Halloween Horror Nights 7 RIP Tour review

Conquer the 7 Deadlier Sins like a VIP at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7. Learn more in this exclusive review of the HHN7 RIP Tour.

What is this RIP Tour?

The Rest In Peace (R.I.P) Tour is Universal Studios Singapore’s Premium Tour product for Halloween Horror Nights 7. This is a 3-hour guided tour covering all haunted houses, scare zones, the Laboratorium show, and select rides.

This year’s review of the HHN7 RIP Tour will document my tour’s full itinerary to illustrate how the tour makes a great difference in the HHN7 guest experience.

We checked in at the RIP Reception… which was already dressed up like a haunted house. A butler received us, and soon our Surgeon (Tour Guide) escorted us to the park. Tours depart every 30 mins from 7:30PM, so you can pick the start time that works best for you.

Buffet Dinner at Loui’s

Every RIP Tour ticket includes a $25 meal voucher, which can be redeemed for a dinner buffet at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor. If you pick the buffet, then you will be advised to arrive at 6PM so that there is ample time to enjoy the food and watch the Gala Premiere of the 7 SINisters (Opening Scaremony Show). The meal voucher can also be used at participating restaurants during the night.

The buffet offering is rather small this year – fruit platters, grilled fish, spaghetti, burger sliders, and kueh pie tee. The burgers were quite salty, but at least there are less fried food this round. Soft drinks are free-flow during the buffet.

RIP Tour groups are non-exclusive and can cater up to 12 guests. To get an exclusive tour, you will need to form a group of 12 guests (or pay for 12 guests’ worth of tickets). Depending on the group’s overall preferences, the Surgeon can prioritise the attractions in the tour itinerary. Want to go on thrilling rides along the way between the scares? Or prefer just haunted houses and no rides? Sure – that can be arranged.

Since my tour group maxed out and is thereby ‘exclusive’, we chose to skip rides and dedicate all 3 hours on haunted houses, scare zones and shows.

After dinner, our Surgeon gave an overview of the itinerary for the night, before escorting us to the red carpet.

7SINisters Gala Premiere – RIP Tour

You’ll get to walk on the red carpet (though in the opposite direction)…

There’s a special viewing area for RIP Tour Guests, on the right side of the red carpet facing the stage. If the park is hosting other guests, the RIP Tour section will be right behind them.

After the arrival of the 7 SINisters, the Surgeon guided us through the park, away from the running mob of excited park guests. You don’t need to run. Just stroll to your next destination. You’ll still beat them, eventually.

Front of Line Access

The Surgeon will offer front of line access to the haunted houses, and this is faster than using the Express Pass.

Unless those park guests sprinted to TERROR-Cotta Empress, the VIP access will likely overtake them.

Our Surgeon informed us the safety guidelines and backstory of this haunted house, before letting us experience the horrors within.

After visiting the TERROR-Cotta Empress, we went to Happy Horror Days for a quick walkabout, and proceeded to HEX. The regular queue was almost 2 hours then. We barely waited for a minute.

Scurrying away from the Midnight Man, our guide told us that the Slice of Life Tour will start in about 20 minutes. We slowly made our way there.

We stayed for a Meet and Greet with the Slit Face Girls (SFG) with VIP access, then our Surgeon brought us to Make The Cut to uncover the secrets behind the Gore-Pop industry.

My RIP Tour was on 14 October, a night that was so immensely crowded, it felt like it set a new attendance record for Halloween Horror Nights in Singapore. Almost every house had its lines filled to capacity, and Inside The Mind sustained a 3-hour wait for several hours. Even getting through to the entrance of the queue was an issue with the congestion, as the line had already flowed out to New York street. Luckily, we only had to walk past the crowd to get to VIP access.

After clearing 4 houses (quite leisurely), we walked through Pilgrimage of Sin and into Pantages Hollywood Theater for The Laboratorium. The seats at the front and centre were already reserved for us.

