DEATH Mall – Halloween Horror Nights 7

Escape from the malicious spirits trapped in the DEATH Mall haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 7.


Photos of DEATH Mall, a haunted house attraction at USS Halloween Horror Nights 7, are featured here to showcase its design and atmosphere. This is also a page for haunt fans to share their thoughts.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Overview and Thoughts

Haunted houses built within Soundstage 28 are usually highly produced, and DEATH Mall is no exception. The moment guests step inside, the mall’s imposing facade welcomes them in, while the heavy environment effects engulf them. The scenes inside are full of good tricks that work well with the scare actors’ performance to misdirect and catch guests off guard.

Beyond the scares and production values however, some parts of experience didn’t feel as well-integrated as the other 4 houses this year. The Sinister character, and her ‘Sin’, Malice, is apparently the result of the disaster, and not the cause. The victims don’t have the ghostly look and seem to have strange injuries unrelated to the collapse. Much of the mall structure is still intact, as mostly the second floor ceiling fell. There is a lack of “crush” damage in most of the scenes. Of course, the creative team would have to balance between crafting realistic disaster, and an attraction that works for the massive crowds of HHN7.

A lights-on walkthrough of this haunted house is included in the Behind the Screams Tour programme, which allows fans to slowly enjoy the easily-missed details in the scenes. I have excluded images of Malice in this photo tour – good luck when you meet her in DEATH Mall…

Your visit to Southpoint Mall’s grand opening starts from its car park. Not a good sign to see that mortuary van.

As you walk around the vehicles, don’t miss the introductory video of Southpoint Mall, presented by Stanley Hung, the reckless owner responsible for the building’s structural failure.

The mall atrium got the most damage.

Watch the screens at the Electromart storefront closely…

As part of grand opening celebrations, Fabrick is holding a sale.

Would you like to try on some new clothes? There are changing rooms at the back.

Make sure they aren’t occupied.

Going through the back of the store, you’ll need to go past rows of mannequins – pray that they don’t move.

Escaping from the mannequins, you end up in Cold & Fresh.

It’s very cold here, but not sure about the fresh.

When walking around the mall, watch your head – there might be people or pipes above.

After narrowly avoiding some pipes blocking the way, you stumble into Sushi No. Be wary of the waitress and chef here.

It’s Movie Time. Smell the popcorn and make your way into the cinema..

But avert your eyes from the silver screen, as Malice will show up and take revenge.

There is only one way for Stanley Hung to make amends…

And you can discover his fate when you exit the cinema.

Video: DEATH Mall haunted house walkthrough

Revisit the ruins of Southpoint Mall… and beware of Malice!

Video by Lynette. Additional Photography by Giselle.

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