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Important Note regarding reposting any content, including photos, from this blog

I run this blog as a hobby, to share experiences, information and keep readers updated with specific topics. I produce my own content, including written content and photographs. Some content may be taken from other sources, and are duly attributed.

It takes me a lot of time to do extensive research, capture hundreds of photographs, write, edit and put them all nicely together for just one entry on this website, especially for in-depth reports and reviews. And it often does not stop when I hit the “Publish” button – I often go through entries again to edit, or add new content.

While I encourage sharing across the internet, there have been several cases whereby certain site owners reproduced my content (a nicer way of saying plain-old copy-and-paste plagiarism), entirely or partly, without any attribution. There are also several incidents where site owners re-uploaded my photos on their website and added their watermarks on my images, or lifted entire paragraphs to use on their articles. When I approached them, they just ignored my messages and did some shoddy paraphrasing. Congratulations to them – they’ve earned first-class express travel to this final destination.

Copyright © 2010-2022 Dejiki Nicholas / DEJIKI.COM
All Rights Reserved

All content on this site, including but not restricted to images and text, is property of Nicholas Yau / (except where stated) and is protected by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Singapore Intellectual Property Law.

No part of this site may be reproduced, redistributed, modified, used to produce derivative works, or copied in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of Nicholas Yau /

That includes school projects, pitches or any sort of “informational” and “educational” uses.

How do I reuse or share content from your blog then?

Kindly use the Social Media buttons found at the end of each entry to share the content on a social media platform of your choice. You may also link directly to each entry (recommended).

If you wish to show my content on your personal blog, you may direct link to my images. You must put a hyperlink on your blog entry back to the page where the image was originally found. Take note that this special exception is only for personal blogs.

For online forums, wiki sites, social media platforms, offline projects or any other purposes, please contact me.

However, if there is no watermark (©DEJIKI.COM or © on the images, you are not allowed to reproduce the photos, redistribute the photos, modify the photos or produce derivative works using the photos in any way.

Please do not remove the watermark or cropping of any images. This is copyright infringement and unauthorized modification.

Please use a prominent hyperlink title, such as “Image:” and attribute the page where the photo was originally published, with a full URL link.

For further clarifications, please contact me.

For all other cases, always write to me for rights clearance.

Please use the contact form here:

I won’t bite, and usually grant licenses quickly and openly for all reasonable purposes: personal and/or commercial.

It is not about suing for copyright infringement (although I might have to do that on some unethical site owners), but I have experienced this way too often that it is getting uncomfortable. I would like to keep track of where and how my content is being used.

This also ensures that you can sleep well at night. 🙂

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