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Cinderella Castle, from Adventureland

With the majestic Cinderella Castle and many attractions themed after classic Disney movies, Fantasyland is a place where fairy tales and dream-like stories come to life. Take a walk around Tokyo Disneyland‘s Fantasyland in this entry.

Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland is a mash-up of various Fantasyland(s) around the world. Given the park’s design concept (to take the “best of” from Magic Kingdom and the original Disneyland), it mixes a village section and then what looks like a medieval fairground. And then we have the Haunted Mansion in one corner, while at the other end lies a giant storybook in a forest.

Fantasyland Castle Courts

The village area right behind Cinderella Castle.

Around Fantasyland

Further on, the slowly blends into a fair. See how Dumbo is right in front of the Haunted Mansion?

Around Fantasyland 3 / Dumbo

This version, called Dumbo The Flying Elephant, is the only one in the world that features the “original” 10-elephant design. The other rides around the world have 16 elephants and a much more elaborate design (flying over fountains). I’m surprised, really, that this ride has not been updated.

Around Fantasyland 2

The Mickey’s Philharmagic building looks rather odd, as it’s trying to be two things at the same time. We didn’t plan to visit this attraction at all, but it was raining very heavily one day so we walked in.

Mickey's Philharmagic

Unsurprisingly, Tokyo’s version of this attraction tries to be different. The waiting area before the theatre, especially.

Mickey's Philharmagic 2

Instead of just hanging posters, there are a few of these displays, showing elements of the Disney movies with real props.

As for the show itself, it’s the same as other versions of Philharmagic, except that the show is entirely dubbed in Japanese.

Pooh Corner

This quaint village building is Pooh Corner – the ride exit shop for Pooh’s Hunny Hunt.

it's a small world - facade

We actually went to it’s a small world several times. Sometimes you just need a slow boat ride to hide from the heat (we visited the park during summer).

it's a small world - facade 2

With vivid colours, it’s a small world feels like a Mary Blair painting popping into reality. The bright facade draws people in and surprisingly, there is always a short wait despite the high capacity of this attraction.

it's a small world - facade 3

Like all of the other small world buildings, it is actually a clock tower that announces the time with a little toy show every 15 minutes.

it's a small world - facade 4

The first section of the queue inside is uncharacteristic of Tokyo Disneyland. Bare walls and cramped corridors.

it's a small world - loading 2

The loading area is a different world altogether. Huge murals, Mary Blair style, in a massive space resembling a sports hall.

it's a small world - loading

Impressively, the platform can handle 4 boats at any time.

it's a small world - the ride

it's a small world - the ride 2

Tokyo’s version of the ride is the classic form, with no Disney characters.

it's a small world - the ride 3

it's a small world - the ride 4

Compared to Hong Kong Disneyland, the scenes are much grander as many rooms felt expansive. There are also more figures in each scene.

it's a small world - the ride 5

it's a small world - the ride 6

The “river” is also much wider, with waters going as far as the actual sets. In Hong Kong Disneyland, the river channel is clearly separated and the sets are kept dry.

it's a small world - the ride 7

it's a small world - the ride 8

it's a small world - the ride 9

it's a small world - the ride 10

With more space, the lighting and effects in this version feels more impactful. There is enough room to show contrast.

it's a small world - the ride 11

Add the expanded water surface and you get beautiful reflections along the river. That’s something that’s missing in Hong Kong.

it's a small world - the ride 12

The famous “White Room” doesn’t exist here, but I prefer Tokyo’s version of the Finale. Much more dream-like and feels true to Mary Blair’s design.

it's a small world - unloading

And we’re back! It’s hard to see, but there are small spinning water jet fountains in this loading/unloading area.

Snow White's Adventures - facade

One other ride we went on is Snow White’s Adventures. Another classic Disney dark ride, although this is one of those that uses darkness to its fullest. It’s not very suitable for young children due to some frightening scenes. For theme park fans however, don’t skip this! It’s a classic and uses many “old-school” effects!

Snow White Grotto 2

While Snow White does not have a castle (or even a happy ending in Tokyo Disneyland), there are two mini attractions dedicated to her.

Snow White Grotto

Snow White Grotto, for one, is a picturesque waterfall with marble statues.

Snow White Wishing Well 2

Snow White Wishing Well

There’s also a wishing well, where you can faintly hear Snow White’s “I’m Wishing” performed in Japanese. You can’t draw water from the well, but you can always throw some coins and make a wish.

In Fantasyland – Part two, I’ll show you Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall (a popular restaurant!) as well as some photos of the area at night. Stay tuned!

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  1. Jeremy January 7, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

    Fantasyland is a good place if you want to catch the parade at the starting point, with not so many crowds, next to the Haunted Mansion. Also, characters can be found in Fantasyland. I met Mad Hatter, Esmeralda, Geppetto, Mary Poppins and Aurora there. I also saw Bert, Rapunzel and Belle.
    I wish I could have rode Peter Pan’s Flight, but the queue was quite long!

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