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I’ve returned to Yellow Cup Coffee many times. With so many cafes opening all over the place, it’s a luxury to revisit a venue. It’s not that the cafe offers something that I could not get anywhere else. But when I’m around the area with my sister, there is a strong temptation for a short detour to this New York-themed cafe.

Yellow Cup Coffee is located along Havelock Road, at Central Square. It’s near a lot of places, such as the Singapore River, Chinatown and Clarke Quay. It’s just across the road from the Ministry of Manpower.

The Cafe is quiet and very spacious. Quite a good place for one to be alone with their thoughts. Or to do some work. Perhaps my new excuse would be to go there and write The Café Tour.

Yellow Cup Coffee 2 - Overview 1

As the concept of this cafe is inspired by New York, you’ll see visuals channeling the Big Apple all over. Not overtly hipster or industrial in any way, though the high ceiling’s exposed as it is.

Yellow Cup Coffee 3 - Overview 2

Service has always been prompt and friendly here.

Yellow Cup Coffee 4 - Menu

Yellow Cup Coffee’s Drinks Menu – all drawn nicely on a blackboard.

Yellow Cup Coffee 5 - Baked Goods

Choco Chip Croiffin (Croissant + Muffin) is the unique pastry served here.

Yellow Cup Coffee 6 - Superhero Cards

Yellow Cup Coffee 7 - A Day without Espresso

Yellow Cup Coffee 8 - New York New York

Several New York magnets adorning the cafe’s La Marzocco Strada Espresso Machine – something that they’re proud to have and to use.

Yellow Cup Coffee 9 - Yellow Things

The cafe is not short of yellow things. Some chairs are yellow. The lamp shades are yellow. Tables filled with random coffee and yellow bric-a-brac. Are there other colour-themed cafes? I can do a sub-series just on colour alone.

Yellow Cup Coffee 10 - Nutella Latte

Of course, the cups are also yellow. Here’s the Nutellatte ($6). A Latte with a spoonful of Nutella. Didn’t quite taste it.

Yellow Cup Coffee 11 - Nutella Hot Chocolate

But perhaps the drink most popular between my Cafe Pals is the Nutella Hot Chocolate ($6.50). A solid chocolate drink that leaves that sweet Nutella aftertaste with every sip. My sister’s personal favourite.

Also, for some reason, there are a few mini Fluffy the Unicorn plush toys lying around.

Yellow Cup Coffee 12 - Banksy Inspired

A couple of cut-and-paste jobs of Banksy’s famous street art can be seen at this cafe.

Yellow Cup Coffee 13 - Banksy Inspired 2

Yellow Cup Coffee 14 - Bookshelf

There’s a bookshelf, if you’d like to spontaneously own a classic.

Yellow Cup Coffee 15 - Bookshelf 2

Yellow Cup Coffee 16 - Lil' Sebastian

Yellow Cup Coffee 17 - Yellow Things

More yellow things decorating the tables.

Yellow Cup Coffee 18 - Fluffy Unicorn

As we usually come here after a good meal (or other cafes), we’re here for just a cuppa. Even on Sundays, the cafe isn’t full. That’s something we like about this place, but we hope it’s not a sign of low popularity. Many customers do take-outs. I’ll stay, and relax.

Yellow Cup Coffee 19 - Entrance

Yellow Cup Coffee

20 Havelock Road
Central Square #01-09
Singapore 059765

Open daily, weekdays from 7:45am. Weekends from 10:00am.
For more information refer to their Facebook page.

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  1. Yellow Cup Coffee July 2, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    Such a sweet writeup! 🙂
    Our plush toys are to entertain both the adults and the young kids from the play school nearby.
    And you missed taking a shot of our Liberty! She’s our personal triumph! Nonetheless, we’re glad you love us, and we thank you for being a supporter of Good awesome coffee! 🙂 Hope to see you again on your days of relaxation!

    Yellow Cup Coffee

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