Concerning Blogging

Are you a professional blogger?

I hardly think I am. This blog is not my only source of income. Actually, it is not a source of income at all. More like a serious hobby and creative outlet.

Often I would say I live by my own standards, so the same thing applies to my writing. I want to deliver my best all the time. At times I forget how much effort and time I’m putting into this, when the gain is intangible (or even nothing). Well, there is the joy of sharing.

What is your style?

My style of blogging? I would want to say that it has the Hermès spirit. Excellence. Detail-oriented. Whimsical. Different. Sometimes snooty.

Unlike most lifestyle bloggers, I avoid putting myself into the picture (literally). I prefer focus on the topic. I don’t need the spotlight, so if you could look at my work… please and thank you.

How big is your team

This site is really a one man show, with some occasional guest writers.

I have been trying to encourage some young talents and groom them to takeover the site some day… not much success there so far.

What brands/ companies has Dejiki.com worked with?

I am proud to say I’ve worked with Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore, Disney (Hong Kong Disneyland Resort), Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Leisure Group, Changi Airport Group, and many more.

I was primarily focused on theme parks, but in recent years have expanded into attractions.

Can you write a review or an article about my company’s products or services?

You are welcomed to write in to me, but please understand that I am limited to writing reviews and features on brands, products and services that are relevant to other entries on my blog.

I cannot write reviews on products based on press kits, spec sheets or “images” of products, unless the product in question is digital in form (e.g: online services). I am also not the right person to repost press releases. The key thing that I enjoy doing, and that is unique to this website, is original content.

Why did you not respond to my emails? Don’t you want to work with me / my client?

While balancing a full time job, my other hobbies and interests… I often leave a lot of emails hanging, even when they are specifically addressed to me. I apologise for the lack of prompt responses (and lack of etiquette for non-response). But just remember this: unless I have specifically said No, it’s not a No.

Why theme parks?

I feel that theme parks are extraordinary places where memorable experiences are crafted from places that are entirely artificial. In itself, themed entertainment is a major part of culture (or even a subculture). It is fascinating because the internationalisation of major theme parks are really significant exportation of cultural products, and are based on other cultural goods. Just connect the dots and trace the origins of famous theme parks.

That is why I felt value in writing (in great detail) about the theme park in my country. In a way, I am giving back to the web the very thing that I was passionate about, and in a way, allow the world to see what themed experiences are offered in Singapore.

I have more questions to ask.

Contact me and I’ll post my response here, or in a mailbag-style entry.

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