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Ocean Park: Grand Aquarium

Grand Aquarium Building

The Grand Aquarium is the flagship attraction in Aqua City – a new themed area in Ocean Park Hong Kong. Nestled between the beautiful hills and newly created Lagoon, the Aquarium is adorned with an interesting “egg” facade – constructed with`glass panes and with gold waves (or fins) raveling around itself.

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Ocean Park Hong Kong

At the southern side of Hong Kong island is home to Ocean Park Hong Kong. Set between beautiful hills away from the bustle of the city, the park offers a myriad of attractions for all ages. Be it impressive animal exhibits or exhilarating rides, Ocean Park offers it all – without a heavy price.

Ocean Park Entrance

Despite being called Ocean Park, the theme park does not only focus on marine exhibits and aquarium displays. The park attempts to “connect people with nature”, through a diverse variety of educational animal exhibits and conservation initiatives.

The park has constantly expanded and reinvented itself to compete with regional theme parks, as well as Hong Kong Disneyland. The current iteration is part of the Master Redevelopment Plan unveiled in 2005, which introduces new attractions and redeveloped zones. The park hardly looks like what I’ve seen several years ago. It’s almost like a completely new park!

Due to the immense number of photos and content, this Ocean Park feature on will be split into multiple sections.

Ocean Park Hong Kong series

Gateway and Aqua City | The Grand Aquarium | Old Hong Kong | The Summit at Ocean Park
Aerial Views from Ocean Park Tower

Gateway and Aqua City

Firstly, how to get to Ocean Park?

The recommended method (especially if you are not staying on Hong Kong Island), is to take MTR to Admiralty Station and head to the exit leading to the nearby Bus Terminal. Don’t worry, there’s ample signage to lead you to the right place.


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Universal Studios Singapore – Update 05/2012

Far Far Away

On 28th May 2011, the park celebrated its grand opening. I was back at the park a year later, but it was an ordinary day. Unlike other major theme parks, there were no “First Anniversary” events here, but the park recently announced some new attractions.


Sesame Street zone information and news
Sesame Street – Street Performance photos
Park crowd/wait-times during this period

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Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Universal Studios Singapore – Update 01/2012
This entry is part of the monthly series covering updates at Universal Studios Singapore.

JP Entrance

After its lengthy maintenance and enhancement works, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure has finally reopened – ready to pit guests right into the dangerous gaping jaws of dinosaurs and push them over the edge… into a soaking splash.

Unique to Universal Studios Singapore is a river rafting edition of Jurassic Park’s popular adventure rides. The other three Jurassic Park rides are known as “River Adventures”. While Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure lack the dramatic, breathtaking vistas and an elaborate indoor segment that River Adventures are well-known for, it makes up with unpredictable and thrilling rafting maneuvers. The ride was closed from 10 August 2011 till 20 January 2012 for extended refurbishment.

So anyway, this comprehensive update entry features a photo tour of the queue, loading area and splashdown of this attraction, as well as a list of changes that I have observed (to the best of my ability).

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