Halloween Horror Nights 7 Sneak Preview

Get a SNEAK PREVIEW of Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7 here!

Lightning Mini Review of HHN7

I’ve survived the media preview of Halloween Horror Nights 7, and I’m pleased to offer you a first look at HHN7. The Halloween season at USS begins this Friday, 29 September 2017.

The night started off with the gala premiere of the 7SINisters. Amid the glitzy spectacle and chaos that later ensued, the park gloriously rolled out the red carpet for true evil to manifest in HHN7’s all-new attractions. Unworldly experiences – such as going into the mind of a murderer, playing with dark magic, witnessing occult rituals, and tumultuous journey within a buried palace – are complemented with twisting of the familiar and everyday experiences. Holidays gone wrong, the cut-throat world of stardom and a collapsed mall bursting with vengeful spirits. Of course, being the ultimate Halloween event in Singapore, you can expect no less from high benchmark that the park has set with its past productions.

Hop over to The FULL REVIEW for an extensive look at this year’s lineup. The SURVIVAL GUIDE and SPECIAL FEATURES will be published from later in October.

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Special Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa for the invitation to the HHN7 Media Preview.

Inside The Mind

Make The Cut



TERROR-Cotta Empress

Pilgrimage of Sin

Happy Horror Days



HHN7: The Full Review is now online. Haunted House and Scare Zones special features will be posted throughout October 2017.

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