Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Before Dark 5

See the finishing touches for Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7 setup.

Pilgrimage of Sin

The Pilgrimage of Sin is looking quite dire, with a deluge of ominous props. Let’s take a walk.

In this zone, there will be 7 altars for each of the deadlier sins.

Some things are hard to keep in – avert your eyes!

Banners of the 7 Deadlier Sins, proudly hanging off the lampposts of New York.

Torn nets hanging above, across the street.

At the back end: The digital display panel is encircled by boulders, and there is a veil drifting above it.

From the top of the New York Library, you can see that the larger boulders are actually platforms for performers.

Those huge metal bars running along the New York zone, hanging above the street? Turns out there’s a lot of fire machines (and extinguishers!) installed on all of them.

It’ll be a fiery path to salvation.

The flames above the tall boulders, and torches at the zone’s marquee, will use the more eco-friendly flapping cloth flame effect.

The evil within the Pilgrimage of Sin has leaked out to Mel’s Die-In. Check out these window decals.

The 7SINisters

The stage is all set for the Gala Premiere of 7SINisters. Be at the park early during HHN7 event nights to meet the cast and crew of this new horror flick – screening exclusively at Universal Studios Singapore.

Did you notice that there’s an additional platform above all the frames? And then the middle part of the stage isn’t just black fabric, but padded boards? I suppose there will be a stunt here where a performer will be pulled back, slammed against the wall or something. Or in reverse: jumping off the top or rappelling, then landing in the middle. Something like that – who knows.

Zombie Laser Tag

With the boulders from Pilgrimage of Sin moved to other areas, we can now enjoy an unobstructed view of the Zombie Laser Tag (ZLT) marquee.

Inside Lights, Camera, Action‘s queue building, the overhead lights now carry an eerie red glow. Probably the queue for ZLT here.

The park is conducting technical rehearsals at night, so the setup is probably near-final.

There’s a couple of new things spotted in ZLT, and the most interesting one is this area, there there are bars, steps, padded boxes and even a fixed point aerial effect. Maybe a jumper/ flying zombie will be here. Wow.

Happy Horror Days

Looks like the Happy Horror Days zone is done. We have a lot more photos of this zone in Before Dark 4.

Remember those directional signs pointing to the sub areas in this zone? They’re now placed next to each holiday’s set.

So this is officially Chinese New Year, although it did look more like Hungry Ghosts Festival.

And they fixed April‘s Fool!

As the park conducted rehearsals in the last week, sometimes things are not placed back the same way as before. So we might be able to see a bit more..

Like this frozen person inside the log cabin in the Christmas area.

Haunted houses

The entrances for more haunted houses are up.

These creepy trees, adorned with ripped feathers, tattered cloths, skulls, candles and more… carve the cursed path to the HEX haunted house.

You can break free from the curse of hours-long waiting times… for the price of an HHN7 Express Pass.

Marks of the Deadlier Sins can be found in scare zones and haunted houses. Keep your eyes open!

Fences are up to mark the way into the Secure Psychiatric Unit in the Department of Corrections, also known as the Inside The Mind haunted house. The only thing missing is the large panel bearing the house’s name.

As predicted previously, the swivelling panel for the Make The Cut billboard installation will indeed be used to display the queue entrances.

USS Halloween Merchandise

The ‘HHN7 I Survived!’ T-Shirt (S$30) is now available at the Universal Studios Store (Hollywood zone).

The store’s main window is updated to showcase this new line of Minion Monsters merchandise.

There’s even an extensive display area inside the Universal Studios Store, and even at the Minion Mart.

Price List for USS Halloween Merchandise

Minion Monster – FrankenBOB Plush Toy (Suited Minion): $35
Minion Monster – Zombie Tim Plush Toy (Teddy Bear): $35
Mini Keychain Plush (Mummy, Minion, Teddy): $15
Minion Monster Notebook: $15
String Backpack: $23
Minion Mummy T-Shirt: $35
Minion Embroidery Patch T-Shirt: $15

Meet the Scareactors

The TERROR-cotta Empress, Lord Obsession and Doctor White were spotted at Tampines Mall.

This is truly, the upper-class of Evil.

Lord Obsession is out to corrupt the minds of mortals.

While Empress Qing dishes out cruel glares to young children.

It’s not easy being an icon – you have to publicise so that people will visit your haunted houses.

Doctor White was being cautious when meeting people on the streets.

Beware, you will soon meet them at Halloween Horror Nights 7.

Your time will come… soon.

Halloween Horror Nights 7 will open on 29 September. Stay tuned for my Full Event Review, Survival Guide and many more – coming very soon…

HHN7 Lineup and Event Guide

Check out the EVENT GUIDE for HHN7 event calendar, line-up, and ticketing options.

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