RWS Fans’ Day Out 2015

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Sci-Fi City, Transformers: The Ride attraction

Dolphins, Transformers and a dream suite up in the trees – Check out some moments from Resorts World Sentosa’s 2015 Fans’ Day Out here!

With many attractions and events happening all-year round, Resorts World at Sentosa (RWS) has grown into destination resort with a large fan-following. Occasionally, the resort’s marketing team hosts a meetup known as the Fans’ Day Out where they bring fans around its attractions, often with some unusual experiences.

I was lucky to have attended this fans’ day out – although I’m sure I’m more than just a fan… today. The whole twenty-odd lot of us visited all three major attractions in the park, along with some special experiences.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Tangerine restaurant

We started with lunch at Tangerine, which is now headed by a new chef – Ian Kittichai. Since early 2015, Tangerine has been serving an all-new menu that is light and nutritious to complement the programmes as ESPA. While I’ll still miss the Sous Vide Salmon from the old menu, the new menu still keeps to the original spirit of this spa cafe.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Tangerine restaurant / Smoked Tomato Soup
Smoked Tomato Soup.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Tangerine restaurant / Asian-style Sea Bass and Salsa
Asian-style Sea Bass and Salsa.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Walking to Adventure Cove Waterpark

We cut across Adventure Cove Waterpark, skipping all the fun water rides, and went to Dolphin Island. The highlight here is of course, the cute Unnamed Dolphin Calf.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Dolphin Island

Our walk around Marine Life Park continued into S.E.A. Aquarium, through the handy side entrance (why couldn’t this used all the time? It’s so convenient!).

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - S.E.A. Aquarium Tour

Sabrina, our tour guide at the S.E.A. Aquarium, showed us around with an in-depth walkthrough. We also went to some back-of-house areas – such as the top of the Open Ocean Habitat (the biggest panel) and the Coral Garden (the colourful tower near the front).

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Inside S.E.A. Aquarium

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Inside S.E.A. Aquarium / Open Ocean Habitat, backstage view from the top
Manta Ray feeding as seen from above the Open Ocean habitat.

If you’re interested, some back-of-house areas can be visited as part of the S.E.A. Aquarium VIP Tour.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Inside S.E.A. Aquarium / Dolphin Window

The day around RWS continued into Universal Studios Singapore for a flight aboard the new Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey attraction. Alas, the weather was not ideal, so we had a change of plans and went to some back-of-house areas in Transformers – such as the 3D Glasses wash room and ride’s control room.

Everyone was amazed at the array of CCTVs in the ride (and apparently, most people still do not realise this ride takes place in a two-storey building). I was far more intrigued by the charts and diagrams on the walls, documenting dispatch cycles/times and the laundry list of show elements. FYI, I’m someone who reads research papers on attraction design, ride technology and theme park management. 😉

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Treetop Lofts / Tembusu

The last stop for the day: The Tembusu suite at the Treetop Lofts. A home away from home, in perhaps the resort’s most tranquil spot.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Treetop Lofts / Tembusu, bedroom

It’s a beautiful one-bedroom suite. Pity it was raining, otherwise some photos of the balconies would be nice.

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Treetop Lofts / Tembusu, bathroom

And it’s a wrap for this Fans’ Day Out. What a journey – we’ve been to Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Dolphin Island. Until next time!

Resorts World Sentosa RWS Fans' Day Out 2015 - Treetop Lofts / Tembusu, bathroom 2

It was great to meet everyone – fellow fans and the team that made all the meetups happen!

My first trip to Universal Studios Singapore was back in March 2010. Looking back, this resort has changed so much. In 2010, many parts of RWS were still under construction. Many things were not available and the key attraction – Universal Studios Singapore was still being tweaked. Then there were things that came and went, such as the resort’s original productions in its theatre. Now there are major seasonal events – and some that have made others jealous. The resort has come a long way… and its future should be exciting.

One aspect that still needs improvements: guest correspondences. Even if you can’t make everyone happy, you ought to at least try. A week ago, I sent in a feedback/enquiry to four channels and no one has even bothered to acknowledge the issue, let alone offer a resolution. I can wait, but I wonder how a typical guest would feel to be left hanging in silence. Edit: The feedback team have informed me that they are still investigating and would keep me updated.

Over the years of writing updates on RWS attractions, I’ve had many opportunities to meet and chat with the people behind the magic – the ones who have put their heart and soul into the resort. Some have been with RWS for 3-5 years and their passion has endured over the years. Many of them would go the distance just to make the guests’ day memorable. A few of them told me that they love to read my blog – even though all I did was to be there to see things happening, like a regular guest. But instead of just being there, I was documenting the environment – and it captured elements of their work. Perhaps some day we could be colleagues. 😉

Anyway, you might want to know what’s coming up next.


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5 Responses to RWS Fans’ Day Out 2015

  1. John April 28, 2015 at 3:54 pm #

    Hey Dejiki

    When are you gonna do a post on the Lee Kong Chian Natural history museum @NUS? Look forward to it. 🙂

    Also I gather from your hint that the red and blue group is coming? Is that the famous Blue Man Group?

    I’m quite troubled by the dolphin tour in Singapore after reading about what animal rights activist have to say.

    Lastly, I too am not wholly satisfied with the manner that guest correspondences are handled. I had an issue a while back and they kept throwing my emails back and forth to various departments. And I ended up getting conflicting replies from various depts. In addition, the replies I got were written in broken English. And these were written and signed off by the “heads” of depts (usually foreigners or foreigners turned citizens..I’m guessing). I think RWS or USS should really look into employing better people if they want to be considered world class. Imagine a tourist writing in to them and getting a reply filled with grammatical errors. This would make tourists think that Singaporeans all speak terrible English and come on we Singaporeans know we are not like that.

    Thanks for reading bro. Cheers.

    • Dejiki May 2, 2015 at 10:25 pm #

      Yes, there will be posts on the new Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, sometime in 3rd or 4th week of May.

  2. Ken April 28, 2015 at 7:19 pm #

    Battlestar Galactica !

  3. Tom May 2, 2015 at 10:21 pm #

    Would love to see an update from river safari of the boat ride – hopefully we will see a post on that at some point?!

  4. edwin May 3, 2015 at 9:27 pm #

    Making a guess on bsg reopening date – somewhere next weekend, after the puss in boots opening promo tics ends on 6th may?

    Either that or the long vesak day weekend at the end of may? Which is still a long way to go 🙁

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