformers: The Ride, Accelerator, Revenge of the Mummy, Enchanted Airways, Scared Shrekless, Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey

All Express Passes are not valid for use at Canopy Flyer, Laboratorium, or front row access at Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON.

How long is wait for the HHN Express Lane?

There will still be a short wait, typically cutting down hours of waiting in the normal line into 5 – 30 minutes for most attractions.

I thought the price starts from $60. Why is the price so much higher tonight?

HHN Express and Express PLUS Pass is dynamically priced based on demand. Buy early, pay less. Buy at the park, definitely more.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - DEATH Mall queue
Queue at DEATH Mall haunted house is roughly 25-35 minutes from this point

“No Express Pass” strategy

Is it possible to experience all 5 haunted houses without Express Passes? Yes. Here are some key strategies that have worked before:

PLAN A: Dashing into the Dark

1. Be at park gates before 6:30pm. Wait for gates to be open and line up in front of the turnstiles. Line up neatly, at the RIGHT lanes that are manned by USS crew members (in red uniform). Bag checks will be conducted by security, so get your bags ready when the line starts to move!
2. Once the ticket scanning frenzy starts (around 7PM), get your tickets validated at the turnstile and move into the park quickly.
3. You will have to wait for the HHN7 Opening Scaremony at Hollywood to start at around 7:30PM. Both left and right paths will be open after crew members have removed the rope.
4. Move quickly to your destination only after the rope has been removed. Choose to go either left or right!


Run through Madagascar and Far Far Away…

TERROR-Cotta Empress → HEX → Make The Cut → Inside The Mind → DEATH Mall

Most people are now following the past guides and running towards TERROR-Cotta Empress. Thus, if you are too far behind, consider heading to HEX instead, which should still have very short queues at 7:45PM.

Tip: Park regulars may want to use the Far Far Away lagoon side path for quicker access to the back of the park. For experts only.


NOTE: The path towards the right side may not be open right after the opening scaremony. When this happens, all guests will need to proceed to the left.

DEATH Mall → Inside The Mind → Make The Cut → HEX → TERROR-Cotta Empress

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - TERROR-Cotta filled up
Most guests ran towards TERROR-Cotta Empress directly, causing the initial queue line to be full within 10 minutes before it gradually extended

Dejiki’s Group Itinerary – 29/9

On 29/9, my group completed 3 houses before 8PM. We then took a leisurely pace around the park after Zombie Laser Tag (our slot was 8:15PM) and eventually experienced the entire lineup before 12AM.

Time* Where We Went
7:30PM Opening Scaremony show
7:37PM TERROR-Cotta Empress (queued for 2 mins)
7:46PM HEX (queued for 0 mins)
7:53PM Make The Cut (queued for 3 mins)
8:15PM Zombie Laser Tag
8:55PM Happy Horror Days
9:30PM Laboratorium show
10:00PM Slice of Life Tour show
10:25PM DEATH Mall (queued for 25 mins)
11:05PM Inside The Mind (queued for 20 mins)
11:30PM Pilgrimage of Sin
Completed All 5 Haunted Houses, 2 Scare Zones, 2 Stage Shows, and Zombie Laser Tag

PLAN B: Closing Time

If you stay at the park until it closes, the wait times would be at its shortest, as park guests start to leave towards the end.

1. At around 1 hour before park closing, check the wait times and prioritise to go to either houses at the far end of the park first: TERROR-Cotta Empress or HEX. It is likely that you have to choose one, if the wait time is more than 30 minutes.
2. After that, work your way back to Make The Cut (walk through Ancient Egypt)
3. Head to either Inside The Mind or DEATH Mall, if the queues are still open.

Note: Typically, the queues for haunted houses will be closed at the official event end time (12:30AM for Fridays and Sundays, 1:30AM for Saturdays). The park may close the lines early at their discretion.

PLAN C: Frequent Fear Pass Upgrade

Consider upgrading your HHN7 Standard Admission to a Frequent Fear Pass and return again for another night. You will need to top-up the difference between what you already paid for your ticket and the normal price of a Frequent Fear Pass. Not all tickets may be eligible, please check with guest services for confirmation.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide - 5 minute wait at DEATH Mall at 12:20am
DEATH Mall – 5 minutes! at 12:20am during opening night

Parking for HHN7

Where to park?

Driving to HHN7? Park on Sentosa island for convenience. You’ll need to pay Sentosa admission first.

Sentosa Admission fee for Cars
After 5PM (weekdays): $2
After 5PM (weekends and public holidays): $3

Car Park Rates for Beach Station, Imbiah and other parking lots around Sentosa’s beaches
After 5:01PM (weekends and public holidays): $2.40 per entry
Note: Ad-hoc surcharges may apply based on prevailing demand.

For rates before 5PM and other details, please check Sentosa’s website.

Underground Carpark, Resorts World Sentosa

Alternatively, park at the nearest car park, right below USS!

