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Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Forbidden Forest

HHN3 - Forbidden Forest

The Crone of the Forest‘s domain of profane magic is a dense, foggy jungle. This forsaken land is riddled with taboo rituals and lost souls. Do you dare venture into this Forbidden Forest, brimming with dark arts, wicked creatures and tormented villagers?


See more horrors from the Forbidden Forest, including a walkthrough video! There is no Escape from the Crone’s clutches!


This entry includes potentially disturbing photos of scenes from the Forbidden Forest Scare Zone. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Survival Guide: Halloween Horror Nights 3 Tips and Tricks

HHN3 - Sisters of Evil

Here’s the much requested guide to Halloween Horror Nights 3. These are compiled from my experience at HHN3 during event nights. Please note that they are in no way definite or perfect. Conditions at the park change all the time, and if everyone adopts the same strategy, it would be less useful. Take the information here as general tips and plan your own itinerary for a fun and fear-filled night at Universal Studios Singapore!

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Halloween Horror Nights 3 review

HHN3 - Attack of the Vampires

With three times the evil, Universal Studios Singapore has raised the bar again. Find out why Halloween Horror Nights 3 is definitely an event not to be missed this year.

Editor’s Note: I felt I made a huge mess of an entry for last year’s HHN2 review which was too long and too messy to read. It was also difficult for readers to find the updated sections. Therefore this year I will separate all the content into different entries so that both writing and reading becomes manageable.

This HHN3 review will focus on the creative and “scare” aspects of the park’s special attractions. As for opinions on guest experience aspects (wait times, crowds, happenings, compliments and complaints, etc), please scroll down to Trip Reports, under the More… section. You might also find this Tips and Tricks guide to HHN3 useful.

And just like last year, scare zones will be explored in depth within their own feature articles, which will be released throughout October.

Quick Jump to section: Review | Scare Zones report | Haunted Houses report | More…

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Halloween Horror Nights 3 – First Impressions

HHN3 Preview Photos - Gateway Arch in red

If you have followed my Before Dark updates (or not), you are in for a special treat. Have a tempting sneak preview at Halloween Horror Nights 3 with First Impressions.

I’m going to tease you with just three deadly images from every scare attraction of Halloween Horror Nights 3. The real chills, including a full review, will come later as separate features.

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Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Before Dark 2

HHN3 Before Dark 2 - Possessions House - Stone Guardian 2

Welcome back to the second issue of Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Before Dark. The park is looking drastically different now, abundant with gloomy props all over. In order to showcase as many new thematic elements as possible, Before Dark 2 is an extended feature with over 100 images.

Halloween Horror Nights Before Dark is a photo series of day-time photographs. These features showcase the props and thematic elements for Universal Studios Singapore’s hallmark event of the year. Read the first issue or check out all Before Dark features here.

NEW: HHN3 REVIEW! Read the full Halloween Horror Nights 3 review now!

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Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Before Dark

Halloween Horror Nights 3 Singapore - Entrance daytime

With just mere weeks away from the first Halloween Horror Nights 3 event night, the park has already started putting props and sets everywhere. This is going to be one interesting year, especially with the Jurassic Park zone being reconfigured into a scare zone.

I’m glad to once again present Halloween Horror Nights Before Dark, a series of day-time photographs showcasing the props and thematic elements for Universal Studios Singapore’s hallmark event of the year. Check out all past year’s Before Dark features here.

NEW: HHN3 REVIEW! Read the full Halloween Horror Nights 3 review now!

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