Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Before Dark 3

More ominous signs and killer faces at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7 setup. Have a look.

◂ The 7SINisters ▸

The HHN7 marquee is now up at the park entrance, along with the character walls depicting this year’s icons and the Sins they embody. Since this entry will feature all 7 Sins somehow, let’s take a look first at the ones that won’t appear later.

Lord Obsession, Sin of Obsession – drawing you to go Inside the Mind haunted house.

Dr. White, Sin of Deception – tricking patients in the Laboratorium stage show.

Father Time, Sin of Perversion – twisting celebrations at the Happy Horror Days scare zone.

During the media preview, the creative team shared that the Opening Scaremony is something like the gala premiere of a new movie, 7SINisters. As usual, the Opening Act will take a deadly turn when the true Evil arises, unleashing the 7 Deadlier Sins into our world.

More lights were added this week inside and around the frames. Looks like it’ll be dazzling opening – with that dramatic backlit effect treatment when the 7 icons appear. Arrive at the park early to catch the stars on the red carpet, in this grand opening act!

◂ Happy Horror Days ▸

Got your Horror-days in a mix? Calendar pages are plastered all over the iconic Jurassic Park archway. There’s even a movable round platform with pages surrounding it.

Those walls from last year’s Suicide Forest are pretty timeless. Except if you take a closer look, you’d realise it’s actually not the same. Something’s… missing.

More St. Patrick’s Day additions.

The Easter Horror Maze is blocked off, so we can’t see what’s happening inside anymore.

But if you walk over to the other side, it’s out in plain sight. Grisly.

Another reunion: Props from Hungry Ghosts (2015).

Nothing new at Circus Day/ April Fool‘s Day, except…

That mistake has been fixed. You’re forgiven.

◂ Pilgrimage of Sin ▸

Some set pieces were shifted around, but curiously, the marquee for this scare zone is now covered up.

The corpses that lie sleeping within the cages are still there, and if you want to take a look, go back to Before Dark Part 2.

◂ Zombie Laser Tag ▸

The Zombie Laser Tag marquee is finally up, along with numerous props from the park’s previous events. Ah, the memories!

I’ve recently learned that this attraction is designed to be a “VIP experience” and thus each group of 4 guests will enjoy being the only survivors in the zombie outbreak.

Well we all know what a Military Escort is. But what is a Scort? There are other minor mistakes in the signage at this zone. While I doubt they will be noticeable at night – still, you know. World-class event. Highest production standards.

Some of these blackboxes were left open. You don’t even need to step in with the cloth flapping in the wind, urging you to peek in. However for your own safety, please do not wander inside – the sets are still under construction and there may be tools or materials lying around.

◂ HEX – haunted house ▸

The queue entrance for HEX has not arrived yet, but the park is already preparing the huge switchback area for the queues.

If you can’t wait for HHN7 to start, hop over to the special feature for a peek inside the HEX haunted house, with a behind the scenes look at creating the Midnight Man character. I will also be uploading some new photos on my Instagram page (@dejiki).

◂ Make The Cut – haunted house ▸

Finally, some updates on the cool entrances to the haunted houses! Yes, the Terrorcotta Empress set hers up last week, but that’s at Waterworld and it usually looks quite plain compared to the entrances in other thematic zones such as Egypt.

Anyway, some billboards for Make The Cut were installed in the past week. Really cool to see this slice of the (Korean) HHN universe being set up here.

Note: Due to Halloween Horror Nights construction, the Prayer Room has moved to the extended queue area of Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. Please check with the park crew in Madagascar for the exact location.

Oh, what’s this? A new girl group called Slit Face Girls?

◂ Meet the Scareactors ▸

Want more previews of HHN7? Like last year, some characters will be lingering the roadshows at malls and special events.

As part of co-branding with Samsung, some icons made guest appearances at Samsung’s Galaxy Studio at Vivocity. Appearances will happen on 10 Sept as well, at 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

Raven from the Slit Face Girls, Sin of Narcissism – You’ll see her at the Slice of Life show and inside Make The Cut haunted house.

The Sin of Malice – Beware of this vengeful spirit lurking inside the Death Mall haunted house.

The Midnight Man, Sin of Manipulation – will wait for you at HEX haunted house.

Empress Qing, Sin of Cruelty – the Queen residing in the TERROR-cotta Empress haunted house.

More HHN7 characters will start appearing now. Better watch where you go!

Stay tuned for next week’s Before Dark update!

Your Time Will Come…

Check out the EVENT GUIDE for HHN7 event calendar, line-up, and ticketing options.

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