Hong Kong Disneyland: Toy Story Land at night

Woody's Welcome

Let’s have a quick look of Toy Story Land at night! More photos of this area, taken in the day, can be found at the complete overview of Toy Story Land.

Toy Story Land from Fantasyland

Woody greets guests at the Barrel of Monkeys.


The restrooms at Toy Story Land – colorful like the rest of the area.

RC Racer photo spot


Entrance to RC Racer. It’s similar to the one in Paris, yet there are quite a number of differences.

RC Box
RC Racer’s “ride building” has a switch outside, which is synced to the ride launches.

RC at night

Quite an experience at night. It also makes the dazzling launch effects at the loading platform more obvious.

TSL at night 2

TSL at night 3

Slinky Dog entrance
Entrance to Slinky Dog Spin, with the Woody photo spot (behind the cast member). Wait time was over 30 minutes at night (1.5 hours before the park closes).

TSPD aeroplane

TSPD night

Wait time for Toy Soldier Parachute drop is rather long, at 45 minutes even 1.5 hours before park closing! Most people would’ve flocked to Main Street, U.S.A. to camp for the fireworks.

TSPD tower night 2

Very bright lights at the top of the Parachute Drop tower. I hope this gets toned down when Mystic Point opens.

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One Response to Hong Kong Disneyland: Toy Story Land at night

  1. David December 20, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    Great in-depth report! I surprisingly like Toy Story PlayLand, especially the Hong Kong incarnation. I don’t remember much about the WDS version as I just brushed through it on my escape from the dreadful park (we didn’t spend more than 45 minutes there). But the HKDL version looks cute. Purists may disagree, but it has a Mary Blaire feel to it with the simplistic, but charming design elements. It’s real downfall is that it doesn’t stand well on it’s own. Although if TSMM is added, however redundant it may be, the land will feel complete. I also wish they reorientated everything so that it fit snuggly between Grizzly Gulch and Small World. It’d have been a much more effective transition.

    Once again, thanks for your updates! I look forward to them each day.

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