GameStart 2015

GameStart 2015 - Alyse, official mascot for GameStart

The gaming event of the region is back! Check out the highlights of GameStart 2015 here.

GameStart 2015 - Opening Ceremony

GameStart 2015 is twice as large as its inaugural show, with many ‘firsts’ that will be a treat to attendees. The exciting line-up includes the region’s first-ever public hands-on sessions with the unreleased PlayStation VR headsets for the PlayStation 4. The big names in the industry are exhibiting new titles, many unreleased, that would thrill visitors with exclusive preview sessions. Star Wars fans will be treated with Singapore’s first Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade machine.

We were there at the Business and Media Day to experience some of what the convention has to offer. It was open to VIP ticketholders, industry partners, and the media, thus the lack of crowds. Expect public days (14/11 and 15/11) to be quite crowded, like last year!

Special Thanks to GameStart for the media access!

[ Cover Image at the top: Alyse, Official Mascot of GameStart ]

Photos from around GameStart 2015 convention

GameStart 2015 - Sony PlayStation booth

Headlining this year’s event is the massive PlayStation booth, which showcases upcoming titles and the unreleased PlayStation VR. Since we have many photos here, we’ll go through the other booths first and come back later.

Blizzard Entertainment

GameStart 2015 - Blizzard Entertainment booth, front

Play demos,sign up for betas and stake your claim on freebies at the Blizzard booth. Tournaments for Blizzard’s games are also happening over the weekend. And er – there’s no Overwatch at GameStart.

GameStart 2015 - Game demos inside Blizzard booth

Have a look at the details for giveaways here.

GameStart 2015 - Blizzard Entertainment booth highlights

Maybe it’s time to dig out your old Blizzard stuff… like those old Warcraft CD-ROMs – do they count? 😆

Singapore Gamebox

GameStart 2015 - Singapore Gamebox

Support local talents in the video game industy at the Singapore Gamebox. Many of the games are available for free on smartphones, but you may get a chance to chat with the creators.

GameStart 2015 - Singapore Gamebox, left angle

Bandai Namco Entertainment

GameStart 2015 - Bandai Namco Entertainment booth

Inside Bandai Namco’s fortress, you can try your hand on Dark Souls III, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Gundam Extreme vs. Force, and Just Cause 3.

GameStart 2015 - Bandai Namco Entertainment booth / Dark Souls III

GameStart 2015 - Bandai Namco Entertainment booth / Just Cause 3

I’m not even done with Just Cause 2…

GameStart 2015 - Bandai Namco Entertainment booth babes

Of course, there are booth babes at GameStart!

Retro DNA

GameStart 2015 - Retro DNA overview

Retro DNA, a place to revisit old arcade games or even pick out that childhood game in the flea market.

GameStart 2015 - Retro DNA, GameStart 2015 challenge

Or you can go tribute-retro with the GameStart 2015 Official Game competition.

GameStart 2015 - Retro DNA flea market 1

Some interesting finds at the Retro flea market.

GameStart 2015 - Retro DNA flea market 3, games

Shopping Time

GameStart 2015 - TAVERN by Saint Games official merchandise shop for Gamestart and Blizzard BlizzCon Gear

TAVERN by Saint Games is the booth to go for the BlizzCon stuff. It’s beside the Blizzard booth anyway. You can also grab official GameStart merchandise here!

GameStart 2015 - Blizzard BlizzCon Gear price list

Price List for BlizzCon merch.

GameStart 2015 - Blizzard BlizzCon Gear plush toy

Take us home!

GameStart 2015 - Simply Toys Fortress of Solitude

Presenting The Fortress of Solitude, no I mean… Simply Toys’ Funko Pop booth.


GameStart 2015 - Kinetiquettes close-up

Marvel at amazing statues or even catch the artists sculpting them LIVE* at Kinetiquettes (near PlayStation ‘M18 Restricted Access’ area).

*Only 2 demos per day, refer to the schedule here.

Star Wars Battle Pod

GameStart 2015 - STAR WARS BATTLE POD at Geek Culture booth

The geeks from Geek Culture have brought in the Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game specially for GameStart 2015. Built for the ultimate space flight experience, the Pod features a 180-degree dome screen that brings players right into five iconic battles in the world of Star Wars.

It’s definitely worth the queue time!

Hop over to this post for more photos! »


GameStart 2015 - Sony PlayStation booth overview

Now, we’re back to PlayStation!

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Stage Demos

Four different demos will be held over the weekend at the stage here. You can get cool stuff for participating, so don’t miss it (or be thick-skinned and keep returning…)

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / Street Fighter V

Looks like a serious tournament going on at the Street Fighter V area.

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / Street Fighter V Chun Li

Even Chun Li is here.

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / Guitar Hero Live

You can show off your skills in Guitar Hero Live…

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth babes

…to the PlayStation booth babes.

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / Star Wars Battlefront Section

The right end of the PlayStation booth has many stations dedicated to Star Wars Battlefront.

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / Star Wars Battlefront gameplay demo 1

I’m not very sure about the gameplay, but the graphics look great. Still praying for the day the Jedi Knight series gets remade to this level.

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / Darth Vader Limited Edition PS4 with Star Wars Battlefront

You can pre-order the Limited Edition Darth Vader PS4 console here at GameStart. For $599, it comes with the customised PlayStation 4 console, a Vader-themed Dualshock 4 controller, Star Wars Battlefront game, 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus, as well as a voucher that can be used to redeem four classic Star Wars games from PlayStation Network. The games are: Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars Bounty Hunter.

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / M18 Section with Call of Duty Black Ops III, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Fallout 4

Inside the Restricted Access zone, you can try titles like Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, and the hot new title Fallout 4. These games are rated M18, so you may have to show ID to enter. Consider it a compliment if asked.

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / PlayStation VR upper level entrance

Behind the Restricted Access zone is the entrance to the second level, where the PlayStation VR hands-on demos are held.

PlayStation VR

GameStart 2015 - PlayStation Booth / PlayStation VR with tracking lights on, left side

The PlayStation VR hands-on at GameStart 2015 is by appointment only. Unfortunately all the timeslots for 14 Nov and 15 Nov have been taken up. If an attendee misses their timeslot, it would be offered to people waiting in line, though I’m not sure how this will be done.

Don’t be disappointed if you couldn’t try out the VR headset; we almost missed our chance too. Sony has decided to stick to timeslots to ensure that even all media visitors get a good experience, despite the fact that there was barely any queue to be seen on Media Day.

Jump over to the PlayStation VR mini entry for photos and hands-on impressions of the prototype! »

GameStart 2015 - Queue Starts Here!

GameStart 2015

Suntec Convention Hall 401, 402

Event Dates and Hours
14 Nov – 10:00am to 9:00pm
15 Nov – 10:00am to 8:00pm

ONE-Day Standard (14 Nov OR 15 Nov) – S$12
TWO-Day Standard (14 & 15 Nov) – S$22

For more event and ticketing details, visit the GameStart 2015 ticketing page.

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