Universal Studios Singapore – Update 07/2012


The park is usually less crowded after the busy June period. Although there are new major attractions lined up until Halloween Horror Nights in October, it’s a nice period to visit the park in the coming months, with reasonable wait-times for the park’s popular attractions.


More Sesame Street at New York zone
Transformers and Sesame Street merchandise update
Sesame Street indoor ride news
Hollywood After Party information

Filming at the Park


It is not uncommon to see production activities at Universal Studios Theme Parks, but this the first one (I’ve seen) happening during park hours at Universal Studios Singapore. Last weekend the park’s New York zone was used for “The Big Break”.

For those who are interested, here’s the disclaimer on the Production sign:

Please note that there is on-going filming today and your presence and/or performance may be captured as part of our production activities. By entering into these premises, you agree that we may use your portrait, likeness and/or voice in connection with the production in any/all media throughout the world.

A film crew was also spotted around the park, possibly recording new publicity videos.

More Sesame Street at New York zone + Merchandise

The park certainly wishes to make Sesame Street’s presence very prominent, with these new installations:

The Sesame Street School Bus (Retail Cart) replaces The Yellow Cab Co. Taxi at Rockefeller Center/New York Public Library. The iconic yellow cab is now moved to Water Street, next to KT’s Grill.

5th Avenue Coffee & Waffles has been usurped by Cookie Monster. The Waffle cart now bears Cookie Monster’s trademark catchphrase Me Want Cookie! Of course, the cart sells an assortment of cookies, including a tempting (and dangerous) Cookie Ice Cream Burger. Here’s the full menu:

Character Cookies, $3.80 each.

The Brown Derby has been Elmo-fied.

Elmo says Hi!

New Sesame Street merchandise at the store are these cushions (which the park appears to offer at many other themed zones). Not pictured here: The blue cushions (Cookie Monster).

There’s also this odd… sausage Elmo.


The store’s ceiling decor was completed in late June.

Transformers Merchandise

EVAC toys are finally available at the Transformers Supply Vault:

The Cyberverse EVAC ($14.90)

The slightly larger EVAC ($34.90).


Here’s the back view of the packaging, as well as the Ride Vehicle SuperCar Mode.

The $34.90 EVAC is part of a new Universal Studios exclusive collection. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee figurines are also available.

If those toys are too much to handle, consider these Figure Carabiner toys, which are also Universal Studios exclusives.

Interestingly, there are also some toy guns at Transformers Supply Vault.

The park also has similar toys at Jurassic Park:


Sesame Street indoor ride news

It’s nothing much, but most of the track pieces were removed from the place they were spotted last month. The track design and mounts reassures my assumption last month that it will be an overhead track and suspended ride vehicle system. I’m not sure what these shorter straight pieces are for exactly. Ride vehicle storage/maintenance area, or some parallel track switches, perhaps?

Hollywood After Party


Hollywood After Party is a new programme that replaces Hollywood After Hours. From 28 July to 29 September 2012, Park guests can stay and party on most Saturday nights.
EDIT: Hollywood After Party has been extended to November, with limited dates in October due to Halloween Horror Nights 2.

Event period

28 July, 4 Aug, 9 Aug, 11 Aug, 25 Aug, 1 Sept, 8 Sept 15 Sept, 22 Sept, 29 Sept
NEW DATES: 6 Oct, 3 Nov, 10 Nov, 17 Nov, 24 Nov
7:00pm ~ 11:00pm


Entry with 1 Free Drink – $20
Day Pass guests and Annual passholders – FREE


Free Flow of Beer and Drinks – $13
All You Can Eat – $15

For Add-ons, what you are purchasing are non-transferable, tamper-proof wristbands which will be checked at each food/drinks cart.

Hollywood After Hours at Universal Studios Singapore – A Brief History

In May 2010, the park extended opening hours (from 7:00pm to 9:00pm) at the Hollywood zone, opening the Boulevard for guests to shop and dine on Friday and Saturday nights. No attractions were available during these extended hours. After Hours Admission was $2 per guest. Day Pass guests and Annual Passholders do not need to pay for admission.

After Hours was further developed in June 2010, with Thursday and Sunday nights added to After Hours. It was also extended by an additional hour to 10:00pm. Movie Nights became the first attraction, with screenings of Dreamworks Animation films at Pantages Hollywood Theatre. After Hours Admission was still $2 per guest, while Movie Nights is a $3 add-on per guest.

