Zombie Laser Tag – Halloween Horror Nights 7

Battle zombies in the all-new Zombie Laser Tag attraction at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7.

For the first time at Universal Studios Singapore, thrill seekers can enjoy an exciting and immersive ‘zombie survival’ experience, where they need to work together and fend off zombies in this scare zone.

Like all the other HHN articles here, this post is meant to showcase the attraction design and give you a small sample of the zone’s atmosphere. Furthermore, no photos or videos can simulate the gameplay experience.

After checking in at Lights, Camera, Action (the entrance to this attraction) you’ll be brought into a briefing room. The Sergeant will storm in and bark down marching orders (along with gameplay and safety guidelines).

After the briefing, it’s time to gear up. Each player gets a laser rifle, and the one chosen as the ‘Leader’ will wear an additional headband as part of gameplay.

Then you’ll step inside the chilling, zombie infested zone. No one’s here… for now.

An injured soldier emerges from the shadows, pushing you to go forward and start your mission.

Once the game starts, there’s no turning back. No stopping. The zombies are relentless, and the laser rifles only paralyse them for a while. You and three other friends are the only surviving humans. There’s no one else to save you.

The vivid lighting design makes it feel like you’re in a video game.

At one point, you hit a dead end – this is where the attraction’s unique ‘brainwave technology’ comes into play. The leader’s headband will sense ‘concentration levels’ and unlock the way to proceed.. only if they focus.

And it is no easy task because the zombies are still on the way – the other players will need to defend the leader.

Zombie Laser Tag takes place at Sting Alley and New York zone adjacent to the park’s lagoon. This is where the ConTERMINATED (2015) and Bogeyman (2014) scare zones used to be. It’s not a big play area, but the park managed to create a maze-like environment that is quite immersive.

At the end, you can check your game score and other statistics.

On the whole, Zombie Laser Tag was thrilling, and intense. The whole thing was about 25 minutes from start to end. Unlike haunted houses where you can only scream and recover from the jump scares, the laser tag component here lets you to take action and shape your experience. The performers did a great job jumping, crawling, lurking and getting ‘hit’ by the rifle shots – the zombies are quite acrobatic.

Perhaps in future iterations, there could alternate game modes such as a single-player ‘sole survivor’ experience, exclusive souvenir items for participants (even a simple pin badge would be fun!), or a ‘tournament’ to encourage players to replay and fight their way up the ranks.

Special Thanks: Ben, Lynette, Tong Ming and Sin Ngee for helping out with this article.

Zombie Laser Tag at Halloween Horror Nights 7

Zombie Laser Tag Tour is a separately ticketed experience. It is not included with any HHN7 Admission Ticket or the RIP Tour. Guests need to purchase a ticket for this experience on top of the HHN7 Event Admission Ticket.

This ‘VIP’ experience runs at 15-minute intervals during HHN7 event nights. Guests will need to purchase tickets for a specific timeslot and arrive at Lights, Camera, Action (New York zone) punctually to experience this attraction.

Tickets for the Zombie Laser Tag experience are available for purchase at HHN website and on-site at the Universal Studios Singapore ticketing counters.

Guests need to be at least 13 years old to experience this attraction. Participants are recommended to wear covered shoes for safety and comfort.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Zombie Laser Tag $38
Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Zombie Laser Tag (FFP/RIP)
Discounted price for Frequent Fear Passholders and RIP Tour Guests.

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