Make The Cut – Halloween Horror Nights 7

Audition to be next pop star at Make The Cut, a haunted house with a deadly twist on korean pop music at Halloween Horror Nights 7.


Photos of Make The Cut, a haunted house attraction at USS Halloween Horror Nights 7, are featured here to showcase its design and atmosphere. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their thoughts.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Overview and Thoughts

Universal Studios Singapore probably made history with its first-ever Korean-Pop themed horror house – not just in Singapore but at Halloween Horror Nights worldwide. The house is integrated with the Slice of Life Tour, which is another cool thing. The last haunted house with a similar connection was Jack’s 3-Dementia (2014).

Narcissism takes a horrifying turn in this world of K-Pop, with beauty redefined and body modification is taken to new limits. It’s a rather bright house, so you can see the ex-scream makeovers, while loud beats of the Slit Face Girl’s music keep your heart racing. Three new songs were specially created for this attraction and the ‘live concert’ show at Hollywood Stage.

The K/LL Entertainment office is tucked away in some blocks off a busy street.

This seedy side alley is packed with flashy billboards of G-Pop artists, and signage for hostels, massage parlours, surgery clinics… and the lot. Many of them are vandalised with graffiti. Some of them, in Korean, warns you not to “be fooled” and that “it’s a trap”.

The music becomes louder, and then – Welcome to K/LL Entertainment.


Get your ‘Before’ photo taken, and then proceed to the waiting rooms.

The Slit Face Girls reign as the Queens of Gore-Pop – and anyone in their way will be cut.

Perform for Mr. Kim, and you might be offered a contract if you make the cut…

If not, you’ll need to go for a makeover.

Meanwhile, stranger things are happening in his office.

The surgery rooms are packed with gory jars and medical staff busy at work. Beware of random ‘blood’ splatters!

You will also meet some people who were here first.

Stitch up some ‘gains.

Record a song – if you can convince Raven to leave the booth.

It’s time to hit the dressing room and prepare for your live show.

Not without getting more and more warnings from your competitors.

Things get crazier at the nightclub, because only the Slit Face Girls will get to perform.

As for the rest of you – try harder next time.

Video: Make The Cut haunted house walkthrough

Get an ex-scream makeover and gore-dition your way in. If you can.

Video by Lynette. Additional Photography by Giselle.


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