Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Before Dark 2

Get an early look at how Halloween Horror Nights 7 is taking shape at Universal Studios Singapore… while it’s still safe in the day.

This week’s update will start from the Happy Horror Days scare zone.

◂ Happy Horror Days ▸

At this scare zone, Father Time is the Sinister iconic character embodying the Sin of Perversion. This week, some large props with distorted clocks, gears and skeletons were added.

The ‘Gold’ box from last week is indeed part of a twisted St. Patrick’s Day area – thanks for those who sent in their comments!

The Easter maze has more plants added to the hedges. And then there’s this giant, innocent egg.

A new holiday will be twisted – Chinese New Year. I guess. Two years ago, a certain village was cursed by the Blood Moon to suffer an eternal Hungry Ghost Festival.

But now, it’s like a reunion of Chinese-themed props from the past HHN events!

Since HHN2…

This broken signboard reads 萬事不意, which can be translated to “Everything’s Wrong/ Bad”. Just a different character twisted the meaning from 萬事如意 (lit. May all your wishes be fulfilled).

Of course there’s a Christmas Holiday section!

This tree looks suspicious.

Beware of the watchful eyes…

Or at least learn to read the signs.

No, Miss – that’s not…

Stashed in a corner of Jurassic Park are these signs – There are six of them, and Looking at the names, the “Let’s Go To The Circus” Day is likely to be the April Fools’ Day, or All Fools’ Day. Except the sign now reads April’s Fool. Better tell April to fix it.

◂ Opening Scaremony Setup: 7 SINisters Stage ▸

The stage at Hollywood has transformed quite a bit.

First, this really cool 7 SINisters signage.

And this rather dramatic flight of stairs.

Fancy frames, one for each of The Sinisters. How do you think the Opening Scaremony will unfold?

For starters, installed below every frame is a pyrotechnic element. The stage also has numerous pyrotechnic tubes placed.

◂ Zombie Laser Tag ▸

Seems like nothing much added here except a few more boxes, and more detail work on the fences.

Torn canvas are now lining the pathway beside the lagoon.

Peeking through one of the doorways, I spotted this DZ4 sign. Something Zone 4, perhaps.

◂ Pilgrimage of Sin ▸


In this section, there are some photos depicting graphic imagery (gore) that may be unsettling for some readers.

We’ve now arrived at the Pilgrimage of Sin scare zone.

Lots of new large pieces have landed here, and they all look rather painful.

Boulders with chains.

Lights from above, as well as a serious-looking array of projectors:

And then there are these massive wooden cages, wrapped with thin black cloth.

Are park guests supposed to see through it and get a sneak peek?

The top half already looks rather ominous.

And this is where it gets quite dark.

Rather frightening.

If you dare push your face closer to the cloth, then things become much clearer.

Then if some of the cloth were loose and wafting in the wind, you might get a grisly glimpse.

I am sure the park crew is going to really tighten how these props are wrapped up after seeing this article. In 2015, a tent bursting with horrific things was left open.

This discovery makes it clear that the Pilgrimage of Sin is going to be scary, unlike the scare zones in the past two years, The Invaders and March of the Dead. Be warned!

◂ Haunted Houses ▸

Cruelty reigns! The gate to the TERROR-cotta Empress is now up. Well, I have no updates inside houses since they are all under construction. And we really shouldn’t trespass and go exploring – you never know what’s really lurking inside.

◂ Trick or Treat with Sesame Street ▸

Universal Studios Singapore’s newest Sesame Street show, Trick or Treat, is now showing at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre for a limited season. This is not really part of HHN7, but I thought you ought to know since it’s Halloween related. Read my review of the show and see more photos.

HHN7 Lineup fully revealed at HHN website

The HHN7 website has unceremoniously revealed the whole event’s line-up, including the park map, ahead of RWSentosa Blog and the weekly reveal buildup. You can already get all the information in my HHN7 REVEALED – Event Guide.

Last Chance for Early Bird Discounted HHN7 Tickets

There are only a few days left to 5 Sept 7 Sept and enjoy the early bird rates for HHN7 tickets. Check our guide now for event calendar, HHN7 line-up, and ticketing options.

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