There were several changes in July 2010. After Hours will only be offered on Friday and Saturday nights. Admission has been bumped up to $5 per guest, but with an additional attraction, Lake Hollywood Spectacular, the park’s fireworks show, at 10:00pm. Admission ticket stubs can be used for 15% discount at the park’s two table-service restaurants and some other restaurants at the resort. Movie Nights continued with different genres of films.

From September 2010, the park discontinued Movie Nights and the timing for Lake Hollywood Spectacular is shifted to 9:30pm.

Over time, more areas were open for After Hours, such as segments of New York and Madagascar. The park settled After Hours from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, charging $5 for admission, with Lake Hollywood Spectacular at 9:00pm.

After Hours and Extended Park Hours (with attractions operating until 9:00pm or similar) are not the same. There are some nights with Extended Park Hours where the park did not schedule Lake Hollywood Spectacular.


Okay, now let’s talk about Hollywood After Party.

Hollywood After Party – What’s new

Hollywood After Party offers:

  • Live Music
  • Lake Hollywood Spectacular – 9:30pm
  • 2012 Olympic Games Highlights screenings

Live Music Schedule

Enigma – 28 July
Raw Earth – 4 August
Today’s Special – 9 August (Thursday/National Day Special)
53A – 11 August
Common People – 25 August
Goodfellas – 1 September
UPDATE! New live band schedule!
53A – 8 September
Raw Earth – 15 September
Common People – 22 September
Today’s Special – 29 September
Enigma – 6 October

2012 Olympic Games Screening venues


Highlights from the 2012 Olympic Games (which could be replays or live telecast) can be found all around the park’s restaurants, such as Mel’s Drive-In and KT’s Grill. Two large screens have been installed outside Mel’s Drive-In (Lagoon side) and at Hollywood Boulevard (close to the entrance). There’s no actual “schedule” – I’ve only seen the park staff running around just to ensure that the screens are working and showing different events.

Food and Beverage at the Party


Beverage List

Tiger Beer, Soft Drinks, Slush Cocktails, Slush Mocktail

Food List

Hollywood China Bistro
Steamed Char Siew Pau, Tau Sar Pau, Fortune Rice in Lotus Leaf, Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Siew Mai, Pan Fried Turnip Cake, Laksa Noodle Soup

Pop Delight Cart
Pop Corn, Nacho Chips

Hollywood Street Cart
Samosa, Papadum, Chili Fish Ball Skewer, Mini Chicken Burger, Lontong Rice with Sayor Lodeh

Hollywood & Lagoon Cart
Chicken Hot Dog, Potato Wedges, Popcorn Chicken, Prata rolled with Chicken Sausage, KT’s Grill Cocktail Sausage

Marilyn’s Roasted Turkey Legs
Mini Pizza (Traditional Cheese & Pepperoni), Chicken Nho Hiang, Spring Roll, Corn Dog, Lou’s Hawaiian Pizza

Prata Cart
Chicken Hot Dog, Potato Wedges, Popcorn Chicken, Prata rolled with Chicken Sausage, KT’s Grill Cocktail Sausage

Gloria’s Grill Cart
Chicken Satay, Ketupat, Otak Otak, Stuffed Tau Pok with Shrimp Sauce

Numerous chairs and tables can be found at Hollywood Boulevard and around Mel’s Drive-In during After Party. It’s a nice al fresco-like environment, especially at the Hollywood Boulevard area, which is fully covered (in case of rain).

I’ve not actually stayed for Hollywood After Party yet, but it seems like a good deal if the free flow of food and drinks, at a unique themed location, is what you’re after. A complete “All You can Eat and Drink” package will cost $48 per person, or $28 for a Day Pass guest or Annual Passholder.

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  1. Luke August 1, 2012 at 4:53 am #

    Hello Dejiki!
    It’s Luke.
    Great update as usual!
    I have not been to the park for a while….It’s nice to see these small changes.
    Today I was in Sentosa at midnight and I saw the construction at USS backstage.
    I saw frame-like structures formed by the black “tracks” shown in your pictures.

    It’s like this
    | |

    So my guess is, the black pieces are actually used to support the ride track.
    If so, the ride will not be too flat and boring~
    Hope I am right….

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