Adrift – Halloween Horror Nights 3

HHN3 - Adrift entrance

A luxury cruiser has mysteriously resurfaced after disappearing in 1910. Tour the ship in its entirety and discover the fates of passengers and crew aboard – drifting in time, and in death.


This entry includes photos of scenes inside the Adrift Haunted House. If you wish to remain surprised, do not read this entry. You have been warned.


This entry also includes potentially disturbing photos of scenes from the Adrift Haunted House. Viewer discretion is advised.

Please note that photography is not allowed in any Haunted Houses at Halloween Horror Nights 3 unless authorized by the park.

About this Haunted House

Taking place at Soundstage 28, Adrift is the flagship Haunted House this year. This is truly, the Prada of Haunted Houses. The theming is absolutely incredible, the spaces do feel “real” and the scare actors – unsettling. There are also many special effects and illusions in the ship of horrors. Round it off with foreboding sounds and we have an amazing Haunted House.

Interestingly, this Haunted House has two levels, although the scenes do not overlap each other. Guests will need to ascend a short flight of stairs to the upper deck – which is lavishly decorated.

Listen… to the sounds of Adrift
Here is an audio tour of the Adrift Haunted House.

HHN3 - Adrift

The majestic ship, and a strange entrance.

HHN3 - Adrift

Adrift starts off at bow of the ship. The experience brings guests through a flooded machinery room, crew quarters, a locker room, a kitchen and some other… shocking scenes.

HHN3 - Adrift

The Locker Room – full of surprises.

HHN3 - Adrift

You’ll have to visit this ship and see them for yourself, because I’m skipping to the upper deck.

HHN3 - Adrift Deck

The only open door leads into the lounge, which still appears to be still open.

HHN3 - Adrift Lounge

(The lounge is actually very dark, but sometimes, if you’re lucky, lightning strikes and illuminates all the details in the room!)

HHN3 - Adrift Pianist

“Help me… My hands!”

HHN3 - Adrift Bartender
“Care for… a drink?”

If you’re lucky, the pianist and bartender might interact with you.

HHN3 - Adrift Bookcase

Out of the lounge, and into corridors leading to first-class cabins.

HHN3 Preview Photos - Adrift

HHN3 - Adrift Corridor Scares

A ghostly apparition shows the way (this scene is very bright here due to another photographer’s LED lamp. During event nights, it’s very dark and the effect looks great)

HHN3 - Adrift Levitation

The only open door in the corridor leads into a room… where a woman appears to gripped by demonic forces and levitates off the bed.

HHN3 - Adrift

A hand reaches out behind the bed canopy…

HHN3 - Adrift

“Save me! Save my friend! Don’t leave! Help us! HELP US!”

The woman was abandoned, and the path continues through dark spaces. An eerie, low beating of the heart can be heard and felt. Something is moving beneath the floor.

HHN3 - Adrift

Guests will find themselves in a room crammed with crates and… other falling objects.

HHN3 - Adrift


HHN3 - Adrift

The crew here wants everyone to get off the ship. It was not long before we reach the engine room.

HHN3 - Adrift

“GO GO GO! Save yourself!”

HHN3 Preview Photos - Adrift

Loud noises, actual moving pistons, glaring lights – a chaotic experience through the engine room.

HHN3 - Adrift

At last, the captain of the ship is found. But what is he going to do to you?

What do you think?
What is the real story behind Adrift? Are some of crew and passengers still alive? Or the ship is entirely haunted by ghosts and the undead?

Ready to face your fears?

Eager to brave the Adrift experience at Halloween Horror Nights 3 yourself? Get more information about HHN3, including event hours, attractions and ticketing.

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5 Responses to Adrift – Halloween Horror Nights 3

  1. Janice October 30, 2013 at 8:34 am #

    just wanna ask if it’s recommended for me to drive there tmr. What time will the carpark start to be crowded? Should I park at RWS or Vivocity and walk in? Thanks for the help!

    • Dejiki October 30, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

      Parking at RWS is definitely the most convenient – but do be aware of the parking charges. The carpark there is huge, but the zone nearest to USS gets filled up very quickly. I’d suggest being there at around 5:30-6PM.

  2. Wee-Sen October 30, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    This is IMHO the best haunted house this year. Very well themed. Great use of water effects (got me quite wet). But was ushered through the house too quickly and missed the projection and levitation effect. Sigh.

    • Dejiki October 30, 2013 at 11:43 pm #

      That’s really unfortunate but it can’t be helped when the attractions clearly do not have the capacity and the park is so aggressive in selling tickets. My best experience in this Haunted House was during opening night – I was probably among the first 50 or so to enter so the people inside were spread out. The other nights I’m either being ushered around too quickly or was stuck at some of the unexciting scenes (corridor of black walls?).

      You might have also seen some other effects that I didn’t mention in the post: The corridor at the upper deck (right after going the stairs) has a scare actor bouncing across windows; the Bartender is actually capable of two “tricks” (levitation and jumping) that are very easily missed. There are also pieces of fabric that would dart around the dark corridors (supposedly to give that “ghost touch” sensation, but it doesn’t work when people are stuck here for minutes and see how it moves). I was told there’s pyrotechnics near the ceiling of the engine room, but never seen it happen.

  3. nich November 3, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    Supposedly you guys saw a cupboard that someone would come out from there right. When I walked passed it, it seemed that the guy did not close the door entirely, and suddenly the people infront walked slower, so as I saw the person inside, I struggled with him, and my friend asked me to scare him, so as I tried to push the cupboard so that it did not open, I immediately suddenly opened it and shouted at the person, the person showed a bit of freaked out but trying to remain natural.

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