Five Nights… at Halloween Horror Nights 6

Enjoy the final sights of Halloween Horror Nights 6 in our wrap up article, featuring photos from the last five nights of the event.


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Yes, Halloween Horror Nights 6 is over. And everyone is posting their long thank you posts. This is one of them, except that it’s in the form of over 100 photos.

Last year’s “editorial planning catastrophe” resulted in 3 entries that had to be published in November. This year is not much better, but I’ve put them all into one entry.

In other words, this is a deluge of photos with random commentary. Enjoy.


Did you know that HHN6 icons appear in the park at 5pm on HHN6 event dates?

Poisoned Teen – this year’s mysterious icon that is also a lonely boy.

Great to see lots of the park crew with a new look makeup (and some to the point of performing…)

After the Opening Scaremony, the scare actors have to RUN back to their zones. So only the cast in the New York area (March of the Dead, Hawker Centre Massacre, Salem Witch House) are involved in this.

Haunted Houses

We were granted permission to photograph some of the haunted houses again. And meet some friends.

Due to the placement of Hu Li’s Inn, the cast has to walk through the entrance of the queue, across Sci-Fi City, to get backstage. So many could get scared by the cast outside.

Did you know that the newspaper at Bodies of Work… is an actual article (with typos… I guess they don’t expect anyone to actually read it!)

It’s very easy to miss – the second level of Old Changi Hospital is actually a set of projections.

Suicide Forest

Suicide Forest was modified to a sort of one-way scare zone in the second half of October.

This entire scare zone has been very challenging because of the changing lights and fog. And it’s much darker compared to last year’s.

Barriers were added to the back section of Suicide Forest, ensuring that guests will encounter the students.

Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus

For the last weekend, the Rola Bola act was replaced with Aerial Silk Act.

The great thing about this year’s Jack’s Nightmare Circus – the crowds are slightly better managed, and it’s easy to score good seats near the front so long as you queue early.

Photo by Tong Ming

March of the Dead

To get a shot like this, you have to be the first guest to reach the scare zone. Run. RUN!

It took the park a few nights to finetune crowd management at the scare zone during the street show. It’s really not easy.

Here’s a video of the end of the Death March on 29 October, the last night for some performers.

On the final night of HHN6, the performers celebrated their last show at March of the Dead:

Songs to Scream With

If you miss the event, we’ve compiled some of the songs heard at the park’s shows, attractions and ‘chill-out’ zones. Only original versions found on spotify, if there are variations.

That’s a wrap.

It’s been an incredible event and I’m glad to have documented HHN6 so extensively this year. I’ll need to take a break for a while. Hope to see you all again next year.

Stay tuned for more USS park updates later this month, as well as the start of the exciting new series on Universal Studios Japan.

Performers’ Photos

Performers who have their photos posted on any of posts may request for a copy of their photo. Please send your request through an Instagram Message (faster), or email us. Please be reasonable and also note that requests like asking for an entire zone’s photos will not be entertained.

Performers may also repost photos from Instagram (@dejiki) by crediting (@dejiki) in the caption.

Please note that this is strictly for performers (and MUAs who have worked on the event) only, and we reserve the right to verify requests.

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