Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

The Crone of the Forest‘s domain of profane magic is a dense, foggy jungle. This forsaken land is riddled with taboo rituals and lost souls. Do you dare venture into this Forbidden Forest, brimming with dark arts, wicked creatures and tormented villagers?


See more horrors from the Forbidden Forest, including a walkthrough video! There is no Escape from the Crone’s clutches!


This entry includes potentially disturbing photos of scenes from the Forbidden Forest Scare Zone. Viewer discretion is advised.

About this Scare Zone
Forbidden Forest is Universal Studios Singapore’s first ever scare zone at the iconic Jurassic Park. When the lights go out, the area barely resembles the cute Dinosaur-themed area we know and love.

Instead, it has transformed into a dark and foggy space, and perhaps also the scariest scare zone this year for visitors around the region.The lore behind this area is Asian Horror – with spirits, ghosts and creatures from the South-East Asia (mostly Malaysia and Indonesia). This is a haunted forest near a Malay village, with the Crone reigning over these dark lands.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

Missing Person notices outside of the Forbidden Forest.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

Which are placed right in between… some villagers.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

Be cautious when walking through the gates to the forest. The way is foggy, and cursed villagers lurk in the shadows.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

Some of them are more than just unfriendly.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

The only way out is… closing.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

While the road signs confuse you, the stranger things hanging from the trees will shock you.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

The road to anywhere is never clear.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

But one thing is for sure: strange creatures will always be on the attack.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

A hut in the heart of the forest, built beneath an ancient skeleton.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

Home to a witch doctor, and temporary home for human sacrifices.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

Beware of the haunting cries of the Pontianak.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

A cursed soul, doomed to roam in the forest forever.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

Strange ritual offerings, scattered all over the Forest.

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

The forest has a strange exit. A road that leads to House No. 13.

NEW: Return to the Forbidden Forest

This feature is now expanded with the pathway haunted with Pocongs. Scroll down for a full walkthrough video of the Forbidden Forest.

Return to the Forbidden Forest
Return to the Forbidden Forest

Pocong is a ghost that is bound in a burial shroud, hence it can only hop about.

Return to the Forbidden Forest
Return to the Forbidden Forest
Return to the Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest Revisited

Walkthrough Video: Forbidden Forest

Here’s a walkthrough video of this very dark and creepy scare zone. Please watch in high quality!

Return to the Forbidden Forest

Ready to face your fears?

Do you dare venture into the Kingdom of the Crone at Halloween Horror Nights 3? Get more information about HHN3, including event hours, attractions and ticketing.

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4 Responses to Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Forbidden Forest

  1. Melly October 17, 2013 at 1:45 am #


    nice photo u got there. mine are mostly dark. i use flash and it become too white.

    the curse soul(the girl) is actually my friend…

    • Dejiki October 17, 2013 at 9:20 am #

      Try using a slow shutter speed. Avoid flash if possible, since it ruins the show lighting.

      You should let your friend know that she’s a great scare actor! She gave me and my friends the chills.

      • Melly October 18, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

        oh i try it when i go on nov 2.

        sure will tell her.
        the forest are the scariest among all… if they do a hunted house i think sure i get spook

  2. Makoy October 19, 2013 at 12:16 am #

    I can share some photos I’ve taken of the Pocongs (if you want and if it’s up to your standards 😛 )

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