Stateland Cafe

Stateland Cafe

Located at Bali Lane, Stateland Cafe is a cozy brunch and dessert spot that’s often crowded.

The story of how we visited Stateland was a funny one. After a few dismal attempts at planning our brunch trips, we’ve realized that our first option would always fail – we either got the opening hours/days wrong or the cafe was unceremoniously closed. So on the very first cafe tour, we went to Stateland.

Stateland Cafe 2

This is actually the first cafe we visited as part of my Cafe Tour series, chronologically, but due to my own faults – the feature is out 4 months later.

※ Photos from two trips to Stateland.

I meant what I said – cozy. Stateland is very small and rather cramped, quickly reminding me of cha chaan teng (tea restaurants) of Hong Kong. The key difference is that people linger here on and on. Despite the crowded atmosphere, it seemed like a comfortable chill corner.

Stateland Cafe - seating

Stateland Cafe S2 - 1

Stateland Cafe has an interesting origin story. Three guys, who met each other at the army, each with family-run businesses in the construction and industrial manufacturing industry. So what you see in the cafe mostly came from those businesses.

Stateland Cafe S2 - 3

The decor here is definitely industrial, with a bit of mismatched touches along the way.

Stateland Cafe S2 - 2

Stateland Cafe S2 - 5

The kitchen – it’s all open. You get to see the staff working like bees (although sometimes when it gets smoky, the seating area gets it too)

Stateland Cafe - menu

During its early months of opening, Stateland was very well known for their waffles.

Stateland Cafe S2 - 4

The must-try dessert here would be the Red Velvet Waffle ($14.90), served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a glaze of cream cheese. My sister would order this with an extra topping of Nutella ($2).

Stateland Cafe 6

You could also go for the simple Classic Waffle with Ice Cream ($11.90).

Stateland Cafe 5

All day breakfast is also available, with their signature Statelander’s Big Breakfast going for $17.90.

Stateland Cafe 3

Coffee here is adequate. I would go for their lemonade instead.

Stateland Cafe S2 - 6

We’ve came back here a few times around April and May. I probably should revisit again to check out what’s new.

Stateland Cafe 7


30 Bali Lane
Singapore 189866

Closed on Tuesdays. Open other days from 12:00pm.
For more information refer to their Facebook page.

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