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Les Délices - pâtisserie/cafe - cafe sign

Les Délices – a new patisserie hidden along Kreta Ayer with some refreshing takes on sweet delights.

Les Délices - Store overview

White and Gold: A clean and modern look is what sets Les Délices from its neighbouring shops (which were mostly closed on a Saturday afternoon). Designed more like a take-out cafe, seating is available, but very limited.

There is just but a tiny row of counter seating. It lines the window facing Kreta Ayer, which is just what is needed to enjoy the delightful desserts at this cafe.

Les Délices - pâtisserie/cafe - Photos from the city of love

There is an awkwardly large empty space in the middle of the shop – I guess it’s for parties, pop-ups, events, a silly mad dance… or simply space to take photos with the wall of beautiful pictures – of Paris, no less.

Les Délices - dessert choices n.1 / Lemon Strawberry,  Heavenly Chocolate, Mango Charlotte

The desserts here certainly look wonderful to photograph. It’s a little on the high side, but the taste did not disappoint. Cakes start from $9.50 each. Chocolate domes from $10.90.

Les Délices - dessert choices n.2 / Lemon Strawberry,  Heavenly Chocolate, Mango Charlotte

Les Délices - dessert choices n.3 / Earl Grey Milk Tea Choux, Matcha Choux

Choux (cream puffs), at $5.90 each.

Les Délices - Cold Drip Tea, Iron Goddess, Tie Guan Yin

Pairing the pastries with tea is part of the experience. Go for the Cold Drip Teas ($4.90) – only one type of Chinese tea (Tie Guan Yin, Iron Goddess pictured) will be available each day. If tea’s not your thing, you can get your usual lattes and flat whites here too.

Les Délices - Earl Grey Milk Tea Choux

Earl Grey Milk Tea Choux ($5.90). After having an Earl Grey madness phase, I thought this would just be another earl grey thing. Surprisingly it wasn’t: The cream was smooth, but not light and empty. It had the genuine scent of tea, held between crispy puff shell, and topped with a miniature macaron. If you like cream puffs, you better give one of the choux trio (Earl Grey Milk Tea, Matcha and Valrhona Guanaja) here a try.

Les Délices - Mango Charlotte

Mango Charlotte ($9.50). A mango cake that isn’t too tarty or sweet. Spread across this spongecake are mango cubes of just the right size and texture. This cake will leave you wanting for more… sadly it’s almost $10 a slice!

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Les Délices - People who love to eat are always the best People

Les Délices

333 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 080333

Closed on Tuesdays. Open other days from 12:00pm.
For more information, refer to their Facebook page.

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