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Mermaid Lagoon - Exterior 2

Swim into the world of The Little Mermaid at Tokyo DisneySea’s Mermaid Lagoon. This colourful and vibrant zone invites guests to join Ariel and discover her world, under the sea.

No, you actually don’t need to grab diving gear to visit Mermaid Lagoon.

We didn’t spend a lot of time at Mermaid Lagoon. The rides weren’t that appealing; and considering we could run across a bridge to Indiana Jones… So we just caught a show at the Theater here and actually spent most of the little time at the Sleepy Whale Shoppe.

Mermaid Lagoon - Drama

The lagoon, or Triton’s Kingdom, and divided into two sections. The main area is “under the sea”. Above the sea, there are two attractions: A Junior Coaster themed to Flounder, and a Musical Express/Caterpillar ride featuring Scuttle. These attractions are outside the underwater kingdom.

Mermaid Lagoon - King Triton

A grand statue of Triton at the entrance to the underwater section.

Mermaid Lagoon - Triton's Royal Proclamation

Mermaid Lagoon - Triton's Kingdom

Cue “Part of Your World”~

Mermaid Lagoon - Under the Sea 1

A curved and gently sloped path leads guests into Triton’s underwater Kingdom. The path offers a great view of the entire themed area, which we paused a few times as we walked down.

Mermaid Lagoon - Under the Sea 3

Mermaid Lagoon may be Tokyo DisneySea’s Toontown, but it is certainly dressed up as extensively as any other section of the park. And that would be, almost excessively detailed theming.

Mermaid Lagoon - Under the Sea 4

Look up to the ceiling and viola – reflective props mimic the look of being underwater.

Mermaid Lagoon - Under the Sea 5 / Whirlpool

Mermaid Lagoon is truly one big indoor playground. Lots of spinners and typical carnival rides here that are incredibly adapted to the world of The Little Mermaid.

Mermaid Lagoon - Mermaid Lagoon Theater

The only big attraction here is Mermaid Lagoon Theater. This is a live show, similar to the Festival of the Lion King at other Disney Parks. The theater is configured in such a way that the “stage” is right above the seats. So guests will watch “Ariel” swim and spin around. Many characters are portrayed as puppets (similar to Lion King).

This show is performed in Japanese, so do remember to ask a Cast Member for the captioning device.

Mermaid Lagoon - Mermaid Lagoon Theater 2

The wait times are short for this one – there are even Fastpass machines that quickly became unnecessary. It’s usually a walk-in. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss this if you love The Little Mermaid, or its iconic songs by Alan Menken.

Mermaid Lagoon - Under the Sea 6

Back to the Lagoon…

Mermaid Lagoon - Under the Sea 7

Queues for carnival rides are long, but expected. It is so hot outside and this place is just too nice. Sheltered and air-conditioned. Kids won’t want to leave until they’ve been on everything.

Mermaid Lagoon - Under the Sea 9

For the rest of us adults, we’d mostly admire the crazy level of theming going around here.

Mermaid Lagoon - Sleepy Whale Shoppe

Mermaid Lagoon - Sleepy Whale Shoppe 2

Is this Monstro? from Pinocchio?

Mermaid Lagoon - Sleepy Whale Shoppe 4

This looks like the place where Ariel stockpiles her excessive whozits and whatzits galore.

Mermaid Lagoon - Sleepy Whale Shoppe 3

The theming here, is of course, a delight to see. Notice how the lights are hidden in the bones?

Mermaid Lagoon - Sleepy Whale Shoppe 6

Mermaid Lagoon - Sleepy Whale Shoppe 5

As you can expect, many toys of almost every main character from the films.

Mermaid Lagoon - Sleepy Whale Shoppe 7

Rather strange to find toys from other series at this store, though.

Mermaid Lagoon - Castle at night

As the only area in Tokyo DisneySea to be completely enclosed, Mermaid Lagoon is crowded when the outdoor weather is not so tolerable. We came in here to rest when it was too hot. Parents with young children (6+ years old) would of course, enjoy the attractions here where they could go on the ride with their kids.

We’re near the end of the Tokyo DisneySea Photo Tour. I have saved the best for the last – Mysterious Island.

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