Inside The Mind – Halloween Horror Nights 7

Delve Inside The Mind of a serial killer in this haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 7.


Photos of Inside The Mind, a haunted house attraction at USS Halloween Horror Nights 7, are featured here to showcase its design and atmosphere. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their thoughts.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Overview and Thoughts

The most unexpected house this year is a journey into the ‘brain’ and psyche of a murderer. Most of the scenes don’t ‘exist’ in the physical world and are inferred somehow. Unsurprisingly, the overall production is dark, and rather confusing. And like most horror stories, don’t expect to get all the answers – but at least there is some closure at the end of the experience.

Many effective and notable special effects and tricks are used here, and if there is sufficient gap between groups of guests, you will be able to see them all. Given its popularity, capacity and location, this haunted house has consistent long lines during event nights. For those who want to learn more about each scene and the special effects used here can consider the Behind the Screams Tour, which includes a lights-on walkthrough of this attraction.

While waiting in line, you can hear the interviews between the Serial Killer and a Psychiatrist.

Your journey begins at the Secure Psychiatric Unit of the Department of Corrections, where you will meet the Psychiatrist (and at times, the killer).

The apparatus that will burrow into the killer’s mind.

Through a giant, colourful scan of the serial killer’s brain, you will be transported into another realm.

Located at the back of the brain, the occipital lobe is dedicated to vision. It receives information from the eyes and transmits visual information to other parts of the brain.

Here you will begin to see haunting visions from the killer’s mind.

The vault door in the occipital lobe leads into a corridor of the killer’s repressed memories, with drawers bursting. The violent memories are struggling to escape.

Weave through one of the locked memories – childhood terrors.

The killer’s pulse is racing, and sparks fly at the adrenaline corridor.

At the parietal lobe, become overwhelmed by haunting voices that stretch the killer to his limits.

The troubled, dark emotions continue to build up his aggression.

Throughout your journey, watch out for Lord Obsession, who hides in the shadows.

One particular room will strike fear.

The searing moment of the kill, with no remorse..

As the rush of blood slows, and the mind goes into cooldown.

Unable to control his bloodlust, he is trapped in his own mind.

We experience his hazy recollection, as the killer descends deeper into his delusions.

In the end, he claims another victim, and breaks out of the facility. Be warned.

Video: Inside The Mind haunted house walkthrough

Experience some of the chilling rooms of the killer’s psyche in this video

Video by Lynette. Additional Photography by Giselle.

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