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Halloween Horror Nights 7 – Before Dark 1

Universal Studios Singapore is getting ready for Halloween Horror Nights 7. See it here first.

It’s time again for Before Dark, my exclusive report documenting Universal Studios Singapore’s preparations for Halloween Horror Nights. This series will go on until the start of Halloween Horror Nights 7.

◂ Opening Scaremony Setup ▸

Look above – extensive structures from the start to end of Hollywood Boulevard – would the Opening Scaremony take place along the entire stretch again, like in HHN5? Looks like there’ll be a giant screen in the middle again.

With the two food stalls gone, this year’s stage at Hollywood seems wider than before. It will be used for both the Opening Scaremony and a show by the Slit Face Girls, characters from the Make The Cut house.

For now, it looks like a rather normal stage and the backdrop is barely done – it looks very tall this year.

The red skirting looks rather posh – as if it’s for some sort of fancy dinner or awards ceremony. Given that the HHN7 website has a movie theatre feel, perhaps this year, HHN is going back to Universal’s roots – the Silver screen scream.

◂ Zombie Laser Tag ▸

Sting Alley is now closed to build the Zombie Laser Tag attraction. Since the Lights Camera Action attraction is not open during HHN7, the show and queue building are likely to be converted for Laser Tag – whether it’s for play area or pre-show.

Zombie Laser Tag will not only use Sting Alley, but the lagoon section of New York which extends to Sci-Fi City. The area is lined with all these walls and fences. Surely, they will be positioned to create maze-like environments.

Looking for the official smoking area in New York? You’ll need to go around the maze first.

A few of these scary black boxes – nothing much inside except construction materials.

With much of the zone being outdoors, I’m now curious how this attraction will run during inclement weather. In the past, performers leave this scare zone during the rain, and guests can still roam about or return later. But since Zombie Laser Tag is an attraction that requires guests to pay a supplement and book a timeslot, it will make things tricky. Maybe they will add tarps to shelter most areas.

◂ Happy Horror Days ▸

While it’s not mentioned on the HHN7 website, the Jurassic Park zone of USS will host an all-new scare zone called Happy Horror Days. In case you need to know, I have the full line-up at the HHN7 REVEALED article.

This zone will be all about major holidays gone wrong.

Valentine’s Day – for example.

It might become a day to profess your undying hate.

Not sure what holiday this is.

In place of last year’s abandoned train tunnel, we have…

The Easter Holiday maze. Beware of the Evil Easter Bunny hiding around the garden.

Or here.

Or possibly here.

Fairy lights hanging off some trees, for another holiday.

And then there is this area, for “Let’s Go To the Circus” Day.

No, You‘re a fool!

It’s interesting, and confusing – maybe because most of these will be spread out throughout the area – they’re just placed closed together in the day..

But if you have a fear of clowns, then you might want to take a detour in this section of Happy Horror Days. Too many things could get you #triggered here.

◂ Pilgrimage of Sin ▸

And now, we travel back to New York zone.. for the Pilgrimage of Sin.

This is the scare zone of the 7 Deadlier Sins. While the icons of this year are based on the “modern” sins, the zone takes an interesting approach to the interpretation of Evil.

The marquee looks rather small.

It is flanked with towers on both side – each with an curved tusk, and a torch at the top.

It’s as if this is some tribal village worshiping the Sins. Maybe we’re going back to their origins.

On the street – there’s a few giant boulders and this wooden tower. There’s certainly a foreign feel to all this, and that would give us a hint on how the scare actors here would look like.

No projectors spotted overhead yet, but there’s a crazy amount of lights, and possibly more to come.

Overall, quite intriguing.

That’s all for this update – stay tuned for the next report!

Special Thanks: Tong Ming and Sin Ngee for sending in tips.

More updates in the next BEFORE DARK…

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