Paddy Hills

Paddy Hills cafe - shopfront

Paddy Hills – A gorgeous cafe serving fusion cuisine and handbrews in South Buona Vista.

Paddy Hills cafe - Rise and Grind

Taking over a famous duck rice eatery, Paddy Hills brings a slice of Australian cafes to Singapore. Outside, it seemed quite non-descript – tucked in between a clean-cut mosque building, along a row of pedestrian shops.

Paddy Hills cafe - cafe overview

Inside however, is a rich visual experience. Palette of strong colours in harmony. Opulent, but yet utilitarian textures. With a prep area that you can look right through, the space is refreshingly open, and free. This venue also has a vast seating capacity, atypical of the usual cafes.

Paddy Hills cafe - emerald tiles

Gold and Emerald, with a bit of wood. Many colours in play here. Not your usual industrial-hipster cafe. It’s industrial-chic here.

Paddy Hills cafe - coffee bar

Paddy Hills cafe - magazines

Hipster-Chic mags, because all cafes need them.

Paddy Hills cafe - decor 1

Paddy Hills cafe - decor 2

Paddy Hills cafe - lights

You don’t want to know how much everything costs here, because the luxurious look of Paddy Hills doesn’t come cheap. Even the coasters look expensive. Think you need $250,000 to open a cafe of such calibre? Not even close.

Paddy Hills cafe - counter overview

Wherever you choose to sit, you will get a glimpse of the very busy coffee prep area. The kitchen’s at the very end.

Paddy Hills cafe - handbrew prep

The counter seats are much more comfortable than that awkward bar at CCSH. Over at Paddy’s, it is spacious, comfortable – and it doesn’t feel like you’re intruding the staff at work. It’s a sight to see the drinks being brewed up close, of course.

Paddy Hills cafe - handbrew prep 2

Paddy Hills cafe - cold brew

Hario glassware? That’s right.

Paddy Hills cafe - cold brew 2

Luncheon with La Femme Mystérieuse. The seats along the windows are the most sought after – the natural lighting is just magic.

This cafe offers two menus – one for day (9:30AM – 5:30PM, with some lunch items available only after 11:00AM) and another for night (5:30PM – 10:30PM). You can say that the baristas become bartenders at night.

Paddy Hills cafe - yuzu effervescence

Yuzu Effervescence ($7) – Refreshing yuzu juice with plum sugar. Zesty, with a slight hint of salt and a very mild bitterness. Freshly squeezed, no concentrate. You deserve this if you’ve walked to Paddy Hills!

Paddy Hills cafe - Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast ($24) – Lovely to share, except for the bacon steak that is the real beast on the dish. You can never get enough of it. Eggs prepped to your choice – they’re sous vide at 63°C here.

Paddy Hills cafe - Berry Ricotta Hotcake 2

Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($19). Too beautiful to eat, especially when it’s so exquisitely plated. The hotcake, which is almost like a flat muffin, is plump with the fragrance of blueberries and maple syrup. A most thrilling pancake, perhaps. (Also, where can I buy this plate?)

Paddy Hills cafe - Berry Ricotta Hotcake 3

Paddy Hills cafe - Squid Ink Tagliatelle 2

Squid Ink Tagliatelle ($23) – A pasta dish offering strong contrasting flavours. Thick sauce, sweet scallops, drizzled with roe of salmon and cod.

Paddy Hills cafe - Squid Ink Tagliatelle 3

Paddy Hills cafe - Salmon Carpaccio

Salmon Carpaccio ($18) – House cured salmon, rice crisps, seaweed and cream cheese. Quite flavourful but yet not filling. Better to share than have as a main.

Paddy Hills cafe - Chicken in a Bag 2

Chicken in a Bag ($15) – This is simply fried chicken, in a paper bag. Hmm, no – Sorry, especially when we had to wait an hour for it.

For reviews of more dishes, hop over to Foodiepink!

With a bumper-sized menu and the cafe just starting out, the crew can be overwhelmed at times. The cafe is open all week, all day for breakfast to dinner. With just a single shift working all day, the staff barely crams in a few hours of rest every day.

Food at Paddy Hills is made from scratch, so prep time is longer than usual restaurants. We waited for about 45-60 minutes for our food to arrive. Well, we enjoyed the ambiance, it was comfortable and welcoming – a great place for meetups and afternoon chats. Patience is key when visiting the cafe that’s featured in lifestyle guru Annabel Porter’s weekly Bloosh. Yep, that woman – whose hair is genetic and unattainable.

Paddy Hills cafe - Flower garden

Paddy Hills cafe - The corner window

There is one rather special seating area here, the one in the corner that faces the street.

Paddy Hills cafe - Artwork outside

Another highlight at this venue: The artwork right outside, created by a local artist. Even with the beautiful interiors at Paddy Hills, the cafe owners made its own (cheeky) instagram spot!

Getting to Paddy Hills cafe

Bonus Photo Tour!
It’s a short stroll, about 10 minutes, from Haw Par Villa MRT Station (Circle Line).

Paddy Hills cafe - directions to the cafe 1

Exit the station and head East (away from Haw Par Villa). Walk along Pasir Panjang Road.

Paddy Hills cafe - directions to the cafe 2

Paddy Hills cafe - directions to the cafe 3

You will see an Esso petrol station. Continue walking.

Paddy Hills cafe - directions to the cafe 4

You will reach an intersection with South Buona Vista Road. Turn left.

Paddy Hills cafe - directions to the cafe 5

Walk up the gentle hill until you see a roll of shophouses on your right.

Paddy Hills cafe - directions to the cafe 6

Paddy Hills is in the unit furthest away, right next to the blue hardware shop.

Paddy Hills cafe - directions to the cafe 7

Paddy Hills cafe - The corner window 2

Paddy Hills

38 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118164

Opens daily from 9:30am to 10:00pm.
For more information, refer to their Facebook page.

Paddy Hills cafe - dramatique

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