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Oppo N1 – a quick look

Oppo N1 smartphone, held on hand, App Drawer

In today’s crowded and competitive world of smartphones, one can either match their rivals, or be different. Oppo, an electronics company based in Guangzhou, is a rising brand known for niche smartphones. Oppo has recently launched their smartphones in Singapore, with the flagship Oppo N1 in the spotlight.

I’m sure those in the techie crowd already know about the N1, as well as the Find 7 which was recently unveiled.

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eConnect Japan WiFi-to-Go – review

eConnect Japan Wifi-To-Go - Huawei GP02 front

Need internet access for your trip to Japan? I guess a lot of us can’t live without staying connected 24/7 – even though it’s a vacation and you’re supposed to go off the grid. Here’s a short guide and review about the services of a company called eConnect Japan. They offer rental of portable WiFi routers (or Mi-Fi) and data SIM cards.

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Nintendo 3DS XL – review

Nintendo 3DS XL

I actually had a 3DS back in 2011. I admit it – I bought it because it was novel at that time. The 3DS has an auto-stereoscopic (3D without glasses) screen, improved graphics and CPU, a slide pad – things that the previous Nintendo DSi series lacked. There weren’t many games, so I only had Ridge Racer 3D and Tetris Axis. I also can’t believe that I paid $399 right when it launched in Singapore. After a few months, it spend most of its days on the charging cradle. I sold it off when I bought the Playstation Vita.

Fast forward two years and I found myself back with a 3DS again. This time, the 3DS XL.

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A Journey Through Columbia – Scenes from BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite - Welcome-Center

BioShock Infinite is a game that I’ve waited for years to play, and spent the least time playing. To be more accurate, I forced myself to rush my first play-through of the game so that I could witness the ending myself without walking into spoilers online. Now before you start flinging Murder of Crows at me, I’m taking my time replaying and enjoying all that the game has to offer.

Ken Levine and his team (Irrational Games) have invented a world so different from Rapture, the underwater city of BioShock and BioShock 2. Rapture was a city hidden underwater, built for the world’s best scientists and artists. In BioShock Infinite, we are brought to Columbia, a floating city in the sky that disappeared into the clouds. Columbia is ruled by The Founders, which wanted to keep the cloud city only for Americans.

Gamers will discover the secrets behind the city, its ruler and religious doctrines, as well as the true meaning of BioShock Infinite at the close. But for now, enjoy my spoiler-free tours of this marvelous game that looks absolutely amazing at its tip-top settings. All photographs are captured from the PC build of BioShock Infinite, with some edits (removal of HUD elements, colour/exposure tweaks). Yes, I am a photographer even in the realm of video-games.

Welcome to Columbia.

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Nike+ Fuelband – revisited in ICE

Fuelband Boxes

I wrote about the Nike+ Fuelband in March 2012. Since then, I have worn this nifty black wristband for almost every day, and encouraged some close friends and family to do the same. While it’s not a sole motivator for keeping active for me (it’s just a nice reminder), the fancy LED display is certainly a conversation starter.

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