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All about Tokyo Disney Resort and its two theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Enjoy extensive trip reports and photo tours of world-class attractions and themed areas in the parks.

Tokyo DisneySea – Port Discovery

Tokyo DisneySea - Port Discovery - StormRider

Heralded as the marina of the future, Port Discovery is a futuristic port at Tokyo DisneySea.

Unlike the other exotic destinations at Tokyo DisneySea, Port Discovery has a very metallic look – bright gold and teal panels dress the port, creating an imaginative future that is flourishing with technological innovations and explorations.

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Tokyo Disneyland – Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain - Queue Outdoor

Critter Country is the smallest themed area in Tokyo Disneyland and home to the classic Splash Mountain attraction.

While this area was built in its own little corner to house Splash Mountain, its rustic charm certainly feels like an in-between of Westernland and Fantasyland. Splash Mountain is also nestled next to the Haunted Mansion (although it’s impossible to see either attraction from the ride and queue). The other areas of Critter Country, including its shops and eateries, are extensions of the Splash Mountain attraction.

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Tokyo Disneyland – Westernland and Big Thunder Mountain

Tokyo Disneyland - Westernland buildings

Westernland is the Frontierland at Tokyo Disneyland. It brings the same old-time sights and sounds of America’s Old West. By area alone, Westernland is the largest themed zone in Tokyo Disneyland, due to the immense size of the Rivers of America.

The name of “Westernland” was chosen as it made more sense in the Japanese language as compared to Frontier.

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Tokyo DisneySea – Toy Story Mania!

Toyville Trolley Park

Toy Story Mania! is an indoor interactive dark ride that uses 3D projection and special effects. It brings guests through several carnival games that are highly entertaining and engaging.

This is the key attraction at Toyville Trolley Park – an old fashioned, Coney Island style, amusement park that’s tucked at Broadway and Park Avenue, American Waterfront.

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Tokyo DisneySea – American Waterfront

American Waterfront - Columbus Circle

American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea depicts scenes from New York and New England of the United States in the 1920s era. Directly connected to Mediterranean Harbor via a bridge over the waterways of Venice, this massive section (I believe the largest in the park, going by land area) is themed into two sections – New York Harbor and Cape Cod Village.

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Tokyo Disneyland – Pirates of the Caribbean

Tokyo Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean entrance

Pirates of the Caribbean is a boat ride located at Adventureland, Tokyo Disneyland. It brings guests on a voyage through time, narrating a story of pirates during (and after) the golden age of piracy. Originally designed in the 1960s, the ride is still impressive even today, and is to me one of the most amazing rides of all time. This version, at Tokyo Disneyland, was built in the 1980s. The attraction eventually inspired a major film series with the same name.

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Tokyo Disneyland – World Bazaar

Tokyo Disneyland - World Bazaar

World Bazaar is the first themed area in Tokyo Disneyland. Resembling a small, carefree American town from the yesteryears, the Bazaar has two walkways that cross each other: Main Street and Center Street. This allows guests to travel to three themed zones of the park directly at the junction, through streets filled with several shops and restaurants.

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