Possessions – Halloween Horror Nights 3

HHN3 - Possessions

Possessions invites guests into a supposedly innocuous house-viewing. This spacious bungalow is well-furnished and filled with exotic (and possibly valuable!) items. With property prices surging everywhere, this could be a steal!

Immediate sale available, but buyer beware – hauntings are part of the deal.


This entry includes photos of scenes inside the Possessions Haunted House. If you wish to remain surprised, do not read this entry. You have been warned.


This entry also includes potentially disturbing photos of scenes from the Possessions Haunted House. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lastly, please note that photography is not allowed in any Haunted Houses at Halloween Horror Nights 3 unless authorized by the park.

About this Haunted House
House No. 13 is part of the extended Forbidden Forest experience. A road leads out of the forest to this secluded house. Possessions takes familiar, everyday objects and turn them into household nightmares. Most people I’ve asked felt that this is the scariest house for HHN3.

The Waterworld Queue is used once again, and this is a pretty large design, taking place on a single level with minor changes in elevation throughout. I’ve counted 20-22 scenes. This Haunted House is particularly memorable because of the disturbing amount of sound effects and narrow paths (along with invasive “props”). If you did visit Possessions, linger around the exit and hear how crazy it sounds from outside. It’s quite something.

This Haunted House photo tour only provides a glimpse of what Possessions has in store. Along with photos, here’s an excerpt of an audio tour around the house to tease your curiosity.

For the full experience, you really have walk through its cramped walkways, see its strange props, hear the madly layered sounds and witness the residents’ nightmares.

HHN3 - Possessions

A distance away from the Forbidden Forest lies House No. 13.

On the way, a (somewhat insane) caretaker meets you and warns about the house’s secrets. He knows everything, or so he says.

At the porch, a suspicious (and cheeky) property agent invites would-be buyers into the house. She is oblivious to the doors to the house – shaking violently, and the corpse right at the porch.

HHN3 - Possessions

“Hello, welcome, welcome! This house is for sale!”

“Come on in, house for sale! [deep voice] House for sale..”

“Isn’t this house just gorgeous? Six bedrooms, four bathrooms – and everything you see can be yours!”

“All these… furniture… could be yours!”

“This side here, it’s just splendid on a Sunday afternoon.”

“The owner of the house is a collector. He has traveled all over the world collecting things.”

“The things inside the house are very special. The owners can’t seem to be able to remove them from the house.”

HHN3 - Possessions

“This house is going for just $5000! Just pay $3000 up-front, and it’s yours!”

“If you’ve got a flat tire – you’ve got a hundred here.”

“This couch, isn’t it gorgeous? It could be yours!”

“Step inside and have a look!”

HHN3 - Possessions

“I mean, isn’t this place just beautiful? It’s so clean!”

HHN3 - Possessions

She left visitors to enter the house on their own. Hopefully no one has signed anything yet. The house is a mess.

HHN3 - Possessions

Presumably the grandmother of the family – locked in a trance. She repeatedly claps two clogs together, chanting “Leave this house! Leave this house!”

HHN3 - Possessions

A warped family portrait at the foyer.

HHN3 - Possessions

HHN3 - Possessions

A grandfather clock, possessed by a spirit.

HHN3 - Possessions

The mother of the family, screaming for help.

HHN3 - Possessions

HHN3 - Possessions

Occult objects and strange possessions.

HHN3 - Possessions

HHN3 - Possessions

There is a cramped room with old television sets – display static (and sometimes flowing with blood).

HHN3 - Possessions

The family was hoarding too – crates, newspapers..

HHN3 - Possessions

Another member of the family – hiding in a corner by herself.

HHN3 - Possessions

Beware of random pits leading to nowhere.

HHN3 Preview Photos - Possessions

HHN3 - Possessions

An unsavoury kitchen, with surprises.

HHN3 - Possessions

The kitchen breaks apart into a strange cavern, with hot coals on the ground.

HHN3 - Possessions

A hellish creature greets visitors in this disturbing space.

HHN3 - Possessions

The path then twists into a bathroom, with a rather disturbing scene.

HHN3 - Possessions

HHN3 - Possessions

Moving on, we see the father of the family suffering at the garage.

HHN3 - Possessions

The final scare actor of Possessions. She has the same clothes and scarf as the property agent at the start. She lacks the chirpy attitude – but instead frail, dazed, and speechless. Is she the same person? Or was she trapped in the house ever since she stepped into it?

Then is the agent at the front the true demon herself, leading unsuspecting visitors into this house of torment?

HHN3 - Possessions

What do you think?
Do you have your own version of the story for House No. 13? Any thoughts about this Haunted House’s concept? Or an interesting or funny experience at the House to share? Post a comment and let’s discuss!

Ready to face your fears?

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8 Responses to Possessions – Halloween Horror Nights 3

  1. Izzuddin October 23, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    Amazing updates again…! Just wanna ask, Is the entrance to the “House No. 13 Possessions”, is to go through the “Forbidden Forest”? Where exactly?

  2. Izzuddin October 23, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    Amazing updates again…! I just wanna ask, Is the entrance to “House No.13 Possession”, is to go through the “Forbidden Forest”? Where is the entrance exactly? 😀

    • Dejiki October 24, 2013 at 6:39 am #

      The entrance is located next to Amber Rock Climb. Keep following the “THIS WAY” signs in the Forbidden Forest and you will find your way there!

      • Izzuddin October 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm #

        Ooooh… Ok thanx…! 😀

  3. CastorJo October 23, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    Good maze !
    Unfortunately, I was stuck in waiting lines in the greenhouse scene.

    I haven’t notice the last girl with the same clothes as the agent.
    I wonder who is the hellish creature ? A member of the family ? A demon ?
    And who is the girl in the bathroom ? So many questions without answers !

    • Dejiki October 24, 2013 at 6:40 am #

      It is indeed, a house of unsolved mysteries.

  4. Melly October 26, 2013 at 3:20 am #


    u forget to mention about the door moving. the agent saying they are cooking when fog came out of the door….

    the agent r good. even though ugly sgporeans disturb her n try take her file she remain in character.

    i notice the boxes and newspaper are local n around the region

  5. Makoy October 28, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    It was my 5th night at HHN3 last Saturday. Just noticed that they repositioned the cam in the house. I won’t spoil where the new location is. Teehee! 😛

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