Tokyo DisneySea – Mediterranean Harbor

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

Mediterranean Harbor is the gateway to Tokyo DisneySea. Designed to resemble a seaport in Italy, the buildings in the area have design touches inspired by architecture from Portofino, Tuscany and Venice. This port city is filled with several shops and restaurants, but also uniquely integrates the world’s first and only themed hotel within a Disney park – the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta.

(Cover: A view of the Porto Paradiso section of Hotel Miracosta, Mediterranean Harbor)

This entry is a combined account of two days: our first day in Japan when we arrived at the park in midday; the second day when we were at the park gates since 7:20AM.

– Day One –

We arrived at Tokyo DisneySea in the afternoon at about 12:45PM. The entrance was rather quiet. In fact, Mediterranean Harbor was quite empty, save for the groups of people waiting for the next show (Minnie’s Tropical Splash) at the lagoon.

Tokyo DisneySea - Resort Line exit 2

Tokyo DisneySea - Entrance Plaza

It was awkwardly peaceful. I know it’ll be different the next time we visited the park, in the morning.

– Day Two –

We were at the park more than an hour before park opening. The lines weren’t that long yet, but has already extended out of the covered area.

Tokyo DisneySea - Entrance Plaza / Resort Line exit

Excited guests were already running out of the monorail station.

Tokyo DisneySea - Entrance Plaza

The locals – reading books and magazines (covering Tokyo Disney Resort), putting on make-up, having a breakfast picnic… and so on.

Tokyo DisneySea - Entrance Plaza

We managed to find a shorter line at the leftmost end of the entrance at the south wing. It was very hot and sunny that morning, so I asked my sister to wait at the shaded section where the ticketing counters are.

Tokyo DisneySea - Entrance Plaza

Waiting at the left-most queue turned out to be a good choice. There are two ticket gantries at the end.

There’s nothing much to see while waiting in line, except for Hotel Miracosta and this…

Tokyo DisneySea - Entrance Plaza
Tower of Terror / Hotel Hightower

Tokyo DisneySea - Entrance Plaza

This is also the day I participated in the Toy Story Mania! Morning Madness! unofficial park run. Most people would just burst out of the park turnstile and sprint all the way to American Waterfront, bypassing all the lush and magnificent theming at Mediterranean Harbor. Well, it’s a great way to get the heart pumping!

Welcome to Mediterranean Harbor

Now let’s backtrack a bit and head back to the entrance plaza.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / AquaSphere

The iconic Aquasphere – a symbol of Tokyo DisneySea – slowly revolves over a column of water. It’s not as big as Universal’s globes, but feels a lot more grand and memorable. Water gently cascades down the surface of the globe.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / AquaSphere

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Tuscany Side

The Entrance area is what guests of the Tuscany Side of Hotel Miracosta would see. It’s not very exciting, but it’s quieter than facing the Harbor.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Tuscany Side

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Tuscany Side

And then the moment comes – like curtains rising up a stage, walking through the archway brings you to a world you’ve never been to.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Tuscany Side

And we’re at Porto Paradiso, Mediterranean Harbor. The first thing that catches your eye – the other symbol of Tokyo DisneySea – Mount Prometheus, an active volcano.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

(The guests sitting on the ground here are waiting for the next Harbor show, which only starts an hour later.)

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

Doesn’t this area look amazing? And the row of buildings is a hotel too. The whole area has this “real” atmosphere for a theme park. Windows are open, lights are switched on, people stand on their balconies. Al fresco dining along the streets and so on. This is a lot more obvious at night when guests return to hotel, which makes gives this port city a touch of authenticity.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor - Venetian Gondolas

At the Venice Side of Mediterranean Harbor, you can find Venetian Gondolas. Board one of them for a little trip around the Harbor. The gondoliers will even SING.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

I also love the atmospheric music used at Mediterranean Harbor. Have a listen here!

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

Notice the fortress right below the Volcano? That’s an attraction here called Fortress Explorations. It is an amazingly grand, interactive play area.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Porto Paradiso

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor

The other two attractions here are The DisneySea Transit Steamer – a transport ride that brings you to other areas of the park; and the iconic and memorable Harbor – used for massive and elaborate shows on water. These are shows that make all the NDP acts in Singapore look like a school project.

Tokyo DisneySea - Porto Paradiso

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Disney Summer Festival Show

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Disney Summer Festival Show

Okay, the truth is, I didn’t really watch any of the shows, apart from occasional glimpses while walking. The music’s great though – very catchy and energetic.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor

The only bad thing about the Harbor shows is the presence of speakers that visually break the theming. Usually these speakers are hidden in well-disguised trapdoors, emerging only when needed. Seems like there are too many shows in the day and the speakers are left out for the whole day.

Tokyo DisneySea - Mediterranean Harbor / Buildings on Waterway

On the other end of Mediterranean Harbor, there’s a row of buildings, along a Ponte Vecchio-style bridge. This bridge leads guests towards the Fortress Explorations side of the area. The bridge can also be used to travel to Mysterious Island and Port Discovery.

Tokyo DisneySea - Waterway Buildings

Tokyo DisneySea - Waterway Buildings 2

Tokyo DisneySea - Waterway Buildings 3

To be continued

In Part Two! Have a tour of Mediterranean Harbor at Night.

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  1. David August 19, 2013 at 2:56 pm #

    When did you go to Tokyo Disney? The only reason I ask is because I was there from July 18-21, around when it sounds like you could have been there. I’m posting a trip report too, so it’s interesting reading yours!

    • Dejiki August 19, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

      Hi David,

      I was at Tokyo Disney Resort from July 21-24. If you were at DisneySea on your last day, then we might’ve “met”.

      I just went through your thread on Turnstile Tribune and I LOVE IT. Especially because this trip, for me and my sister, was all about the rides – I didn’t have time to explore a lot of places that you did – which makes me look forward to all your updates!

      • David August 20, 2013 at 9:35 am #

        Hah! We were at DisneySea the last day. I went with my mom and brother. If you see a woman in a red long-sleeved shirt with red hair, that’s my mom. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to spot us in pictures because we were probably the only Americans in the park that day.

        I’m glad you enjoyed my trip report. I’m really loving yours, it gives a nice clear overview! Sounds like you have ambitious plans in seemingly covering every park detail.

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