River Safari: Rivers of the World

River Safari - Rivers of the World

I’m sure you’re all pretty excited to explore River Safari – the first and only River-themed wildlife park in the region. Part one of the Rivers of the World Photo Tour will cover Mississippi River, Congo River, River Nile, Ganges River.

Before we begin, let’s take a look around the Entrance Plaza.

River Safari - entrance plaza 3

River Safari - Panda booking

There are a few of these machines located near the entrance, right after the turnstiles. These are for visitors to reserve a Giant Panda Viewing timeslot. While admission to the Giant Panda Forest is included in park admission, the park will use this system to control visitor traffic during peak season.

Visitors simply need to choose a timeslot and print tickets to accommodate all members of their party. They will then visit the Giant Panda Forest during the indicated timeslot. These tickets will be checked at the entrance of the Giant Panda Forest. Admission into the Panda complex is not guaranteed for visitors without a valid ticket.

During days of low attendance, the system will not be used. Visitors can visit the Giant Panda Forest as often as they wish without making any reservations.

River Safari - journey begins

The Journey Begins… beyond these doors. If you’re visiting, do look at the posters near the doors – they show feeding times at the exhibits as well as a times for a small animal show at the Amazon Square.

Through the doors: A dark corridor with video projections and sound effects to set the tone of the park experience.

River Safari - the journey begins 2

River Safari - journey begins videos

The path leads outdoors to the first area of Rivers of the World.

Mississippi River

River Safari - Entering Rivers of the World

The largest river system in North America is home to hundreds of wildlife species. In River Safari, there are Beavers, Alligator Snapping Turtles and Mississippi Paddlefish.

River Safari - Mississippi River

Beavers are supposed to be in this first exhibit, but I couldn’t find them.

River Safari - Mississippi River 2

I saw ducks swimming around instead.

River Safari - Mississippi River 3

River Safari - Mississippi River 4

There are these cute signage about beavers, though.

River Safari - Mississippi River 5

Displays around the area describe the habitat of beavers – made from branches and mud, to turn any unsuitable place into a “cosy home”.

River Safari - Mississippi River 6

Well, I guess they might be hiding behind the logs in the exhibit. With the ducks as their guards.

River Safari - Mississippi River 7

River Safari - Mississippi River 8

River Safari - Mississippi River 9

This park has a heavy application of “3D” and engaging information design. It makes reading information fun, and I think kids wouldn’t find it boring. I wish Marine Life Park practiced this.

River Safari - Mississippi River 8

The second half of the Mississippi River area has a gentle slope, showing three tanks at varying heights.

River Safari - Alligator Gar

And one of them is filled with Alligator Gar.

River Safari - Mississippi Paddlefish
The largest tank has Mississippi Paddlefish – recognizable for its long snout. The Paddlefish eats by swimming with its mouth open. It only eats plankton!

Congo River

River Safari - Congo River display

Congo River – the deepest river in the world with depths up to 220metres. I thought the Rivers of the World walkthrough will lead underground.

River Safari - Congo River

Instead, the park decided to show a shallow portion of the river – with a African Dwarf Crocodile.

River Safari - African Dwarf Crocodile

There’s actually another tank, but it was closed at time of visit.

River Safari - Congo River 2

River Nile

River Safari - River Nile

The River Nile may be the longest river in the world, but at River Safari, it appears to be summarized into one display.

River Safari - River Nile 2

Tigerfish, African Arowana and Giraffe Catfish inhabit this single display. It’s pretty hard to take photos (I rejected all the close-up photos I took here) because the glass gets a good dose of sunlight.

River Safari - River Nile 3

Ganges River

The next zone, Ganges River, brings visitors close to the park’s pond. It’s a beautiful vista, so I was paused my walk to admire the reservoir.

River Safari - Ganges River

Okay, back to Ganges River zone.

River Safari - Ganges signage

River Safari - Ganges River 2

The highlight here would be the pair of Indian Gharials.

River Safari - Ganges River / Indian Gharial

There is another Gharial at the back of the exhibit. But this one seems to be in an awkward tip-toey position.

River Safari - Ganges River 3

Like other areas of River Safari, Ganges River zone is also filled with well-designed information displays. Quite attractive colours used coupled with cute illustrations.

River Safari - Ganges River 4

In the shallower aquarium, there are Clown Knifefish, Indian Mahseer, Bighead Carp and Goonch. Doesn’t look like everything in the aquarium yet, and once again, I’ve rejected all my close-up photos taken at this area, due to lighting and reflections on the glass.

To be continued

River Safari - Ganges River 5

River Safari Photo Tour

Rivers of the World: Mississippi River, Congo River, River Nile, Ganges River
Rivers of the World II: Murray River, Mekong River, Yangtze River
Giant Panda Forest
Wild Amazonia (under construction) & Squirrel Monkey Forest

Coming Soon
Amazon Flooded Forest

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2 Responses to River Safari: Rivers of the World

  1. Diane May 30, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

    Looks really interesting. I guess it’s a pity that it’s not underground (was hoping for air conditioned experience), and how the distribution seems uneven. Pity that the River Nile has only one tank, and Congo River has two. The Congo river is the deepest river with quick currents, and has an interesting case of speciation and evolution, hopefully that is represented on a board somewhere.

  2. Jack June 1, 2013 at 1:00 am #

    Personally I think this place sucks. Nothing new , attractive… There’s no point to visit here

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