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Tokyo DisneySea – Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island - The Volcano

Mysterious Island – a world hidden within Mount Prometheus that is heavily inspired by some of Jules Verne‘s most iconic novels. This themed zone is the centerpiece of Tokyo DisneySea.

Mysterious Island - Mount Prometheus

Mount Prometheus is the icon of Tokyo DisneySea, and can be seen (outdoors) from every other themed port-of-call around the park.

The volcano connects to a massive, water-filled caldera, known as Vulcania Lagoon. The waters, perpetually influenced by the active volcano, are always tumultuous.

Mysterious Island - The Caldera

Fantastic rock theming aside, this themed area is designed in such a way where its facilities (attractions, shops and other amenities) are stacked within the caldera. Being right in the middle of the park, with a lagoon and river running through the lower levels, means that the design needs to get creative. Those who have seen the park’s blueprints will know what I’m talking about.

Mysterious Island - Caldera Guide

Once inside, visitors would feel completely enclosed in Jules Verne’s stories by the mountainous terrain. Mysterious Island is home to two dark rides, two restaurants, and a quaint souvenir shop. The DisneySea Transit Steamer sails through the lagoon.

Mysterious Island - Spiral Walkway to 20,000 Leagues

Structures in teal give a visual break from the zone’s dominant rockwork.

Mysterious Island - The Floodgate

A massive floodgate at one of the area’s walkway leading to the back of the park.

Mysterious Island - The Floodgate 2

Mysterious Island - The Floodgate 3

Rather astonishing detail here: aged but not “aged”.

Mysterious Island - Mountainous

Hanging lamps along a rocky wall.

Mysterious Island - The Tunnel

Gentle transition in theming, as seen from Mermaid Lagoon‘s outdoor area. Let’s go back.

Mysterious Island - The Bridge

One “attraction” of Tokyo DisneySea can be found below this bridge. It’s not a ride or show, but a food stand selling snacks.

Mysterious Island - The World Famous Refreshment Station

Welcome one and all to the world-famous Refreshment Station. Home to the popular Gyoza Sausage Bun (or Gyoza Dog, in Japanese), which is more popularly known as Nautilus Gyoza.

Mysterious Island - Nautilus

Because it somewhat looks like the Nautilus, Captain Nemo’s submarine, which is docked at Mysterious Island.

Mysterious Island - The World Famous Refreshment Station 2

Supposedly the snack got too popular many years ago, causing long lines extending out of Mysterious Island.

Mysterious Island - Nautilus Gyoza

There always a queue here, but the stall is well-stocked.

Mysterious Island - Nautilus Gyoza 2

The Happiness Year’s Foldable Box.

Mysterious Island - Nautilus Gyoza 3

Anyway, the gyoza buns go for ¥420 (~S$5.20) each. The stall also sells some soft drinks at ¥230/290 (~S$2.80/3.60, prices for small and medium cups), the standard price at both parks.

Mysterious Island - Nautilus Gyoza 4

So Tokyo DisneySea’s famous Nautilus Gyoza is a steamed bun (bao/pau) with a sausage inside (gyoza filling). Not quite a fried gyoza and also not a legit bao. However, the experience of queuing and eating away at a nearby bench is one of those unique Tokyo Disney Resort rituals.

Mysterious Island - Nemo Insignia

Mysterious Island - Nautilus Galley

Nautilus Galley is a small eatery at the lower level. It’s a nice shaded place to rest and marvel at the caldera’s waters, as well as to see the Nautilus submarine up-close.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 2

But if you are thinking of dining here, head to Vulcania Restaurant – a quick service buffeteria at the upper level of the caldera, which serves Chinese-style food.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 3

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 16

For starters, the restaurant offers soups (from ¥350) and salads (¥400). Set meals for kids start at ¥890, though parents who wish to splurge can go for the set with a souvenir plate (¥2090)!

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 9

All entrees start at ¥950 (~S$11.70). You can choose from Fried Rice (with Char Siu), Shrimp in chili sauce, Fried Chicken, Chilled Noodles, Spicy Tofu and Pan-fried pork and vegetables.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 5

Chilled Char Siu noodles.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 6

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 7

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 14

My sister and I shared the Vulcania Special set meal (¥1650, ~S$20.30) which includes chilled noodles, an entree of your choice (small portion) and dessert.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 8

Even if you don’t fancy the food, the restaurant is too amazing to miss. Have a walk around.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 10

As the restaurant is built into a part of the volcano, you’d expect the dining area to be like a cave, complete with all sorts of strange machines – courtesy of Captain Nemo.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 12

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 11

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 15

If you’ve ever wanted to dine in a volcano, or a cave, this is probably the best place on Earth.

Mysterious Island - Vulcania Restaurant 13

Mysterious Island - Tunnel

We’ll revisit Mysterious Island again in the next entry and uncover its attractions.

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