Tangerine at ESPA

ESPA Tangerine - Entrance

Tangerine – a quiet restaurant located far away from the bustle of Resorts World Sentosa’s attractions. Helmed by Sam Leong, this spa café promises nourishing and healthy dishes.

ESPA - Entrance

While I’ve covered almost all the attractions that RWS has to offer, I have never stepped into ESPA, let alone Tangerine.

ESPA - Entrance 2

One fine day, my two good friends and I decided to make the trip to the furthest end.

ESPA Tangerine Cafe - Overall View

It is a small restaurant, surrounded by nature. The outdoor dining area would seat guests next to (a rather soothing) pool.

ESPA Tangerine - Menu

ESPA Tangerine - Orchid

As we went to Tangerine on a Monday, we became the restaurant’s only guests during our lunch. Somewhat an unintended Private Dining experience.

ESPA Tangerine - The Menu

Main courses start at $20 (to $26) for lunch service. I have an RWS Invites card, it can be used to cut 20% off the bill.

You might notice how each item includes nutritional information. That’d be handy for those who’re watching their diet (or making sure they have enough of something).

ESPA Tangerine - Bread Rolls

For a start: An assortment of bread rolls, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dips.

ESPA Tangerine - Vermicelli

Claypot Braised Vermicelli Noodle with Superior Stock and Char Grilled Hokkaido Scallop (S$26)

Some people might say it’s Claypot Bee Hoon. Well okay, it sort of is. Certainly a more refined one.

ESPA Tangerine - Vermicelli close-up

The scallops are perfectly grilled – juicy and light crunch. The gravy is of course, tasty. I didn’t find this dish extraordinary; it’s very light, as intended by the concept. Still, it is a good dish to share (which we did).

And now presenting the star of Tangerine…

ESPA Tangerine - Chef Forest’s Sous Vide Salmon Fillet with Red Capsicum Puree & Tamarind Sauce 2

Chef Forest’s Sous Vide Salmon Fillet with Red Capsicum Coulis and Tamarind Sauce (S$22)

Sous Vide is a cooking method where meat is cooked slowly, while vacuum-sealed, in a precisely controlled warm bath. This juicy chunk of salmon is just lush – silky smooth with its natural sweetness, but without any oily aftertaste. The sauce provides a gradual spicy boost, while the crispy fried skin contrasts the tender salmon fillet.

ESPA Tangerine - Chef Forest’s Sous Vide Salmon Fillet with Red Capsicum Puree & Tamarind Sauce

I need to stop looking at this photo of the salmon fillet.

ESPA Tangerine - Entrance 2

It’s certain – I have found my new favourite restaurant at RWS. The prices are reasonable for the quality of the food and experience (plus given how prices have gone up at USS…) The concept of “rejuvenating” food is of course foreign in theme parks, but we must always remember that eating healthy involves major lifestyle changes. Visits to restaurants like Tangerine would not suffice, although it sounds like a great, almost mandatory, way to end spa treatments at ESPA.

By the way, I’m not going to become a food blogger. I’m hardly qualified, but I’ll occasionally post entries on food, alright?

ESPA - Entrance 3

Is it worth making a trip down to Tangerine? I would think so. I enjoyed the tranquil – almost surreal – atmosphere, which is godsend after a few crazy hours at Universal Studios Singapore (or S.E.A. Aquarium). I’m definitely coming back for the salmon fillet.

ESPA - Shuttle Service to Equarius Hotel, Beach Villas and ESPA 2

Tangerine is located at ESPA (near Equarius Hotel). Walking there from the central zone of RWS (where gates to USS, Marine Life Park and everything else is at) would take quite a while, so hop on one of the free shuttle buses. The service starts from Equarius Hotel (next to ESPA) every 15 minutes and briefly stops at each hotel’s front porch. Ask the hotel staff if you’re unsure.

It’s this beige-coloured bus with bronze accents that will bring you to Equarius/ESPA (not the fanciful Sentosa ones).

Equarius Hotel Shuttle Bus Route
Equarius Hotel → Hard Rock Hotel → Festive Hotel → Porte Cochere → Hotel Michael / Crockfords Tower → Equarius Hotel

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