TERROR-Cotta Empress – Halloween Horror Nights 7

Unearth the cruel secrets of Empress Qing in the TERROR-Cotta Empress haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 7.


Photos of TERROR-Cotta Empress, a haunted house attraction at USS Halloween Horror Nights 7, are featured here to showcase its design and atmosphere. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their thoughts.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Overview and Thoughts

This is without a doubt the scariest haunted house at HHN7. There are several detours, dark corridors with hidden mechanisms, and a lot of draped fabric. Going through the catacombs and the palace chambers is a long, harrowing journey – at least it is a scenic one with its incredible set design. Scares will come from all directions, and there are clever tricks deployed.

Story wise, there are pieces that aren’t that clear. We know that the Empress is indeed cruel and will do anything to become the most powerful ruler in China (or everywhere). But why is she motivated to do this? Was the terracotta army built in her mausoleum because she was already the Empress, or did she usurp the throne when she returned from the grave?

Terracotta soldiers guard the sandy entrance of the mausoleum. Beware – some of them are not mere statues.

After wandering through some dark corridors, you stumble into what looks like a Throne Room. The Empress welcomes you.

你逃不掉了! (You can’t escape now!)

The poor Emperor is now hiding in her shadow.

After that ghastly meeting with the Empress, you dive through the drapes into a dark corridor.

As you explore the other palace rooms, witness the suffering of the other palace residents and maids.

饶命啊! (Please have mercy!)

You’ll quickly learn to worship her.. or you’ll lose your head.

把你的头砍掉吧! (Off with your head!)

Those who defy her will also be taken to the torture rooms.

In a dark crypt, the Empress is finally put to rest…

But, she will rise again.

Make your final escape out of TERROR-Cotta, before you can’t.

Video: TERROR-Cotta Empress haunted house walkthrough

Video by Lynette. Additional Photography by Giselle.

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