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Nike+ Fuelband – review


On 19 January 2012, Nike announced the Nike+ Fuelband, a new product in Nike’s line-up of digital sportswear. The activity-tracking bracelet uses a 3-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth. It is also integrated with Nike+ and introduces NikeFuel, a new metric for measuring activity.

NikeFuel is said to be a “normalized score that awards equal points for the same activity regardless of physical makeup”, which is more standardized that calorie counts (more dependent on gender, body type and heart rate). It is not a perfect for everyone as the Fuelband only tracks wrist movement. More about it at the later part of this entry.

Given my new hobbies, I was completely sold on the Fuelband at the start and my sister can attest to that. The Fuelband is available at the Niketown store in New York for $149.99 (before sales tax).

The Nike+ Fuelband is currently not available in Singapore (or anywhere outside of US for that matter) So the only way to get it in Singapore is to have someone buy it in New York and ship it to you. The Fuelband is slated for launch here in June 2012.

Long story short, I have one on my wrist right now. Here’s a photo gallery of all things Fuelband as well as my review.

UPDATE: May 2012

Hard Reset / Force Firmware Update
*WARNING: May permanently damage your Fuelband. If in doubt, return your Fuelband to Nike.
Hold the button on your Fuelband and plug it into the USB port (best to use an extension cable). Your PC will not react or recognize your Fuelband. Release the button and the Nike+ Connect App will auto-start.

Solution to Nike+ website login and Fuelband setup problems
If you have problems signing in at the Nike+ website, or keep getting stuck at Fuelband setup (usually the “Almost done.”, or “Click finish to go back to Nike+ Connect to save your information and check your battery” screens). The issue might be because you are residing outside US and UK. The website is designed to work within US and UK only, but of course, there are large numbers of users outside of the regions where the Fuelband is officially available.

The SOLUTION is simply to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with a VPN server based in the United States. This can either be a free or paid service (or a corporate one if you have access). This will allow the website (and setup pages) to load properly.

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Lumines Electronic Symphony – review

Lumines Electronic Symphony

Lumines Electronic Symphony is the latest music puzzle game from Q Entertainment’s successful Lumines series. The original game “Lumines – Puzzle Fusion” (pronounced as luminous) was released for Playstation Portable (PSP) in 2004 as a launch title. 8 years later, Lumines re-emerged on the Playstation Vita, also as a launch title.

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Fitbit Ultra – review


The Fitbit Ultra is a wireless activity tracker that uses an accelerometer to track one’s physical activity level. It then uploads activity stats online automatically. Here’s a quick review and unboxing entry!

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Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Universal Studios Singapore – Update 01/2012
This entry is part of the monthly series covering updates at Universal Studios Singapore.

JP Entrance

After its lengthy maintenance and enhancement works, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure has finally reopened – ready to pit guests right into the dangerous gaping jaws of dinosaurs and push them over the edge… into a soaking splash.

Unique to Universal Studios Singapore is a river rafting edition of Jurassic Park’s popular adventure rides. The other three Jurassic Park rides are known as “River Adventures”. While Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure lack the dramatic, breathtaking vistas and an elaborate indoor segment that River Adventures are well-known for, it makes up with unpredictable and thrilling rafting maneuvers. The ride was closed from 10 August 2011 till 20 January 2012 for extended refurbishment.

So anyway, this comprehensive update entry features a photo tour of the queue, loading area and splashdown of this attraction, as well as a list of changes that I have observed (to the best of my ability).

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Boogie Countdown at Universal Studios Singapore

Boogie Countdown 2012 was Universal Studios Singapore’s first large-scale countdown event. Guests could enjoy the park’s attractions and special entertainment throughout the night. Last year’s event was known as “Countdown 2011 Resorts World Sentosa” and had half the park’s attractions operating. It was a closed event for Resorts World Sentosa’s partners and clients.

The park celebrated the oldies with hit tunes from the ’60s ~ ’90s played through the park’s speakers around Hollywood and New York Zone, and special themed performances. Other attractions remained unchanged, and there were no additional decorations beyond the Hollywood and New York Zone.

Earlier in the evening, park guests could also enjoy the first public performance of Hollywood Dreams Parade.

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PlayStation Vita


Playstation Vita is Sony’s latest portable entertainment device, the successor to the popular Playstation Portable (PSP) console released back in 2007. With a large brilliant display and powerful quad-core processors, it promises to deliver the ultimate portable gaming experience. Sony is also keeping up with the latest mobile device trends, and has put in place some location-based and social networking services in the Playstation Vita.

Playstation Vita (or PS Vita) has not officially launched in Singapore, but almost all game retailers in Singapore (except Sony’s retail and partner stores) had the console and games available one day after the PS Vita launch day in Hong Kong. The last I’ve checked on Sunday, this new console is completely sold out at most stores. The PS Vita (Wi-Fi model) will launch in Singapore on 22 February 2012. Devices imported from Hong Kong are not covered by warranty offered by Sony Singapore (owners will need to send their devices back to Sony Hong Kong for servicing)

I managed to get myself a Playstation Vita (Hong Kong Import) two days ago. Here is my unboxing gallery and short review of the Playstation Vita Value Pack and Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Update! Check out my review of Lumines Electronic Symphony!

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Sony NEX-5n

Recently, I sold away my NEX-5 to upgrade to NEX-5N. On paper, it seems that the NEX-5N only has a few changes: Touchscreen input, 16.1 Megapixels (up from 14.2) and a higher burst/consecutive shooting rate. Using the camera however, tells a different story.

NEX-5N + Planar 2/35

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