River Safari: Wild Amazonia and Squirrel Monkey Forest

River Safari - Wild Amazonia

It’s been a while, but now we’re back with more River Safari photos!

River Safari - The River flows / Viewing Deck

After stepping out from the Giant Panda Forest, a bridge across the park’s “pond” leads to the Wild Amazonia zone.

The path after the bridge splits into two. Heading left will lead to the Amazon Square.

River Safari - Amazon Square

This is the venue for the park’s animal shows. It looks more like a makeshift venue, with just a few benches for seating.

River Safari - Amazon / Toucans

Further on: A path leading to Toucans. There are a few more exhibits further on, but they are not ready yet.

River Safari - Amazonia walkway

So let’s head back for now.

River Safari - The River flows / overlook

River Safari - The River flows / overlook Rivers of the World

With most of the Wild Amazonia area still under construction, it is more apt to call it a viewing gallery. Pretty nice view of the opposite side of the park.

River Safari - Amazon River Quest show building / boat lift

This is the concealed lift of the Amazon River Quest. Boats will enter this building after the loading platform (right side of the building) and raised to the elevated section of the river, so that the boats will float on the down the river.

River Safari - Green anaconda missing

Green Anaconda: Just arrived, or going away?

River Safari - Squirrel monkey entrance

With the River Quest unavailable, the key attraction in the Wild Amazonia area would be the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

River Safari - Squirrel monkey warning

This is a “walk-in” enclosure, with no glass or nets between squirrel monkeys and visitors.

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey

The squirrel monkeys are very small and agile. They also don’t appear to be shy.

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey 2

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey 3

Some key things to remember: DO NOT feed or touch the monkeys. This area also has swarms of mosquitoes, so insect repellant will be handy.

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey 4

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey 5

According to the park crew, the best time to visit this exhibit would be during a cool, cloudy day – the monkeys will be out and about. Too hot and they will hide in the shaded corners.

There are at least two feeding sessions at the squirrel monkey forest, so keep a look out for the feeding times around the River Safari entrance.

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey 6

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey 7

River Safari - Squirrel Monkey 8

In the next and last entry, we will tour the Amazon Flooded Forest.

River Safari - on the way to Flooded Forest

River Safari Photo Tour

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