Car Park Rates
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday:
7am to 7pm: $8 for 1st hour, $2 subsequent half hour or part thereof
After 7pm: $8 per entry
Maximum: $28 per 24 hours

Going Home (Final Escape)


If you’re thinking of leaving by a cab, you may want to leave before 11:00PM to avoid a long line at the RWS taxi stand at the basement carpark. There’s a $3 Surcharge for taxis leaving the resort, among other surcharges.

Sentosa Express (Monorail)

Planning to take the monorail out of Sentosa (to Vivocity) The last train leaves from Beach Station at 12:00AM. Better get to the Waterfront station (closest to RWS) before 11:30PM.

RWS Shuttle Bus

If you’re heading to Harbourfront or Vivocity for more transport options, you can take the RWS8 shuttle bus from the bus stop at RWS basement carpark. During HHN7 event nights, this bus service will be extended by up to three hours after HHN7 event hours.

RWS8 is available until
3:30AM on 29 Sep, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29 Oct 2017
4:30AM on 30 Sep, 7, 14, 21, and 28 Oct 2017

Night Rider Bus Service

Two Night Rider services are available from Resorts World Sentosa. NR1 and NR6 are available on Fridays, Saturdays & eve of Public Holidays. These buses depart from the RWS Coach Bay from around 11:30PM to 2:00AM, frequency about every 25-30 minutes. A flat fare of $4.50 applies.

Survived the night?

So did you beat the mad rush? Share with us YOUR tips or any notable experience at the park! We’d love to know your speed records for clearing Haunted Houses! 😉

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13 Responses to Halloween Horror Nights 7 Survival Guide

  1. Marsha September 30, 2017 at 2:49 pm #

    Too bad the merchandise is only T-shirt since last year event i was forgot to buy merchandise. But in your last blog post it was written that merchandises available in minion zombie-horror theme. Is that open in the night during HHN event? Do they have another merchandise in horror theme that we could buy? Thanks Dejiki!

    • Dejiki September 30, 2017 at 3:14 pm #

      Hi Marsha,

      Yes, there are ‘Minion Monsters’ items for sale and the stores will remain open during HHN event nights. Apart from these items and the HHN7 T-Shirt, there are also other generic items like headbands and glowsticks for sale.

  2. Alvin September 30, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

    My group cleared 4 houses in the first hour. We are frequent HHN visitors so we did our usual “Turn Left” strategy.

    1 strategy that works for Death Mall is to dash out of Pantage theatre right after the end of the Laboratorium show. Existing line before the show would have dissapeared by the time the show ends, and a majority of the crowd would still be trapped inside the theatre if you are fast enough.

    We managed to join the queue with a waiting time of 15 min instead of the usual 50min, the queue time increased to 40 min shortly after that when the Pantage Theatre crowd exit the theatre and join the queue.

  3. Wee-Sen Choo September 30, 2017 at 5:44 pm #

    How was the laser tag? I’m aware that you’d definitely cover this in an in-depth post later. As I’m still contemplating going for it and that it will be better to book earlier rather than later, your opinion would potentially sway me either way. Thanks Nicholas!

  4. Kewy September 30, 2017 at 6:49 pm #

    I rushed to “Inside the Mind” straight after the ceremony and it was the best haunted house because there’s only me and my friends. After that I have to go in with lots of people and it wasn’t scary anymore.

    I have frequent fear pass and I was able to clear everything in one night. Hopefully the next time I go back, I can experience all the haunted house without too many people.

  5. Minngg October 1, 2017 at 10:15 am #


    Have you been there on a Sunday night before? How crowded is it compared to Friday and Sat?
    Lastly, are the queues for the theme rides as long as the ones for the haunted houses?

    • Dejiki October 1, 2017 at 11:33 am #

      In the past, Sunday nights are usually the least crowded. For the park’s usual attractions, the wait times are typically shorter than haunted houses.

  6. J October 1, 2017 at 11:28 pm #

    Hi, it’s my first time going to HHN. For the haunted houses, do we enter in batches Or is it a steady flow of people walking thru the house ( meaning we will see other people around us as well)? Thanks!

    • Dejiki October 2, 2017 at 8:27 pm #

      The attractions crew will let guests into the houses in small groups, but you will most likely end up with people around you eventually, as most guests will walk slower inside.

  7. Pls October 9, 2017 at 12:38 pm #

    Thankyou so much for the spotify playlist!

  8. Nofar October 15, 2017 at 1:23 pm #

    Hi, do you know which day is the most crowded friday or saterday? Thanks;)

  9. Lala October 25, 2017 at 5:22 pm #

    Helo, if i am going to hhn7 should i go to the left path or the right path?
    You said that the right path may not be open directly after the scaremony show, is it always like that? What’s your recommendation?

  10. Caitlin October 30, 2017 at 9:30 pm #

    I went to HHN for the first time on 29/9/17!! It was so fun and thanks to your advice, I completed all of the 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones, live shows and the zombie laser tag! Can’t wait to go next year

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