Opening Scaremony Show – Halloween Horror Nights 7

Relive the moments from the gala premiere of 7 SINisters, the horror blockbuster of the season! Are you ready for the fright of your afterlife?

Overview and Thoughts

Unlike other Universal theme parks, USS has always staged elaborate shows to kickstart their HHN event nights. This year’s opening act offers guests the red carpet experience. Film stars strutting down Hollywood Boulevard in USS isn’t entirely new or fabricated – in fact the Singapore park has indeed hosted some international premieres here.

In this show, the park is hosting the gala premiere for the fictitious film, 7 SINisters. In 2030, the Illuminati funded a secret programme to develop 7 superhuman killers to overthrow the world’s governments. Each Sinister has a specific ‘strain of evil’ that goes along with their abilities. Something goes wrong with the programme, and of course, things take a sinister turn (in the movie, and at the premiere).

This Opening act is an ambitious show that is designed and executed well – though the red carpet setup is probably a nightly horror for the events crew. Narrative wise, I still find that there’s some plot holes/ logical fallacies with the whole 7 Sinisters movie, the 7 Deadlier Sins, and The Sinisters, but let’s suspend our disbelief and enjoy the show.

The Opening Scaremony is performed at Hollywood Boulevard at around 7:20-7:30pm. Arrive early at the park gates to get a good spot!

Due to alternating cast arrangements, both groups of cast members are intentionally featured in all videos and photos.

Video: Opening Scaremony

Experience the drama of this year’s opening scaremony show in this video!

Video: Opening Scaremony (alternate)

A shorter, simpler opening show may be performed during inclement weather.


The Gala Premiere will be broadcast live around the globe!

If you’re near the red carpet, you might be lucky enough to win prizes if you take part in some games. Get the host’s attention.

You may even win valuable HHN7 Express Passes, so don’t be shy.

The stars of the 7 Sinisters will soon walk down the red carpet, and they are: Jack Monder, Christina Goh, Carma Shay, Kenneth Joseph, and film’s writer and director George Steinberger.

The cast and director gather for quick interviews and group photos at the stage.

As always, something goes wrong, and the premiere takes a turn into darkness.

Father Time arrives, and unshackles the remaining Sinisters. They’re real. and they’re here.

The rope at Hollywood Boulevard drops, and guests are set free into the park.

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