Behind The Screams Tour – Halloween Horror Nights 7

Go Behind The Screams and uncover some secrets of Halloween Horror Nights 7‘s haunted houses and characters.

Behind The Screams Tour (BTS) is a 1.5-hour tour held during Halloween Horror Nights 7. Guests will get to walk inside 2 haunted houses (without performers), and see how the park brings some of its scary characters alive with costume technology.

You’ll be wearing an RIP Tour Lanyard with this headset receiver to hear your guide clearly during the tour.

The two haunted houses for the lights-on tour are DEATH Mall and Inside The Mind. Photography is allowed inside the haunted houses during the tour. However, video recording is not permitted.

Each tour group is kept small, up to 12 people, which offers guests with ample time to look around the set design and props at their own pace.

While the work lights are switched on within the houses, so are most of the special effects and show lights. This means a less frightening tour of the haunted houses that also doesn’t give too much away.

Wondering what each scene of Inside The Mind actually represents? You will get all your answers from the BTS Tour Guide.

Between tour stops, you’ll also get to learn other fun facts about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Along the way, the tour guide will also inform you about the locations of the haunted houses, so you won’t miss any of them if you decide to stay for the night.

If there is enough time, the BTS Tour will also bring you through the Happy Horror Days scare zone.

The next part of the tour is costume technology, where you’ll learn how masks and special effects are custom-made by the park’s in-house team.

Costumes of past HHN icons are also on display, so you can take photos with your favourite iconic character.

Once all the other tour groups arrive, the experts from USS Entertainment department will go through the process and techniques necessary to prep the scare actors during the event. You’ll get to touch and feel the prosthetics, moulds and even see some prototypes during this segment.

Some lucky guests will get “cuts” and “boils” from this interactive experience.

The last segment of BTS Tour: We get to see the final touches for a character, and this time Pandora from the Slit Face Girls G-Pop group (Make The Cut haunted house) is the special star.

No, the park does not use real blood, and the special make-up isn’t applied with superglue. You’ll find out what the make-up artists really use during the demostration.

The tour ends with an exclusive meet-and-greet session with Pandora.

This is the third time the park is offering backstage tours during Halloween, and the HHN7 tour is a huge step up. What would be great: An extended tour option that includes walkthroughs in all haunted houses. Universal Orlando does this (the tour with more houses costs more, of course) and perhaps with enough feedback, USS could consider to do the same.

Behind The Screams Tour (2017) Changes and Improvements

Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Behind The Screams Tour

BTS Tour is a separately ticketed experience. Guests do not need HHN7 Admission to go on the tour.

Tours depart 5PM from the USS VIP Reception during HHN7 Event Nights.
Book your slot in advance as tour capacity is limited!

You can buy BTS Tour tickets at the park or online at HHN website. If the system shows ‘Buy On-Site’ for your preferred date, then you will need to book your tour at the park.

HHN7 Behind the Screams Tour
This does not include Admission to Halloween Horror Nights 7 or Universal Studios Singapore.
HHN7 Behind the Screams Tour for FFP and RIP Tour
Discounted price for Frequent Fear Passholders and RIP Tour Guests.
Halloween Horror Nights 7 + USS One Day Pass (Bundle)
Valid for entry to the park during the day and for HHN7 at night.
Limited packages will include a complimentary Behind the Screams Tour.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Behind The Screams Tour with RIP/VIP Tour Bundle

Love guided tours? Complete your experience with RIP Tour or USS VIP Tour!

Behind the Screams Tour with RIP Tour Bundle $276
Behind the Screams Tour with USS VIP Tour Bundle $326

Contact RWS Tour Operations at 65-65776077, or email at, to make arrangements for Behind The Screams Tour with RIP/VIP Tour Bundle.

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