When the show ended, our Surgeon led us to the Theater’s Foyer. There’s someone dying to meet us. Or dead already, to be more exact. As part of the RIP Tour entitlement, tour guests will enjoy a private meet and greet session with one of the 7 SINisters.

This year, the characters available for this opportunity are: Malice, Midnight Man, Obsession and Dr. White. Raven and Father Time will be greeting guests at the Hollywood Stage and Happy Horror Days scare zone respectively, and thus, they won’t be able to make it to Pantage’s.

After meeting Malice, we visited her home, DEATH Mall. The tour itinerary flowed perfectly, connecting each part of the experience with the next.

For some unknown reason there were people cheering at us from the queue.

After escaping from Malice, our Surgeon told us that we have already completed all of the HHN7 attractions. With some time left in our tour, we chose to use our VIP access to jump the line at Inside The Mind again.

The tour ended and we bid farewell to our Surgeon, and some of my friends went to the Zombie Laser Tag (ZLT) attraction as RIP Tour guests enjoy a discount for that experience.

HHN7 Express Unlimited Pass

For the rest of the night, you can use the Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited Pass wristband at the attractions’ Universal Express lane* all night long! We managed to go for a few more rounds at the houses, and the final tally was 13 houses (we took an hour’s break after the tour).

*Not valid for use at Canopy Flyer, front row of Battlestar Galactica HUMAN vs CYLON, or The Laboratorium.

HHN7 Express Passes start from $60 ($80 for Express PLUS Pass, valid for haunted houses and select rides), but the typical price at the park is around $90 (Express Pass for Houses) and $110 (Express PLUS). This makes RIP Tours even better than grabbing the Express Pass, as not only are you guaranteed VIP access to the haunts, but the guided tour and Surgeon will help you understand the stories and concepts of the HHN7 attractions.

The queues can be scarier than the haunted houses.

OK, how do I book my HHN7 RIP Tour?

Visit Universal Studios Singapore’s VIP Reception Lobby for RIP Tour booking and enquiries. Same-day bookings and walk-ins during event nights may be available, subject to the tour slot availability. Advance booking is highly recommended as the tour may sell out due to demand.

Alternatively, you can email or call +65-65776077 to make your reservation.
Klook is also selling RIP Tours online for $248. Check out all the tour price options below.

HHN7 RIP Tour: The details

RIP Tours are non-exclusive (except for a full booking of 12 guests) and can accommodate up to 12 guests per tour group.

RIP Tour Entitlements

• VIP access to ALL haunted houses, scare zones and select attractions
• 1 x Admission ticket to Halloween Horror Nights 7
• 1 x Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited Pass
• 1 x R.I.P. Tour credential, lanyard and glow stick
• 1 x HHN Plastic Shot Glass with red lights (attached to lanyard)
• 1 x $25 meal voucher (OR buffet dinner at Loui’s)
• Private meet and greet with an iconic character
• Complimentary welcome drink at the VIP reception
• 10% off select merchandise at Universal Studios Singapore retail outlets
• 10% off total bill at Universal Studios Singapore F&B outlets
• One-for-one promotion on photo prints

R.I.P. Tour and Add-ons Price List

Category Price
Halloween Horror Nights 7 RIP (VIP) Tour
Enjoy a guided tour and VIP access to houses and selected attractions during your tour, along with various VIP privileges.
Halloween Horror Nights 7 RIP (VIP) Tour (Special Discount)
Special discounted rate for: Returning RIP Tour Guests, Students, USS/RWS Attractions Annual and Season Passholders, and Maybank Cardholders.
Halloween Horror Nights 7 Behind the Screams Tour Add-on
Read more about the HHN7 BTS Tour here.
Halloween Horror Nights 7 Zombie Laser Tag (ZLT) Add-on
Enjoy a round of Zombie Laser Tag after your RIP Tour.

Reservations are highly recommended for RIP Tours and add-ons.
Email or call +65-65776077 for booking and enquiries.

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