Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Before Dark 4

Sinister evil is out and about. Discover the creepy setup for Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7 in the safety of daylight.

The 7SINisters

Gone are the big barricades at the 7Sinisters stage.

They’re replaced with classy stanchions. It’s a gala premiere, ya’kno.

It looks like the stage is more or less done – maybe the frames are meant to be “floating” amid the flapping cloth. Powerful flood lights are hidden behind the black fabric.

I guess there will be light beams coming from behind the 7SINisters stage, and this ensemble of 8 will be responsible for that visual drama.

Pilgrimage of Sin

Things are becoming a bit more ‘real’ at the Pilgrimage of Sin scare zone.

The boulders and cages don’t look so barren anymore. Still lots of lying corpses hidden within.

Finally, some new sets at the New York Library end of the zone.

The Pilgrimage zone will include altars for all 7 Deadlier Sins, so imagine that these could be some of them.

Finally, something at the New York Library stage, giant boulders and a huge slab. Turns out it’s a digital display. Who knows what sinister spectacle might happen here.

Zombie Laser Tag

Are you excited for Zombie Laser Tag (ZLT), the park’s first ever ‘VIP’ zombie survival experience?

There’s a little white box within the Lights, Camera, Action queue building. This is where ZLT players will gear up and return equipment for ZLT.

How much of the experience is indoors, and how much takes place at Sting Alley and the New York Harbour? Guess we’ll only know when the event starts.

It’s starting to look like an (outdoor) escape room here, with so many walls, fences, strange boxes..

For your safety and comfort, foam bumpers are added to sharp corners.

Ahhh! Hanging black bags! *runs*

At one of the ‘black boxes’ is this interesting sliding door, and inside – this ‘dead’ wall. Perhaps there’s a puzzle here and some mechanism to trigger the door. Or this could be a holding room to pace out other players. What do you think?

The signage with the ‘SCORT’ error were all removed. I hope I didn’t make too much trouble pointing that out.

Happy Horror Days

It looks like this zone is more or less done, so let’s have a recap.

Happy Horror Days is a scarezone with themed sub-zones showcasing twisted holidays. The perverse Father Time decided to switch things up. So we’ll have:

New Year’s Eve – Countdown… till your time is up.

Valentine’s Day – a day you’ll love to hate.

Easter Day – with a horror maze and killer rabbits.

Circus Day/ Clown Day/ April Fools’ Day – A place for those with coulrophobia.

Christmas – Not your usual winter wonderland.

Chinese holidays, either Chinese New Year and/or the Hungry Ghost Festival (which is already a HORRIBLE TIME for some.)

Oh my, what horrors are rolled up in there?

St. Patrick’s Day – probably evil leprechauns here.

I guess the zone will also have roaming, ad-hoc, horror-days, with scare actors portraying ruined holidays without a physical set.

HHN7 MasterCard Priceless Experience?

Numerous cameras are spotted all over the back section of Jurassic Park. This area is usually not used for scare zones – I wonder why.

The camera setup suggests that this could be the place where winners of the HHN7 MasterCard Priceless overnight scare experience will spend their unfortunate night camping here.

So this could be the place they set up camp, or it might be the staging ground for a part of the experience. There’s already a campfire set up.

Haunted houses

Usually by this time most of the haunted house entrances are already up, but we’re still missing HEX, Death Mall and Inside the Mind.

The furniture at Rockefeller Building was cleared away. So Inside The Mind is on its way.

No public path to the Midnight Man’s hut of HEX..yet.

Over at the Make The Cut haunted house, it’s still only one side of some street building in this slice of some town in South Korea. Maybe that’s all there is. There’s a swiveling panel that could be used to hang the queue entrances.

Hopefully the rest will be up next week!

Meet the Scareactors

Sinister people on the streets! Father Time and Terracotta Warrior were spotted at Westgate.

Father Time, Sin of Perversion, twisting holidays so you’d rather go to school or work instead.

Terracotta Warrior, representing the TERROR-cotta Empress haunted house.

Why am I here…? Where is the Empress?

I guess the Warrior wasn’t that scary.

Malice came out to haunt Westgate.

Hold on to your children.

Fortunately, this isn’t Southpoint Mall.

Raven returned to meet her fans.

And the fans, they’re pretty young.

Sinisters United.

HHN7 Roadshow Specials

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, the roadshows can be a good option as they’re selling open-dated HHN7 admission passes at $55 (usual: $68). Frequent Fear Passes at $98 (usual: $120), and this pass gives you access to all 14 nights. There’s the questionable free gift of the light-up horns with every purchase. Please do not wear this at the park with the lights switched on – it’s distracting and ruins the amazing lighting design of the scare zones and haunted houses.

Students can enjoy even greater discounts on the HHN7 admission pass. Only $48!

Try the HHN VR experience here… if you dare.

This year’s physical tickets for Halloween will carry this ‘Black and Bloody’ design.

At some roadshows, there will be scare actor appearances or even opportunities to win free passes to HHN7. The next roadshow with scare actors will be held at Tampines Mall, on 23 and 24 September. Who will be there to scare? Visit and find out.

For more details on this, check RWSentosa on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Stay tuned for next week’s Before Dark update!

HHN7 Lineup and Event Guide

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