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Omotesando Koffee


Omotesando Koffee is a little coffee shop within a quiet Omote-sando residential district in Tokyo, Japan. Now that I’ve started my Café Tour in Singapore, I make it a point to visit some cafes overseas – just like my dear theme parks and attractions.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 4 - Entrance to the Cafe

Well, Omotesando Koffee is well-known for many reasons. It’s unexpected – coffee shop in a machiya, a traditional Japanese wooden house. And it’s in the middle of a quiet street.


Lush plants surround the entrance and its beautiful garden.


OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 7 - Entrance Seating

Not much seating around here, except for benches in the middle of the garden. It’s a nice, picturesque spot for photos.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 8 - Signboard Minimalist

Inside though, is a traditional Japanese interior. It’s so clean.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 10 - Miki-san at work

The barista spotted me taking photos of the exterior and was probably relieved when I finally decided to walk in. He gave warm greetings and took my order.

Anyway, only cash is accepted here, so please bring enough notes and coins along.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE - Menu and Price List

Here’s the price list for hot coffee. Add about ¥90 more to have it iced.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 11 - Koffee Kashi, Baked Custard Square

Omotesando Koffee also bakes these cute custard cubes, known as Koffee Kashi. ¥170 (~S$2.10) a piece, or ¥850 (~S$10.50) for 5 pieces in a box set.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 12 - Baileys Cappuccino

It was a rainy, chilly morning, so I ordered the Baileys Cappuccino¥630 (~S$7.50).

All I can say is, it was definitely worth the walk here.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 13 - Lantern of Drawings

I spent the next few minutes snapping away as my beverage was being crafted. Thankfully, the cafe was okay with that.


OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 15 - Furin Wind Chime

Even if taking photos isn’t your thing, the garden itself is a nice place to have a peaceful, contemplative moment. I was all alone during my encounter at Omotesando Koffee (a thunderstorm just passed the area).

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 2 - Across the Road

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 3 - Across the Road

I left the wooden house and stood across the road, facing the empty field. Drank most of my cappuccino here.

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE 16 - Cup on the Go

Then I was off to another cafe around the area.


Some people say that Omotesando Koffee is hard to find – but I got there within minutes, walking from the main road.

How to get there

This little place is a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Omote-sando station, which is an interchange station for three Tokyo Metro lines:
Chiyoda Line (C-04)
Ginza Line (G-02)
Hanzomon Line (Z-02)

The Map to Omotesando Koffee

1. From the Metro Station, head to Exit A2.

2. Once out from Exit A2, turn right and walk along that street.

3. At the end of the street, turn left. (You may witness some madness at the Flying Tiger Copenhagen store)

4. Walk all the way until the intersection with calvari hair salon (white building with 3 levels). Turn right at that intersection.

5. Walk down that block, and cross another intersection and go straight again. Omotesando Koffee is just a few steps ahead, at your left.


4-15-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Open daily from 10:00am. Closes at 7:00pm.
For more information refer to their official website (Japanese).

Solo Tokyo 2014 is a short series documenting that one day I spent in Tokyo alone. It was a spontaneous walkabout during a spontaneous trip.

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Tiferet Tea Room

Tiferet Tea Room 17 - Table

Tiferet Tea Room – This tea cafe along East Coast Road is a quiet haven for lovers of Asian tea culture. Its modern, cozy look is a fresh twist from typical Chinese teahouses.

Tiferet Tea Room 2 - Entrance 2

On that one Sunday afternoon, a friend came all the way from The Northern Lands known as Yew Tee. We had a brave plan to visit many places in the Katong area – given time and wallet constraints, we shortlisted three cafes. One of them – newly opened and featured by an influential foodie – failed to impress in its food, service and interior design. We left and seeked refuge in this mall called Katong V.

Tiferet Tea Room 11 - Luxurious Spot

A few steps in and all I could say is, this is really a quiet retreat. Almost like a good friend’s home, it’s a space for some private rumination.

Tiferet Tea Room 3 - Boilers and Tea Cabinets

Boilers and Tea cabinets.

Tiferet Tea Room 9 - Dessert Chiller

Tiferet Tea Room 12 - Seating

There is some seating that’s right above the mall’s entrance – in my opinion the better seats in the venue. Those full-height windows let lots of natural light in.

Tiferet Tea Room 13 - Crystal Drip

The design of the Tea Room somehow ignores the tensions of stereotypes. You don’t have the faux elegant-formal atmosphere of TWG, nor the ritual-esque school environment of chinese teahouses. Minimalist wooden surfaces paired with metal frames. Some exposed bricks. It’s simplicity that somehow worked out.

This is further reflected in the East-meets-West menu: Chinese tea matched with cakes, sandwiches and even American breakfast sets. You could also get coffee here, but that might be a waste given Tiferet’s range of teas.

Although in terms of graphic/information design.. it got too simple, it’s unforgivable. Please revamp your menus, Tiferet Tea Room!

Tiferet Tea Room 7 - Suspended Plant

Tiferet Tea Room 8 - Magazines

Several magazines for you to flip through. Many of which are of high culture. A sample of a life that things that will be, or at least hope to be. Right, Foodiepink?

Tiferet Tea Room 15 - Freshly Brewed Tea

Peony Tea ($8). This is a Green Tea scented with flower petals.

The tea was steeped in the white pot. When it’s ready, the tea set is brought to the table. The flower tea was poured into the glass jug, that’s placed on a warmer.

Tiferet Tea Room - Scented Tea / Peony

Everything’s done in front of you – while it wasn’t some fancy show of pouring and straining tea, it at least demonstrates that the tea is properly prepared. Small things that are sometimes missed at popular tea salons.

Tiferet Tea Room 19 - Dim Sum set

The Dim Sum set ($8) was noted by Foodiepink as good value.

Tiferet Tea Room 18 - Dark Chocolate Deluxe cake

We shared a slice of Dark Chocolate Deluxe ($7.50). It wasn’t very moist, but definitely rich to match with the light teas. Small crunchy chocolate balls for further sweet delight.

Tiferet Tea Room 20 - Table 2

The natural lighting is gentle yet plenty, we’re thankful for that.

Tiferet Tea Room 10 - Tea Wall

You could bring back a piece of Tiferet Tea Room. The cafe sells teaware sets ($88) and boxes of tea (from $28 a box, 10 smaller boxes within).

Tiferet Tea Room 4 - Programmes

Or to take the experience further – sign up for their Tea Appreciation Classes. $38+ and you get a box of tea to bring home.

Tiferet Tea Room 5 - Promos

Some other rotating promos.

Tiferet Tea Room 6 - Tea Boxes

While I’m not sure if I’ll return to Tiferet Tea Room specially for their teas (given that I still have lots of TWG’s Jasmine Queen at home), I’ll definitely keep this place in mind if I need to unwind.

Tiferet Tea Room 21 - Tea Whisk

Tiferet Tea Room

30 East Coast Road
Katong V #02-17
Singapore 428751

Open daily from 10:00am.
For more information refer to their Facebook page.

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Yellow Cup Coffee

Yellow Cup Coffee 1 - Logo

I’ve returned to Yellow Cup Coffee many times. With so many cafes opening all over the place, it’s a luxury to revisit a venue. It’s not that the cafe offers something that I could not get anywhere else. But when I’m around the area with my sister, there is a strong temptation for a short detour to this New York-themed cafe.

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